Leftist Gender Theory

Both liberal and conservative histrionics about pronouns and such in the mass media have obscured the much deeper ramifications gender issues have on how a society operates, especially under capitalism. Let's remediate this by sharing and discussing properly socialist literature regarding sex, gender, the family and how these relate to the capitalist mode of production, bourgeois domination and class struggle.

Some interesting bits to start the thread off:
Klaus Theweleit, Male Fantasies (1977) [e-flux.com/journal/76/72759/male-fantasies-the-sequel-s/]
George Mosse, The Image of Man (1996) [history.ac.uk/reviews/review/23]
Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch (2004) [selfcombust.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/federici-women-and-primitive-accumulation/]
Roswitha Scholz, Gender without the Body (2009) [mediationsjournal.org/articles/patriarchy-and-commodity-society]
Heather Brown, Marx on Gender and the Family (2014) [monthlyreview.org/2014/06/01/marx-on-gender-and-the-family-a-summary/]

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We already have one for this dogshit, fuck off.

Rule #1: Gender is a spook.
Rule #2: Rules are spooks.

Gender is a spook


Gender is Sex
Language and Policy should not be crafted around minuscule outliers

oh shit I fucking replied to this garbage thread AAAAHGHHH

No just one, me collectively speaking for the people of the board telling you to fuck off.


Truly the heydays of socialist theory.

Are you a complete retard or are you just pretending?

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No, I just suspect you of trying to smuggle in worthless critical theory through the back door.


why ya'll scared of books


Do you sincerely believe anything written after the '70s is secretly muh pomo? Have you even clicked the fucking links? Federici is associated with autonomism and Scholz with value-criticism — I can't think of any socialist currents more immune to liberal wankery than those.
Why is Holla Forums so fucking braindead when it comes to gender issues? "Suspecting" such discussion to be inherently idpol makes as much sense as assuming E.P. Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class to be crypto-nationalist because it focuses on the English working class.
Stop being retarded.

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Because absent concrete struggles it's mental masturbation. You don't need to arm the revolutionaries with deep gender theory, nor do you need it to appeal to the masses. It's a largely useless addition if your focus is socialism. Female comrades being treated unfairly is bad, oppose it, the end.

ok bro

I'm open to being convinced otherwise. Take the first book. What deep truth about capitalism does it expose? Sell it.

Just like any other segment of the superstructure
Just like most of theory.
Nor with anything else besides guns and the minimal amount theory which is enough to convert them. I'm pretty sure that very few people in the October Revolution actually read Capital.
Nor does Capital.
Do you think that materialism about pretending that the superstructure doesn't exist? I can't see any other reason for you avoiding the issue of gender like it can't affect the base/other elements of the superstructure and vice versa than that.
Do you have a copy of Capital? Any volume will be fine. If you have it, I advise you to just throw it out the window, sell it on some shitty website or just use it as fuel for your fireplace (if you have one). You won't be needing it anyway, since all you have to know about capitalism is that it's bad and that you have to oppose it. The End.

I'm not avoiding it, merely pointing out I suspect the above books to be pointless navel gazing critical theory. I'm still waiting for a concrete useful insight about, say empowering women under capitalism from the posed books.

Or are you not here to educate me?

What about you give the fucking articles a read to make up your own mind then? You don't even address any of the arguments those books make use of, you just "suspect" they're muh pomo and subsequently refuse to even go through a dozen paragraphs discussing them. You're a grown ass person, we don't have to indulge in your delusional fantasies and spoonfeed everything to you just to make sure you're comfortable with he subject matter for fuck's sake.

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Wrong. You have to indulge my delusional fantasies and spoonfeed everything to me if you wish to engage with me.

this but unironically

Sorry, I'm just a lowly shitlord, I didn't want to impose on your precious time.

I usually like your posts and think you one of the best namefags on this board, but i really dont see why you cant just read what has been linked.
not OP btw

10/10 I feel very convinced now. By the way, if you haven't read Harry Potter you aren't a true communist and if you want an explanation it'll be clear when you are done reading Harry Potter.
I feel smarter already.

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What would the Jarawa say if you told them there are 79 genders?

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gender is a spook

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like what?

If they could somehow understand you, probably why they should give a fuck given they're other problem is right now.
They would probably think it's some spooky shit, but in some actual "real" spooky shit kind of way

There are 2 genders.
socialism should seek to culturally abolish the liberal creation that is the LGBTQIAXYZ+ nonsense.

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Klaus Theweleit owns.

There is only one gender, woman doesn't exist.

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And even then, these symbolic registers obstruct our desire

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Who said anything about reading the whole fucking book? The links direct to articles covering the books' content, not long-ass PDFs.

Stare deep onto pic related, this is what awaits you on the bottom of the glass of value-criticism

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

fuck off ☭TANKIE☭

Muke's """""theory""""" is basically value-criticism (Wertkritik), but he thinks it's an orthodox reading of Marx

I know he's unaware. Of course, nobody would even come up with this revisionism by just being exposed to theory, there is no denial that Muke just believes what other people told him

Anyone who posts Federici is not worth listening to.

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We're 45 replies in and I have not yet had anyone give even the most concise of outlines on any of the works. Just tell me what great things are in them, I love reading books!

That the OP or anyone else refuses to do so tells me that maybe, just maybe, they think that by stating the contents out loud, they will be laughed out of the room. I mean skimming the first link, it starts out kind of promising: supposedly the author made a study of what people in the Freikorps themselves wrote about their struggle, and notes that when they talk about communism, they never actually talk about communism, but about things like shifting gender relations. I buy that; it's what the aut right loves to do today when it equates liberal idpol with "cultural marxism".

But then you read on, and get gems like these:

And the rousing call at the end:
Defend Hillary at all costs.

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