Holla Forumstard checking in

Holla Forumstard checking in.
Wat do

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get rid of your spooks

Realize that nationalism is idpol.

Realize that idpol is rlly isis

Realize that isii srlyipl

You're legitimizing IDPOL, user. Regardless this way of dealing with Idpol is really reactionary in it's efforts to find a solace in the bosom of 20th century during a chaotic time.


Keep calm and consume products while sustaining personal work market value. Consider giving me money for no reason. Buy overpriced things. Love materialism and spiritualism. Buy Cheguevara shirts/posters. Join local antifa so I can youse you in my devaluating property "protests".

My statement did not include a value judgement I don't see how it was reactionary. Explain.

Become a non-idpol leftist like me. Insist idpol-related issues are economic in their roots. Study dialectial materialism.

Yes goyim, open the borders!

I got 98%. Step up fool.

You're a fucking faggot. That's what you are.

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Fuck off tradcuck

Realize that you fucked up by spending your formative years in The New Cult. There's no going back. Take up hermitage.


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Good, good. Never challenge the status quo, you dumb fuck.

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Guess I'll post mine too

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sometimes I must question why I am still here as I started off as Marx boys spook busting all day about 4 years ago

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Smell my balls

ecofash unite

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Red on green or blue should be illigal in vexillology.

congrats you are a bolshevik

u make me sick

get bowel cancer

to the >>>/gulag/

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I thought I'd have lower essentialism but otherwise I am pretty okay with this

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Good or bad?

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