Solving the hypergamy/low birth and marriage rates/Spinster problem

Should we allow polygamy in our socialist utopia so that the significant minority of women who aren't attracted to the average man can have access to Alpha males and so we can breed a stronger proletariat, without beta traits?

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Without financial coercion, the average woman would find the bottom 80 percent repulsive and these men would have no chance of breeding in a communist society. We should allow women to form polygamous unions with the best men. This will benefit society and women.

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What are you doing on LEFTYpol then my nigga?

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See all those women surrounding that guy, if that lasted in less than a decade one of the women will have kicked all the other women out of the nest

Why think about stupid shit like that? Rape can be regulated and legalized now that we have contraceptives

Aren't the incels the ones who fear
polygamy? I embrace polygamy as a socialist supporters of Eugenics. . I understand that womens natural inclination towards alpha males can only be good for society and our gene pool, and should not be suppressed by religious mores, which has continued to influence us even during this secular era.

This reeks of virginity

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also work on your bait, the point of communism is not yo increase the "proletariat"

Why do you support eugenics if you’re a socialist?

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We are undergoing dysgenics as a result of too many beta males getting the chance to breed, educated high earning females unwilling to settle down. It's going to have dire consequences for generations.

Except marriage rates are also crashing, and milkshakes are predicted to be the loneliest generation in a hundred years. Millenials are also having less sex than even their great grand parents generation.

Nothing wrong with stable population growth. It's impossible to create a socialist utopia if you have a shrinking proletariat and a growing population of overly dependant nonproductive citizens(old people).

That's not true

Polygamous/polyamorous unions have been the most common type of relationship for the opposite sex for much of human history. There's a reason that for every man who passed his genes, two or more women had children. And it looks like we are returning to this model as organised religion loses its importance in shaping our morality, as the OP pic 5 shows.

You're all still hopelessly brainwashed by cuckristian values it seems. Sad

Except, you know, unsustainability.
Thanks, I'd rather go with 21st century FALC.

Read this OP.

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If it weren't for immigration, our population would be shrinking. The only countries still growing are those in the developing world.

Just flood your countries with shitskins from 3rd world countries, goy. That will make everything better :^).

And sustainability is more about resource use than population growth. The average American uses more resources than 10 Indian's, and despite being only 5 percent of the global population, Americans use 25 percent of the world's resources. We can still have replacement birth rates, without screwing up the planet. We just need to stop eating beef, use public transport, stop using palm oil in all our products, go renewable etc.

I mean the increasing uncertainty of the capitalist labor market and the strain it puts on the individual worker is a huge reason why birth rates go down in the first place. Who wants to have a child if they don't know whether they can reasonably support it financially in the long term? Anyway, now that that's out of the way. Stop with your shitty bait posts.


If that's the case, why are Low birth rates are also seen in countries with better labour laws, low inequality and a generous welfare system(ei Germany)

Whilst unstable countries with poor labour laws and extreme poverty where the majority of the population are a poor harvest away from famine tend to have high birth rates.

Your theory doesnt seem to stack up in the real world, friend

Just one problem: how are you going to keep the Chads strong enough to breed when you don't have any food?

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No. High-fecundity and high-libido "alpha" people should be sterilized while low-fecundity and low-libido "omega" people should procreate as much as possible in order to breed a superior sexless race of people free from any reproductive instinct and sex drive.

Everything right with zero population growth.

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No country in the west is even near replacement level 0 growth birth rates.

And literally only faggots who wish to interfere in people's personal lives and force upon them their own superstitious and outdated ideals care.

Fuck you Chad Reeeeee !

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this is fucking hilarious

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seriously, this is like a sketch from Tim and Eric

But I'm not. I want to free women from the patriarchal brainwashing that they have to marry some beta male to have a family. Get rid of patriarchal religious brainwashing that stresses the importance of monogamy, which still affects secular women today ,and women will feel free to form polygamous relationships with better men, which has been the norm in human history.

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It's hard, isn't it?

Son, let me spare you a lot of pain further down the line women assuming you're not incel for life

Go read up on harem politics and particularly "Sultan Ibrahim I"

Historically polygamy has been an economic thing

Trust me on this most women don't like sharing their romantic interest any more than men do

People being more accepting of polygamy doesn't mean people will be more accepting of sharing their own partner anymore than people being more accepting of homosexuality has radically increased the number of guys who get turned on by cocks

Wait a sec, are you trying to imply that women are people?

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Nobody should reproduce.

I hope you realize that monogamy is how the human species evolved to be more than a bunch of forest-dwelling primates like the Bonobos and Chimpanzees.

Femboys will split the difference


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Why should we benefit women and not men?

Monogamy is one of the few forms of relationship which makes sense. If we have a chieftain who takes all the woman for himself, that chieftain becomes an immediate target by his entire tribe, and his women become rightful booty for the ones who slay him. The only other sexual relationship I can see working is bisexual bigamy.

Why shouldn't we 'benefit' both women and men?

t. rational internet philosopher and decorated internet debater

Prove that polygamy, polyandry, or polyamory could work in any society which has a rough 1:1 ratio of men to women.

Fuck off with your retarded BS

Prove that you don't wear a fedora.

Not le argument fellow redditman, upboated XD.

Gays, lesbians, asexuals, nymphomaniacs, fetishists – just to name a few reasons why your argument completely evaporates at a cursory inspection. I'm not even arguing for polygamy. I'm personally the 'monogamous type' while not believing in marriage at all. I'm arguing against your attempted pseudo-scientific defense of your retarded beliefs.

Anthropology and history has shown that human societies can organize themselves in radically different ways. You might find 90% of these different forms completely intolerable but that by itself doesn't make your preferred way of life the "natural option".

In other words, "feels over reals cuz biology" is, and I tip my budenovka, fellow redditor, is not an le argument.

Believing in the genetics meme…

None of these things prove that polygamy can work. Are you too dumb to actually form an argument?

are you just looking for an alibi to bump this thread, silly comrade?

It's basically rock paper and scissors.

gays cancel out lesbians
asexuals cancel out nymphos
fetishist just don't play the game

Q.E.D. 1:1 ratio stands


Beta men who couldn't measure up, will also benefit by raising Chad's child.

All you fuckers say that this wouldn't work, so what do you guys propose to do to solve the hypergamy problem?
There are simply too many men who rely on financial coercion and the power imbalance between men and women to attract a mate. As we move to a communist system, this will diminish as we create true equality between the sexes, which will leave many of these men unwanted and women will find it difficult to get married to the man she wants. Which then creates more problems like low birth rates and female loneliness. Hypergamy is real, and we have to deal with this issue sooner or later.

Because men are disposable.

And women are going to learn the hard way that they’re disposable after they’ve had Chad’s baby.

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