Is there anything worse than the eternal ultra? The smuggest of assholes...

Is there anything worse than the eternal ultra? The smuggest of assholes, and they get away with it because of the their allure of intelligence, just because they've read and memorised muh theory. These fuckers don't do anything related to organising IRL and trash on everyone that does.

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Don't blame them, it started with Marx. We must abolish the cult of Marx.

I fucking wish they would. Most of them only read chapter one of Capital and refuse to read volume three because it was allegedly revised by Engels. They have absolutely no self-awareness, at least Wertkritiker admit that they read Marx in an unorthdox way. In short: Leftcoms and Wertkritiker treat the value form, the sphere of circulation, as dislodged from capitalism as a historical horizon, it's some sort of religious thing for them, but the actual orthodox Marxist stance is that the generalized law of value arose from the contradictions of capital and labor. Value is a fucking social construct.

It's even borderline AnCap, who claim that capitalism has always existed.

gtfo opportunist

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Waiting for the "right conditions" for revolution is literally opportunism, suck my dick.

We need egoism tbh

Where are you getting this? No leftcon thinks that value isn't a social construct.

Wouldn't it be the other way around?

Except when production against the law of value occurs Leftcoms still call it capitalism because things can still be attributed value.

Nah, value and commodity production has existed before capitalism, it just wasn't generalized. Only in capitalism you have exchange in a rapid sequence, which leads to a more abstract valorization of goods instead of the individual variables which determined the price of things in pre-capitalist times.

Today, left-communism is an ahistorical position.

yes, but it didn't arise from the "contradictions of capital and labour", the contradictions of capital and labour come about by the generalisation of the law of value in a capitalist politico-economic framework

Hey Friend, why would we do something when the crisis of overproduction hasn't occurred yet and the contradiction between relations and mode of production hasn't caused the birth of communism?



Communism will spring out of the ground its okay we don't need to do anything

The worst leftist is the eternal tank who thinks they are the only theory that matters and would backstab any non tank revolution

concessions to the working class, working within capitalism, was able to solve the crises of overproduction + culture + postmodernism solved the rest. Capitalism was too malleable to fall that easily with the state behind it : )

Y'know, the whole point of the idea that communism is inevitably the next and final stage of development for humanity comes from the concept that the contradictions in capitalism will inevitably cause unrest, protest, and eventually culminate into proletarian revolution.

The material conditions will lead to worker protest, organization, and uprising. But if you don't actually do the organizing and protesting and uprising, then it isn't going to fucking happen. Leftcoms act like if we don't do anything, that we'll just eventually awake one day to socialism.

Don't treat Marx like he's fucking Jesus and whatever he says will eventually just come to pass, with no actual effort or trying.

Fuck Left Communism. It's the real movement of opportunists.

Thank you for confirming that ☭TANKIE☭z are just kids that need to play revolution because they don't have a life. Every time their "organizing, protesting and uprising" went serious they quickly revelead for the boneless nazbols they really are, using state capitalist practices to accumulate value rapidly to serve their chauvinistic lust for power. Just look at the tanky countries: all of them turned against each other lol.

There is nothing wrong with accumulating power you fucking liberal.

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Sure, I don't deny that. Just don't call it communism.

There is a 200 year tradition of worker unions, educating, agitating, organizing, making music and worker culture, and the like. If all of that is just "play revolution" then it's clear you don't know history and are rather a total retard or you're just a commie for the edgy pseudo-intellectualist points.

I don't even know how to actually reply to this fucking stupidity. Considering the intellectual value of what was said here, I'll respond with an equal amount of value by saying "no u"

Who are you even referring to here? Lenin and his NEP were absolutely necessary. Early Stalin oversaw capitalism because the USSR did need to industrialize or die. Later Stalin saw the development of the earliest form of Socialism, which considering sprung out of a previously agrarian peasant state, is impressive as fuck.

>Just look at the tanky countries: all of them turned against each other lol.
What a wonderfully materialist analysis!

No. The main division was the Soviet-Sino split, which was caused by revisionists and opportunists. More specific cases, such as the Tito-Stalin split occurred because Tito was literally bringing back capitalism and threatened the integrity of the eastern bloc.

Now let's look at all the anarcho-communist countries. Oh wait, they all imploded and were killed off by capitalists. Lets look at all the Trotskyite or Leftcom nations, oh wait they never existed.

What? The whole point of the Wertkritik is to insist on capitalism's historicity, especially when it comes to generalized commodity production and abstract labor.

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fixed that for you

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I've never seen a LeftCom make any such claim. I believe you've formed your opinion of them based entirely on "le armchairs xD" memes.

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I never claimed that was their official stance. But after dealing with so many leftcoms, reading, and the like, I can't help but feel that that is their de facto stance.

They don't claim it, but they certainly act like it.

it's just bantz

Problem is he didn't do anything he suggested.


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You'd like to think that but some people really believe it because their political opinions are entirely constituted by memes.

true. take this as a gesture of solidarity

What? He formed a communist party and struggled within the united Italian trade union movement.

Yes and he was so effective in his tasks that the fascist government literally released him because they knew how little he was actually doing.

Bordiga was jailed for labor agitation and the reason he couldn't return to the Communist Party after his detention was because he was expelled for "being a Trotskyist".

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Please stop posting and start reading. All your posts reek of uninformed opinions.

More like he was released because the Togliatti faction took over the PCdI who kicked Bordiga out of the party which robbed him of his platform and much of his influence.

more like

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Cominform vs. Yugoslavia
Ussr vs. Hungary
Albania vs. Ussr
China vs. Ussr
China vs. Sparrows
Warsaw pact vs. Czechoslowakia
Romania vs. His bros
Albania vs. Rest of the world
Cambodia vs. Vietnam
China vs. Vietnam
China vs. Cuba
China vs. Decency
Ussr vs. Everything
Ussr vs. Itself

Damn. Those ebil imperialists truly are bastards: always fucking with other's business

Lenin was a LARPer, I appreciate Stalin more, he was more honest and cool with that Great Russia shit.

Bad post

Why are socialists such fucking chauvinists?

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In some sense everyone but the nihilists are all LARPing.

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LARPing was a derogatory term invented by cold, sometimes nihilistic people to describe happy people passionate about their ideology.
They just hate fun.

yes some people take their larping way too far I ain't denying this

They're right, though.
If nothing means anything, LARP is a pretty apt term, and nothing means anything. "Meaning" doesnt even really make sense or have a coherent definition. Theres really no way around it other than flatly refusing to acknowledge it because itd make you sad to think about.

this is just random off topic wanking though, I just barged into this thread on that note.


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