Theocratic Nazbol is the only way. Communism can only be achieved in a homogeneous society of White Christians...

Theocratic Nazbol is the only way. Communism can only be achieved in a homogeneous society of White Christians. and once that happens we can teach the other races how to do it.

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Nazbol theocratic commune when?

Marx was an avatar or Wotan.

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eat my ass

No surprises here.

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Race and religion are purely semantic, ultimately all that truly matters in the revolution is class.

worshipping race and nation is literally antichrist

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The Wild Hunt is the revolution user. Hammer and sickle, not sickle and cross ok.

kys pope francis


preservation =/= worship

I love how reactionaries abandon all pretense of being christian when it's revealed that they have no biblical case for their prejudices. Pic related.

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Dammit, will you rightist retards just fuck off already?

t. kike

All nazbols to >>>/leftpol/

I wonder who could be behind this post.

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/leftpol/ is a splinter board that about half of Holla Forums has migrated to

This is why you must abandon Abrahamism. It's all a bunch of isolationist, imperialist hooey. True Paganism is inherently internationalist.

Preserving what? Preserving America? Preserving France? Preserving Australia? Countries founded on explicit separation between church and state; countries founded by all manners of liberal atheists and pagans and heretics who placed their own personal ambitions before the law of Christ's love and would separate and demonize others in service of the devil?

Preservation of race? A characteristic that no one can control and you are stuck with from birth? Again you are placing your politics before God. You would see your fellow brothers and sisters deported from the same country because you take pride in what you were born as.

Both are disgusting and if any of you actually studied the Bible or went to church regularly you would recognize that the xenophobic, nationalist mythos you insist on propping up can in no way shape or form be classified as "Christian".

Pick one and only one if you want to critique Christianity, heathen.

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Okay, Rabbi, whatever you say.

It can be both isolationist and imperialist. The Abrahamic religions are quite literally religions of conquest: they can not exchange with the people, cultures and faiths they meet. The pagan faiths had no qualms about cultural exchange: the Hittite peoples are famed for having thousands of gods, acquired through interacting with neighbouring faiths. See what happened in the Americas with the indigenous, pagan peoples there: gunned down, forcibly converted, enslaved, tortured, and abused by the men at the pulpit and in the vestments.



The Catholic Church was the first vanguard party, and the pope is the general secretary for the party of God.

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It was imperialism. It was anti-nationalism. It furthered the development of capitalism. Some might say it even destroyed one of the last primitive socialist states on the planet.

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a thread where the worst Holla Forums posters meet

Wtf I thought this board hated idealists.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Upboated.

Three stupid ideologies all in once.

Hey, Mr. Kettle, Mr. Pot called. He says you're black.

He hasn't read the bible, but you expect me to believe you have?


I'm not blaming it solely on your imperialist faith though. There is no denying the role which it played in the colonization of the Americas. Would it have still happened if there was no cross? Maybe. But we know that it did happen, and the blood of the innocent is on Christ's hands.

t. atheist who hasn't read the bible

Read the Old Testament. It's hardly a nationalist story cheering on Israel. There are prophets who call for her destruction, she gets split up, multiple times there are instances where loyalty to Israel as a state is in direct conflict with loyalty to God, etc.

The answer you're looking for is "HELL YES".
Wrong. It's on the hands of those with imperial ambitions expanding their empires.

And the Bible is against that, how? Your god wanted the Canaanites to be exterminated. He wanted the whole of Canaan to be in the hands of the Jewish people. The Spanish, the French and the English merely applied those same Old Testament methods against the indigenous people of the Americas.

Christfags just brush aside all the ministers who called smallpox a gift from God because they don't want to turn away their Spic congregations these days.

It's been 2 hours and the OP has yet to be refuted. Come on, leftypol, I'm counting on you.


The difference being
A) God actually ordered it in the case of the Canaanites and
B) The Canaanites were up to some really sick shit like burning their own children alive so it was justified

Far as I know the indigenous people weren't doing really evil stuff.

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The only source we know of which points towards human sacrifice in Canaan comes from the Bible. Archaeologists have yet to find anything which indicates human sacrifice occurred in the cedar forests of the fertile crescent.

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Left my shitposting flag on.