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With the recent student marches boldly disproving the shitty maymay from Aut-Rightists about "Gen Z being Conservative". How do we nurture these kids to achieve class consciousness?

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We have to somehow protect them from liberals and their propaganda. However it is likely that the rapidly declining standard of living in the west will do that for us.

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They could just be anti-gun conservtives

also, gen x being democratic liberals could be worse in some ways

They see socialism far more favorably than millennials did when they were teenagers, so the stage is already set for then to develop class consciousness when they start working. We just need to get them off of this disarmament bullshit and have them all join SRA or John Brown Gun Club or Redneck Revolt.

If social liberals wish to have gun control legislation passed, the only development in need would be the formation of a genuinely leftist militia.

look at your picture
to the participants, this is not a political event but a social one

Step 1: Don't talk like this. Doing so ruins the object cause of desire.
Step 2 make memes and let what happened to you happen to them.

Dialectics never stop. The train is always moving. Memes are the rails, theory is the fuel, praxis is the movement.

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Required viewing

Disarmament will be tough to do but I wholeheartedly agree

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Did Jason get thicker or gain weight over the course of five years? it's always interesting looking at his past videos and looking at him now.

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It sounds stupid as fuck and I hate how it's true but Memes. Think how many literal-autists became alt-right because they were edgy 14 year olds who discovered 4chan and liked making hitler jokes, then it turned out it was the only community they actually felt a part of and welcomed. If you watch Charlotteville rally and other footage, the younger ones really do look like they're less in it for any actual political positions but more because they wanted to get out with other people and be part of a group. Being part of insane conspiracies about shit like pizzagate makes them feel like some sort of secret society, they get high off it. This is equally true for the ones who react against the alt-right and become neoliberal democrats who believe horseshoe "all extremists are the same" garbage. We need to channel that feelings to spend energy on actual issues instead of made up nonsense.

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Not exactly an argument against what I’m
saying here. Gen Z is made up of kids who
were largely too young to be aware of the recession, they are entering the workforce and college during a period of economic expansion. I find the arguments that they will be more radical because of Trumponomics, lack of a hold by yellow unions and more diversity to be unconvincing. Every argument I stated there can also be said about the Gen-X generation and they were hardly more radical than the baby boomers, if anything they rejected what little radical legacy that the baby boomers had to leave behind.

The stock market is not the economy.

Keep repeating this line. The facts are that unemployment is down by any credible measure and wages are rising even for unskilled barista-type work. If that is the case then those who actually have skills that are in high demand can actually leverage that to get a standard of living much higher than the typical value of labour-power.

Sky-rocketing rents also translates into higher selling values for those who own homes.

Unless you can demonstrate that rising wages translate to an increase in real purchasing power then this is all for naught. The trend for the past 40 years has been that it has remained stagnant in the face of rising wages however.
Fucking lmao, this is a pipe dream for millennials, gen Z is totally fucked in this regard.

Considering that the greatest wage-growth is actually at the bottom where wages have been the most stagnant I’d say this isn’t an insignificant fact. Likewise, the US has suffered through both deflation and chronically low-inflation through the Obama years and inflation remains low in spite of the recovery. Rising wages and weak inflation can only mean higher real wages

The major only caveat here would be the good value of the dollar was much higher in 2008 then in 2018 but this isn’t how consumers think about inflation—this is how capitalists think about it. Even still with massive monetary creation and reinflation efforts the deflationary effect of the 2008 crisis was so massive that government efforts were not completely successful.

As you yourself noted, wages for the typical worker has been stagnant for 40 years and yet we’ve plodded along with even less social disturbance then in the 60s. Stagnant wages by themselves wouldn’t prove that Gen-Z won’t be conservative. The past 40 years have shown that keeping the petit-bourgeoisie content has proven to be a better strategy for stalling radicalization then even raising wages for the working class.

It’s called a mortgage fam. If interest rates continue to stay low then we will say a spate of first time home buyers. I think it will also be a very tempting choice if the cost of rent outruns the real cost of a mortgage payment. In my local area, you can buy a mortgage on a foreclosed house cheaper then you can get a shithole apartment in some crummy neighborhood. Even assuming this is a complete local fluke even if rent costs and mortgage costs are about equal or just slightly greater then ownership will be tempting for consumers considering that a house is an asset that you can be sell unlike your landlord’s apartment.

People with decent credit can debt surf for years on their mortgage until they finally have to give up the ghost. As we’ve seen over the past 40 years, lenders are also very good at prolonging the day of reckoning for as long as possible.

The left needs to get rid of this myopic Occupy Wall Street mindset that there will never be good economic times again. We will only have staying power if we know how to adjust to both good and bad economic times.

Honestly, I think it’s a mix of both.

*gold value

If wages actually increase the entire economy will crash.

Most of the people in those marches were just anti gun liberals, you'd have to teach all liberals class consciousness first.

I fucking hate the unemployment meme.
1. Unemployment does not include those who aren't looking or can't work. So that 70 year old with a bad hip who's going to be evicted due to no income isn't "unemployed".
2. Unemployment does not count underemployment. Bachelor's degree in physics but working at McDonalds with $50k student loans? Well you technically have a job so it's all good.
3. Unemployment does not count over working or under working. Can't find a full time job and are stuck at 20 hours a week? You're still employed so it's all good. working 70 hours a week just to pay the bills? Doesn't matter you got a job so you must be okay.
4. Too low unemployment (even according to Keynsian economics, which the natural rate of unemployment is 5%) means that people have very little faith in the job market and overall economy. They are afraid to quit their, even meager, jobs because they might not get a better one. If I'm making $12 at walmart why quit and possibly waste my time not being able to get a better job, maybe the company I worked at won't take me back and I get an even lesser paying one out of desperation. Old people who have an okay job can't leave and retire because they can not afford to, so their senior positions are not being replaced with younger blood. The entire work pyramid is at a standstill with those who are qualified are unable to move up the ladder.

It doesn't matter how much they rise if they are still under what they should be paid. Minimum wage was higher adjusted for inflation in every previous decade until the 2000's. The few increases being made (because of businesses paying less taxes mind you) by individual private companies still don't even put us on par with the 80s. Increasing wage values are an illusion.

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I'm not sure how schoolkids jumping at the opportunity to take a day off school (with positive reinforcement from school authority figures no less) is proof of anything.

Great plan but why not target generation Z.1? Lets make commie picture books!

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Stock expansion, due to stock buybacks.

With mostly underemployment and precarious work, and wages aren't rising faster than inflation and rising cost of living, real wages are still basically static, if not falling.

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This isn't the case or real wages could never rise but as both Marx and actual historical evidence teaches us that it clearly can.

>Unemployment does not include those who aren't looking or can't work
So, what would be your estimate for unemployment, I hope its not the Shadow Stats data that gets thrown around because that is not credible. Here is a good critique of their methodology that speaks to the point you raise here:

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*involuntary part-time

If wages increase they will eventually have to raise interest rates, which will destroy the American economy as we know it. The shitty meme start up economy will implode without all the cheap money.

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those are just liberal-fascist marches for more gun control though, all it'll result in is more Stop n Frisk. fuck those kids.

It could be, but maybe its time, I'd rather have higher wages than Soy Boy libertarians boasting about their latest start-up while shitposting about soy boys on Holla Forums. Interest rates and higher wages aren't necessarily synonymous and neither is rising inflation and higher wages. Those associations are very much all a bourgeois trick.

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Why do you protect pedophiles?

Or, people who literally show up to work (sometimes on time) and do least actual work possible are being bruteforced by government to get paid more. Those actually producing more value than their shit wage, who get paid slightly more than minimum, are getting fucked hard.

The rich corporate thiefs, still get magnitudes more of the surplus value.

What are you implying here? That retail, fast-food workers and others in low-wage industries don't work hard? I'm confused.

I think you misunderstand. The American economy crashing is a good thing. Revolutionary change can only occur when the base is either in a state of total collapse, or has outpaced the superstructure.

Just drop redpills on 'em while not going full commie. For example I told a kid I know that cooperatives without bosses are more efficient, and that workers in the Tyson chicken plants have to soil themselves because they aren't allowed bathroom breaks.

Why do you protect all the pedos that aren't directly related to Hillary and the DNC? Trump was on Epstein's plane loads of times too you know.

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Gen Z boi here. Our generation wants to be bourgeois so bad, whether liberal or conservative. I try to talk to everyone about class conciousness and they'd rather talk about black people and immigrants. The anti-SJW's equate Socialism to SJW's thanks to the Skeptic™ community, and hate the SJW's so bad they're blinded by other problems. Our generation doesn't care if they're poor, they're "going to make it by working harder." Porky won this generation, dare I say we are worse than Boomers. The best we can hope is our kids rebel and go super left.

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Gen Z just graduated High School. It starts at around 1996. I was born in 98

That's every generation. As long as there is a recession and/or depression in the next 4 years things should change.

at least we can build the basis for the alte left.

They'll grow out of that real quick.

What you're describing there is pretty close to the millennial attitude circa the 2000s. Contrary to popular belief, millennials didn't have a particularly lefty upbringing, it's just the stark contrast between the propaganda you're fed and reality that snaps you out of it.

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Question. How widespread is the delusion among your peers that they will all make a living as content creators or freelancers of some sort?