For all you anti-gun yokels

For all you anti-gun yokels.

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Are there any anti-funners on this board? I thought Marx was explicit enough on his views of weaponry in the hands of the proletariat…

2/10, I replied

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Who is anti-gun on this board tho?

Sadly yes.
The correct pro-gun stance has been absolutely majority in here for most of Holla Forums existence, but it seems we've gotten a few unironic liberal idpolers lately (or butt-blasted Holla Forumsacks pretending)

Part three says the ban had no appreciable effect on homicides or gun crime but both graphs showed they had a steeper downward trend after the ban. That the homicide rate went up for a few of years immediately after the ban doesn't disprove that it had a negative effect. You point out that other factors were at play before the ban since the long term trend was downward, but then discount the possibility a very short term upward trend was due to other factors. Both graphs seem to me to show the ban had an effect.

People should have guns but America obviously needs more regulation tbh

More guns, tbh. If every prole had a gun and a copy of a leftist book, they would undoubtedly destroy whatever oppressors presided over them.

MFW my troll thread turns into actual discussion.

I still maintain my interpretation, but I see where you're coming from.

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community cache of weapons with a punch card > having weapons permanently in your home giving your kids opportunity to kill you, themselves, or shoot up the school
Name a flaw, you can't.

-Individual could be denied access from community cache for any reason.
-People could still withdraw weapons from cache and shoot up a school

I’ve actually thought and about this myself. My one question would be who would run it. I don’t trust porky 🐷 to lock it down if he sees the probes as a threat

*to not lock it down


That's the point of the community cache, to keep the unsavory members of the community from getting guns, to qualify for guns in the first place would mean mental health, ideological, and personality screenings. It's mostly kids that shoot up schools, not strange adults, Sandy Hook being the exception of national memory.


The members of that community would democratically decide who they trust and who they don't with their weapons cache.

That doesn't mean those mental states and ideologies won't change. On top of that, even if you do manage to weed out school shootings, you still will have old ass fuckers shooting up concerts and malcontents shooting up churches and malls.

Of course, that's why we leave this thing up to the individual towns, or possibly neighborhoods, so the people making these decisions have the intimate knowledge of themselves and their neighbors needed to prevent tragedy.

On top of that, I want to be armed if the community winds up thinking I might be a threat.

Then don't act like a threat jackass


letting nuporkies have totalitarian control over the lives of the worker
double nigger



What some perceive as a threat, others perceive as their own benign business.

I approve of this proposal.

Of course you would you fucking authoritarian control freak "oh whoops looks like only party members get access to the """community""" cache" wow it's almost like the state is violently enforcing itself upon everyone else yet again.

something I just thought of
some gangs use something called a "gun library"
forensics finds some bulletholes and traces it to a gun but not an owner, the investigation needs to go some other route
a community cache is basically the same idea, so good luck solving crimes

ITT: People that don't think what this is describing is the military.

There's no black markets because the socialist economy doesn't use currency, it uses digital labor credits which are attached to a credit card not a paper currency

I never mentioned a black market dummy

It would be impossible to defend the place whwere you live in this senario, also makes confiscation easier

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Did you imply you made your own gun? Is it one of those open bolt sub machine guns?