Alt right moron kills himself

Sorry to be an undetailed op but I just saw this on Holla Forums and when I saw the guy who killed himself's YT channel I burst out laughing at what a pathetic alt right idiot he was.
Good riddance. Press H to send to hell. All alt rightists and right wingers in general will get worse, I haven't seen the part where his mom finds his dead body yet but supposedly she doxs herself and we can have some fun with her by reminding her family her son was a worthless fuck.

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She doesn't share his beliefs. Why bother? This kid just seems like your run of the mill conservative retard from reddit. It's a waste of effort.

For fun tbh


Why did he kill himself?

Because he was a pathetic alt right virgin, like all of them do.

Here's the money shot.

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Forgot to spoiler image but honestly just don't click the webm if you're not comfortable with blood.

If this were a Richard Spencer type of character I would also be celebrating but this guy just seems like a reddit dipshit with depression.

Also why the hell are you guys saging the thread
I've said nothing that the man and his family don't deserve, and he's our direct political opponent, we should be celebrating his death damn it, not being cautiously reluctant about saying anything.

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Literally the same thing

The fuck are you on about? He killed himself, end of story. If you want to attack a grieving mother for no fucking reason that's you, man, but I don't want a part of it you twisted fuck.

Nothing wrong with that, you're right wing, you put your whole family in danger, that's the way it's always been in politics. I bet you his mother is a conservative like him just like that one ugly white kid who got bullied months ago.

The proper action now is to harass his family. Nothing more nothing less. Send a message. Especially since this is big in board culture now, hijacking it gives us good image and promotion and establishes us.


Nothing on the channel but if anons are logged ibto their google account the owner of Shuaiby can see your profile.

A good amount of people probably all went on his channel right now so I don't think it will be much of a problem.

Whatever lets you sleep at night, edgelord.

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Sleep is for the weak son.
*Pulls out communist made steel katana.*
That's why you sleep 7+ hours a day, nothing personal kid.


If you guys want to celebrate it, feel free to.
I just find this shit too pitiable to celebrate, tbh.

Guess how I know you're underage?

You are honestly doing more harm to the left than good.

This is the only proper response I will respect, finding the guy who killed himself too pitiable to mock anymore.

Hi gramps, you should learn proper terminology before you speak, you're getting too old for this.

Whoa, just like the memes

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Because i know who you are Zach.

Naw, this is fucked. Being a stupid, mentally ill kid with bad youtube subscriptions does not validate harassing this family during a time of intense bereavement.
I get that you're hyped on this whole leftism thing but this isn't what Mao or Lenin was talking about.

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Fuck off op.

Even though this guy had some lame opinions, he was still a human being with the capability and potential to love and to be loved.



Everyone knows the alt right is gay as fuck.

The furthest right channel on his sublist is Crowder. Who's ideological position is sucking off Marco Rubio.
This is what we know about this kid.
1. He was some sort of anime faggot
2. He probably had stupid political opinions
3. He killed himself to an audience and his family is devastated
epic lulz dude, surely it will further the dialectic if we harass his family

I don't hear any audio. What was he talking about in the actual video?

Mao and Lenin failed because they weren't harsh enough
We won't make the same mistake twice

Oh fug, I just got epic haxd dx

everyone realises this whole thread is a bait by op so he can get screencaps of leftists saying violent and nasty things about a poor dead kid right?

He seems to think that we're all bloodthirsty psychos.

I mean, i get it by not trying to be as over the top edgy as 4pol. But this is some fruity shit.

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He was a fan of MDE

I wish there was a way to stop underage posters from even knowing Holla Forums existed.

I think MDE is sometimes funny. Does that make me a fascist?

Sam Hyde is a piece of shit but he's a comedian, not a theorist.

Fucking hell he's not even a pundit.

OP you sound like a huge faggot, I can almost picture the image of you in my head, skinny, high-pitched voice with ugly facial hair.

You leftist niggers should really harrass the dude's family. It will totally make the left look great.

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It's not bait, and I wish you were, if the left doesn't militarize in time we'll die off, there are nazi's out there killing people and the best we can do is kicking garbage cans for fun, one day we'll be at our book circle discussing theory and then a group of actual nazi's, not the larpers we think they are, actual nazi's break down the door and burn our books, line us up, and kill us, Holla Forums is defeatist much too often, ignoring the inevitability of war, and calling for accelerationism, it's now or never, it's us or them, but hey if you guys openly want the left to die that's your problem, I'll be gunning down right wingers and saving communism on my own.

Shouldn't you be 6 feet in the ground grandpa, sorry you spent 60 years of your life fighting for Mao only to have China subverted by capitalism once more, don't worry, I'll be better than you were.

I don't think so. This particular spurdposter has a recognizable posting style and says retarded, contrarian shit all the time.

Sure thing buddy, we totally won't harass his family now, also I love ancaps now wtf.

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Extremism is only contrarian on a board of moderates.

I thought people like this were not real. I thought it was just a meme.

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No one wants a part in your stupid fucking harassment you literal 12 year old. Go back to Holla Forums.

Poor child, you haven't even experienced true leftism yet.

I wish it was you on that stream

You have to be a real cunt to kill yourself in your room like that, knowing your mom will see your brain-splattered wall as soon as she comes into your room.

Good job user

I do too, but I'm not ready to die until capitalism does.

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this is some top notch baiting

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I'm not spooked by the whole "HE WAS STILL A HUMAN" thing, but the situation does kind of feel disgusting. I wonder how many memes, MDE episodes, and childhood traumas it takes to rot someones brain to the point that they kill themselves on cam for e-fame in front of a group of people who aren't even worth impressing.
What a waste.

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Liberals, everytim.

You're a real dummy

Why did he kill himself? Did he state a reason?

Degradation due to being alt right

The alt right is notably non white

I worry that this guy is not a unique subject, but that perhaps his material conditions such, as his parents announcing they were no longer going to support him, lead to this end. If you're a horrible little virgin NEET it probably seems like the most reasonable option.
When these guy's parents start dropping we'll probably have quite a few more suicide streams.
Sort of unrelated but the part where his mom walked in has kind of fucked me up. I need to read a book or something and get my mind off this shit.

Don't you think it's a piece of shit move to make your mom go through this? I mean, if you're going to kill yourself, the least you can do is make it as non-traumatic as possible for your family.

Alt Right = White Nationalism
Crowder is a civic nationalist/neocon, if you can't even get basic facts straight you don't belong in any political movement.

I mean, it doesn't really matter at that point. You're dead anyway, it's not like you will ever experience their sorrow. The universe might as well stop existing after you die.

We've all seen the pics of Holla Forums meet ups. They aren't white.

Why the fuck would you do that you heatless fuck? Its bad enough that she lost her son, even if her son, who is his own person, had some stupid beliefs.
Jesus Christ have some compassion for other human beings, you aren't fascists.

Get fucking you phychopath. Its a FUCKING CHILD who had some stupid beliefs and who killed himself. He wasnt an armed combattant, he wants organising anything. And to attack a grieving family who had nothing to do with their beliefs is disgusting as fuck.
You're not fucking right, his family doesn't fucking deserve this, no innocent person deserves to lose their child or loved ones, even if that loved one is a shithead. Go and re-enact the video you posted you edgy, psychotic unemphathetic maniac.

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Yeah it's pretty fucked but suicidal people usually find their own pain too extreme to ignore, even considering the effect it'll have.
Meticulous planning is a very common aspect in suicides though. Obviously we don't know a lot about this kid or why he did it but this comes across as really impulsive. I wonder what precise moment lead him to do it.


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You're being baited. Just stop replying to this preteen's thread.

He still wasn't harsh enough

really makes u think

Literally everyone who can read can teach others to read. He excecuted almost every higher education teacher for being "of the old order" and shit.

The next revolution I am going to execute all the psychopaths within the left after I am done executing nazis.

Halfchan Holla Forums isn't a collective, neither is here or even 8 Holla Forums
halfchan Holla Forums is shitpost central and has been for many years. Just because you saw some le ebin asian or hispanic trolls at HWNDU doesn't mean it fits your narrative.


Being a murderer doesnt grant you magical powers lad. They excecuted plenty of nazi excecutioners, they go down just as easily as anyone else.

Nice source

You're implying I wouldn't put up a fight

Telling us Holla Forums supplements shitposting for politics is something we already know.

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You will never see me coming lad. I got the advantage, everybody could be the enemy, but I got only one to worry about.

The note said
"I am dead
Don't let the
kids see my
body goodbye"

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Someone make a shorter clip, maybe with slowmo and a still frame with thew disclaimer: ALT-RIGHT, NOT EVEN ONCE, NOT EVEN IRONICALLY

Honestly, we're not biting op. just take it to >>>Holla Forums or >>>/baphomet/

Top jej, I wish I had adobe so I could do that

Any one here who is endorsing harassing the poor grieving mother who lost her not-even-radical son to a gruesome suicide, or who is dancing for joy in the gore, is not my comrade. Be glad this is an anonymous board, because if you did this shit in real life I would kick you out of the orgs and never talk to you again.

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That's chan culture for ya.

I feel like this is a Holla Forums psyop or just a very sad individual. Either way you spin it, you're harassing a mother who just lost her son. And if you claim it's because he's a political opponent you're intellectually a fucking retard. As leftists we are to encourage the well-being and mental health/health care of people, not bash and harass them when they are obviously mentally ill. I don't give two fucks if he watches louder with crowder, he was fucking ill in the head, and his mom is going through probably the worst day of her fucking life, she just walked in on her sons head blown off, and you have the gull to harass her. You're not a leftist, you're just an edgy teen with no empathy.

This is the first time since the start of this board where I have seen people engage in this underage, infantile unempathetic manner. This board always has been anti-doxx and nice, and would never advocate harassing the grieving family of a child who committed suicide, no matter who that child was.

Where the fuck have you been the past 5 years

It still is, this fuckwit is a Holla Forumstard trying to get screencaps for his epic image

OP aside, this board seems pretty chill yea. I'm thinking old user - who did do things like op is suggesting.


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We literally doxed the kid that wore a maga hat with a pipe weeks ago, and we had a thread dedicated to doxing a fascist site and forwarding the info to antifa
If you've been here for ages now and never noticed this you must be blind

What a terrible suicide note. No explanation, no consolation. Honestly this guy sounds like a selfish attention whore who didn't give a shit about the severe psychological trauma this would inflict on his family.

I know I've said in the past that you may need to work with vile and personally repulsive people to do what is necessary to succeed in a revolution, but let me just say OP that people like you who base your actions on sadistic impulse and perverse rightous indignation rather then necessity and requirement disgust me the most. Expect me to never associate with you post-revolution if you even make it there.

How about you doxx yourself, tough guy? Maybe we can harass your mother too so she can beat your ass knowing that you want to bully and torment a grieving mother.


So he was a teenager?

All that aside, we're not going to attack a grieving parent. We're not Holla Forums or Encyclopedia Dramatica of ancient times.