RIP Stephen Hawking

Good night, sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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Science is bourgeois.

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Goodspeed ALS Cowboy.

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I paid my respects on 4/sci/ as is customary

hawking was pretty based, given only 2 years to live and made it to 76.

He wasn't good, to be honest.

Who cares. Not leftist.

You can fuck off with that attitude

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luddites get out

Today we mourn….

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Rip, not leftist but as Marxists we should absolutely mourn one of the best scientists of our tims

Stephen Hawking and Karl Marx died on the same date


Come on guys, Hawking was at least very left-leaning succdem if some of his quotes are anything to go by.


Why is God so cruel?

at least you got trips :^)

hi Albert

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He sure knew how to pick a date. And on pi-day too.

Uphold Marxism-Hawkingsnism

the luddites are unfairly demonized tbh
their position wasn't vulgarly anti-technology but that direction action and property destruction was the only way industrial capitalists were going to start paying attention to how coarse and awful their industries were making life for their workers
unfortunately that attention mostly manifested as police beating the shit out of and killing them

Somebody should show me how astrophysics is going to make life better.

it's called fully automated gay SPACE communism

fuck off already

This planet has 8 billion years at BEST, with 90% of that time being uninhabitable on the surface.
We should be trying to figure out everything we can about the universe, instead of just kicking the can 400 million years into the future where everyone is trapped on a molten atmosphere-less rock.

That'll show them.

Oh god! Hawking had an AMA on reddit?! What a fucking phonie redditor, didn't he know that image board autists are internet elite? I hope his limp dick burns in hell, fuck him.

LMAO Reddit, what a dumbass freak

You're terrible at same-fagging .

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He was ourguy. Heres his last post on reddit, ever.

Even the greatest minds can see the flaws of capitalism.

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And yet Corbyn was too radical for him.
Fuck this robo clown.

idk about all this Hawking praise. In his book "A Brief History of Time" he talked about and criticized what he saw as Soviet "censorship."

I have no love for porky space-fetishism. I won't give a fuck when Musky kicks the bucket either.


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No he said Corbyn allowed himself to be viewed as some extremist which he thinks harmed Labour because it pushes them aside as not as easy to accept. He agrees with most of Corbyn's views.

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Remember kids, being a communist is normal and boring… Only weirdos and freaks who can't even into; science + technology + automation + increasing over time, are not communists

It really makes you fucking think.

of course, someone who was literally spoon fed for the last 50 years would want a communist system.

that pic needs aniki in it now.

this but unironically?

honestly I think the tendency is that communists tend to be weirdos and freaks, yet smart ones. The dumbass normies are on Holla Forums

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Suck my cock. Elon Musk is /ourguy/

Musk is Afro-Nazbol

You're kidding right? Elon Musk is an AnCap.