Why does the "left" support teachers, universities, colleges, TAs, and professors?

Why does the "left" support teachers, universities, colleges, TAs, and professors?

In late-capitalism, it seems that they exist only to reproduce the ideologies necessary to continue capitalism, both explicitly by socializing bourgeois subjects, and also implicitly in terms of the hidden curriculum. They are the ideological version to the repressive version of state power that is the police/army. A teacher's strike, or a college strike is just so the functionaries of capitalism can have a slightly better paying life

tl;dr educators are functionaries, why are they supported by the left?

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Teachers are the first to go to Gulag after the revolution, so they can update their education methods.

Because they are proletarian and us Communists have in our hearts the interests of the proletariat as a whole, not just certain sections of it. Plus, a victory for any layer of the working class raises class-consciousness and solidarity for the entire class. Besides, everyone perpetuates bourgeois ideology. Sure, teachers do it in a more formal and institutionalized way, but that doesn't mean they're the only people at fault.

Comparing them to the police is stupid. Police literally, physically, brutally defend private property. Teachers do not. And yes teachers are among the more comfortable strata of the proletariat but that doesn't make them any less working class.

It was the more comfortable strata of the Russian proletariat (metal workers) that constituted the majority of Bolshevik membership.

Teachers don’t get to choose their curriculum, and getting them on our side is more likely to lead to the dissemination of our ideas and demonstrate our commitment to the communities were are supposedly trying to serve. In order to build a revolutionary movement we must first ingratiate ourselves to the people, and a good way to do this is fighting for goods and services that they depend on, like education.

Gettim them on our side will just poison our ideas with crap. I've witnessed what happened in my country.

where are the proofz billy

Lower level education employees are exploited proles like anyone else. They don't decide ideology or curriculum and can't be considered especially guilty of contributing to the status-quo more than any other prole. And for the most part what is taught during k-12 is not reinforcing ideology but just an exasperated, underpaid staffer trying to get kids to give a shit about Biology.
Who should be receiving more criticism are university professors and the entire institution of universities which have been and are increasingly breeding grounds for the bourgeoisie in the case of the elite universities and reinforcing their justification in the more common, state-school variety. That's not to say we should hang the professors, obviously there are good ones, but many of them are guilty of what you point out in the OP.

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Comparing them to the teachers is stupid. Teachers literally, mentally, brutally defend private property. Police do not. And yes police are among the more comfortable strata of the proletariat but that doesn't make them any less working class.

It was the more comfortable strata of the Russian proletariat (metal workers) that constituted the majority of Bolshevik membership.

police don't decide laws or methods. lower management don't decide labor process. soldiers don't decide where to deploy.

Teachers are the first line of defense of capitalism. Always. They are the first on the scene, the first to transmit ideology. They do their job 99% of the time, making sure the next generation understand deadlines, time, non-legitimate authority, lines, non-violence, meritocracy, individualism, work-reward processes.

When the teachers fail, there is always the police and politicians to break strikes, arrest those who pose a threat, and legislate the working class back.

Thank You Teachers!

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Teachers unions go around investing their dues in the stock exchange, does that not make them bourgeois?

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here is a tiny bit of what the teachers where I live own (out of their $175b. in total capital.

they also own about $30b in gov. of canada bonds. Hard to image they want to overthrow the state lol.

(then again, this might be what marx/engels where talking about in the later stages of capitalism as socialized ownership increases)

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I like how the Ontario Teacher's Pension owns the National Lottery in the U.K. lol.

Surely teachers are proletariat just like you and i!

Fucking this. Also don't forget about the debt racket that is the university system.

teachers/professors/TAs/education = / = nurses, steel workers, cleaners, cooks, retail etc

these other jobs make life function and are part of necessary labor, whereas teachers and professors give life a bourgeois characteristic, when it need not be.

University professors are almost universally scum. With very few exceptions they are wealthy liberals who got theirs and couldn't give a fuck what happens to society at large. They hate Trump because he offends their intellectual sensibilities, that's it. There's also some Weinstein-tier shit going on with a lot of them.

"Professors are radical leftists" is a conservative meme you'd be retarded to believe.

Not a class, does not express a relation to the MOP, they are still workers and deserve solidarity. We'll still have teachers under communism.

The amount of not understanding what words mean in this thread is astounding.

Uh oh someone didnt read anything marxist published after 1850!

FUCK over a dozen US military bases in Syria SCAMMISTS

what's going on big guy?

uni professors maybe but school teachers are some of the most exploited and underpaid proles everywhere

t. school teacher

teachers where i live make about $80k. and receive a retirement pension of about 500k if they work almost all their working years

Tell me what other job can you get right out of college that is almost guaranteed and pays a living wage?

teachers should be shot

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the opposite actually, they are vast majority progressives, and even spooky economics has been left-wing for the past half century


If you factor in all of the labor hours they are required to put in outside of the school day then they are almost certainly not being paid living wages.

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yes.. yes.. good proles
the professors and teachers the baddies

Why do commies pretend to relate to the working class, while never working themselves, and hating everything having to do with people who actually do work for being a part of the capitalist system?

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I'm literally a manual labourer, you Holla Forumstard piece of shit. Not that being "working class" in the colloquial sense of the term means proletarian, which is a far broader category referring to those dispossessed from the means of production. It's the proletariat that marxists are concern with rather than simply blue collar workers.

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