China's Communist Kindergarden

So I watched this Vice documentary (yeah, yeah I know, but all they do is to just interview the founder and don't add a narration) about some Maoist school in a Chinese village and I got to have to say, the guy is a fucking nutcase. They merge communism with hardcore Buddhism, they are literally praying in front of idols of Chinese politicians like a Muslim prayer, and it's a fucking hippie cult that has nothing to do with communism but is about living like a monk.

Of course Vice would show this as an example of communism whether it's questionable if this is even remotely representative for rural education in China, but anyway: Why the fuck does Maoism always turn into such a cult? And how the fuck can you have this religious bullshit when China had a cultural revolution?

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while it's questionable*

Not real socialism LOL

pretty cool tbh

Maoism is and always has been retarded. It advocates for class collaboration and incorporates a lot of retarded chinese religious beliefs and ideas.

Mao was good at waging war. He was a fucking retard for the rest of things he did in life.


If they uphold Xi they probably don't follow Maoism the political ideology (MLM/MZT), but Maoism as in personality cult wankery over Mao. In just the same way as some old russian nationalist reactionaries love Stalin, because they associate him with RUSSIA STRONK, not because they are communists/Stalinists/Marxist-Leninists in any sense of the word.

They argue that in some semi-feudal/colonial contexts the interests of the proletariat and the interests of the national bourgeoisie are similar, so the national bourgeoisie might support the proletariat in the struggle for national liberation. No Maoist advocates for "class collaboration" * outside of this context. The concept of new democracy is completely irrelevant in first world countries. Maoists in the west are way more likely to be stupidly radical, completely reject any participation in elections, completely reject working within insufficiently radical unions, etc. and wanna pick up guns and start shooting at cops tomorrow, than to advocate for any type of class collaboration.

* I don't like how Maoism is always denounced for being class collaborationist when new democracy is very similar to the NEP in Russia, and no one would call Leninism a class collaborationist tendency because of the NEP.

Like what?

Maoism was a mistake.

t. Mao probably

Not likely, he happily rode out the personality cult and cultural revolution until his death. He could have stopped it any time and went for real socialist reforms, he loved Maoism.

the cultural revolution was only in 1968 though, the idea it went for ten years is counterfactual

The worst excesses only lasted until 1968-1970, the program still went on, impacting all areas of life, until 1976.

Maoism proper wasn't invented until the 80's

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really makes you think

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So THIS is the power of maoism…

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All jokes aside it’s depressing that the Naxals are failing

I think that has more to do with Maoist praxis than anything. It’s designed to be resilient sure, but outside of China it has never accomplished much or been effective. Revolutions only happen during periods of great instability, which typically don’t last all that long except in extreme cases. China was pretty rare in that it had this kind of instability for almost 50 years, and yet wasn’t a totally unworkable state like some of the shit you see in Africa. The problem is that most countries aren’t the kind of mess China was during this period, which means that the period of instability inevitably blows over, the movement’s support base begins to shrink, and the government develops increasingly sophisticated anti-insurgency tactics. PPW only works when revolutionary conditions are protracted, when in most situations they are short term.

This makes me sad. Maoism is a stupid meme though. It has never actually produced a truly communist/socialist revolution. Really sucks that the Cultural Revolution didn't succeed.

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What about the Lenin mummy though?

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He should be buried like he requested, not held on as some kind of tourist attraction.

not if you're tibetan

The dude is obviously demented. It's like doing an interview with "Capitalist schoolmaster L. Ron Hubbard" to portray how capitalism "objectively is."

Imho it may resurge, India has chosen wrongly in IT and under developing it's productive forces, resulting in all sorts of antics such as importing more from China despite the "make in India" lush and being unable to produce enough munitions for a 2 week plus war.

So THIS is the power of first worldism…

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I don't like that Lenin is kept on display, but I still would go see his body if I could.

For what it's worth, I've noticed in the past year that the Naxalites' YouTube videos (songs, demonstrations, etc) have gotten massively more views.

When I first came across this Naxalite song a little less than 2 years ago, it had barely a few thousand views. Now it's over 100,000.