Too Many Goddamn Strasserists

Straserists/Nazbol/whateverthefucktheyare. How do we drive this rightist infantile cancer from the board? Why the hell did they even come here in the first place? Are they just Holla Forums refugees?

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Do you even know the difference between a Holla Forumstard and a Asserist? Why do you consider them right-wing?

I don't see them.

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Dude, who the fuck cares. This board already is 50% Holla Forumstards shitposting

It's the other way around

Strasserists are edgy socdems and socdems aren't leftists

"The transformation of economic policy by the establishment of autarchy, a State monopoly of foreign trade, and a currency standard of our own subsumed under the comprehensive term of a planned economy, is today regarded as necessary by numerous groups In Germany and elsewhere In Europe. But this theoretical recognition of a planned economy will remain sterile so long as these groups still cling to the prevailing capitalist economic law which decrees that private property is sacred. With the utmost possible emphasis, therefore, the conservative revolutionist must at this point insist upon (as indispensable preliminary to a genuine and effective planned economy) the abrogation of the prevailing economic law of private property. One who takes his stand upon the maintenance of private property in land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production In general, is not only repudiating German socialism, but is also defending what will make a planned economy impossible no matter how ardently in theory he may desire It. This follows without more ado from the very nature of the owner's claim that he has the right 'to do what he likes with his own', the claim which forms the core of the legal notion of 'private property'. So long as the owner of land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production in general, can do what he pleases with 'his property'; so long as the peasant can cultivate the fields or not as he prefers, the owner of a coalmine have the coal mined or not as he likes best, the factory owner have his factory working or idle at his own sweet will just so long is a planned economy impossible. (To say nothing about the privilege of the owner to sell his property to a foreign individual, corporation, or State, which would be fatal to the organization of a German planned economy.) For these reasons therefore, as well as for the moral reasons that have already been specified, the abolition of private property in land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production, is the main demand of German socialism, and the presupposition to a planned national economy. The same demand is made by all Marxians, and to this extent they are socialists, though the carrying into effect and the fruitfulness of their demand have been hindered and will be hindered by their liberal alienism. I consider it expedient to dwell upon the identity of demand in this respect as between the international Marxians and the German socialists, this being a prelude to insisting, as regards constructive methods, upon the difference between Marxism and German Socialism." - Otto Asser, Germany Tomorrow, 1940.


Holla Forums hurts his feelings, and sometimes Holla Forums also hurts his feelings. Therefore, Holla Forums is half Holla Forums

Just look at the constant shitposts, even if it's not Holla Forums, it gives you an idea how dead this board is

The only way this shithole would come even close to hurting my feelings would be if people shat on Allende. So no, Holla Forums hasn't hurt my feelings, and I actually constantly visit Holla Forums for the lols, nigger

how strange

Literally where you fucking retard

Allende was an anemic socdem and brought the coup on himself by disarming the workers.

It's like you have no idea what Asserism is tbh.


They do a shit job but they still manage to contain nazbol shitposting

Hitler backstabbed stasserists and other left wing elements of the Nazi party in exchange for the support of the military aristocracy and industrialists.

Allende was so retarded that he unironically believed that central planning could work if only it was more computerized. Socialism is primarily defined by a belief that workers’ self-management is superior to top-down control of economic activities. Whether this top-down control takes the form of a hierarchical capitalist company (like the one Pinochet supported) or of a command economy (like the one Allende supported) is largely irrelevant. Therefore, Allende was not a socialist but merely a state capitalist who fell for the managerialist ideology.

Who else here is /kaiserbol/ gang?

Has your gf managed to convert you?

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And if you bothered to read just a little further:
The Factory Fellowship

Manager, staff of workers, and State are the three partners in any enterprise. They constitute a factory fellowship.

The State, which in agriculture is the exclusive proprietor of the land, is equally, in an industrial enterprise, the exclusive proprietor of the concern. Through the instrumentality of the appropriate vocational council it assigns the work in fief to a manager who is competent
and willing to undertake it. In return there will be payable to the State an impost (corresponding to the tithe payable by an agricultural enterprise) the amount of which will be assessed at regular intervals (5 or 10 years, let us say). These imposts, since, in conjunction with the tithes from agricultural enterprises, they must provide for State expenditure upon public affairs, will have priority over net profits, allowances for wear and tear, and reserves.

Management, possession, and profits are thus assigned in thirds to the manager, the staff of workers, and the State. The management decides about the world policy of the enterprise, settling the kind and quantity of goods to be produced, fixing the respective amounts payable for depreciation (wear and tear), reserve, and profit, and prescribing the wages to be paid…

The manager derives his income from his share in possession and profits, so that his economic position turns upon the success or failure of the enterprise. Success will depend upon his devoting his whole time and capacity; and his share should, therefore, be comparatively large.

The respective shares of the manager and the working staff in the profits must be so apportioned that the manager will be able to provide for his own living expenses and those of his family out of his share in the profits and nothing more, whereas the worker's ordinary expenditure will be defrayed out of his wages. The manager's share In possession and profits must, therefore, be comparatively large, whilst that of the individual worker can be comparatively small.

There will come into being, in contradistinction to the extant 'class' of capitalists, an 'estate of managers which, regardless of wealth or origin, will constitute a functional aristocracy that, thanks to the very methods of its selection, may be said to be made up of 'captains of industry' or 'commissioned officers of economic life'.

OH LOOK IT'S JUST BUILDING UP ANOTHER CLASS SOCIETY. Thanks for nothing Asser you fucking dumbass.

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Allende died defending socialism. And he killed reactionaries in the process. Something you fuckfaces couldn't do to save your lives. Useless fucks

Fuck asserists, nazbols, and every right-wing "socialist".

lol, this thread is filled with them.

Allende was an incompetent managerialist state capitalist, that’s all

Just because you disagree with them doesn’t mean that they are not socialists

They're not socialists.
Now fuck off fascist shill.

Seems drastically different to our current system to me.

Yo dog, that's my meme. Awesome B)

Nazbols, Stalinists, anti-idpols, and all other ☭TANKIE☭ scum can fucking neck themselves please.

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I would agree with you on idpol because i like certain kinds of idpol myself tbh. But then you had to hate on ☭TANKIE☭s who, while misled, have proven to be very reliable in spreading socialism across the world.

ditch muh anti idpol, which is basically pandering to entitled white dude's fee fees. We can choose between using the techniques of empathy developed by generations of social justice activists based on the critiques of marginalized people or embracing the reactionary discourse of chan culture, a subculture dominated by petit bourgeoisie white males. Do not complain if your shit attracts flies. We should embrace an explicitly feminist and intersectional approach.

I agree. ☭TANKIE☭s can be insufferable sometimes but they're ok.

i'm a cishet white male I unironically check my privilege and I support idpol, it's just called not being an entitled little shit, how hard is that?

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Would you say the same about Ba’athists. Because Ba’athism is just Stras,sorism for Arabs. In fact many Ba’athists were directly inspired by the NSDAP.

A lot of people on Holla Forums criticize IdPol from a reactionary rather than leftist standpoint

what does anti idpol even mean? do you think women should stay in the home or get paid less for doing the same job? are you ok with misgendering you trans and nb comrades? do you think PoC shouldn't be represented in media? Do you deny the existence of white privilege, microagressions and implicit bias, all supported by extensive sociological and psychological data? Do you think you are entitled to use racial slurs? If so then go fuck yourself, you are not a leftist, you are a reactionary.

99.9% of the time complaints about idpol are obviously just reactionary dudes concern trolling. anti idpol is just a cover for white straight male idpol, which is by definition reactionary. These people feel threathened buy marginalized folks daring to speak their minds


Unfortunately this user is right.

is it even possible to criticise the basic recognition of marginalize folks humanity from a leftist perspective?

Traditionally, Holla Forums absolutely abhors divorcing their struggle from the overarching class struggle of capitalist society.

This has been going on forever in here, it's not new.

You can keep saying that all you want, but he has done more for socialism that your sorry ass could ever imagine

and they wonder why they attract nazbols, reactionaries and other shitty people? If your leftist politics doesn't center the lived experiences of marginalized folks, it's probably not serious at all. Imagine what PoC and/or queer leftists who come on here must feel, in terms of dehumanization and denial of their struggles is hardly any better than Holla Forums. why is it so hard to acknowledge some people might have it harder than you do?

I think you replied to the wrong person friend, but yes in the context of this thread that seems to be what "anti-idpol" means. Honestly this idpol meme just seems to be a hold over from the pol and v's hatred of social justice.

ALL of this^
If you are not concerned with the struggle that marginalized people face then your movement will inevitably be co-opted rightists and authoritarians. We need to care about social justice because it directly ties to class struggle and the fight for proletarian democracy.

we should live it very clear that anti idpol basically amounts to shitting on your marginalized comrade's very existence and political correctness is just a right wing snarword for being a fucking decent human being. It's scary how white dudes and cis/straight people often display this selective sociopathy towards their marginalized comrades.

Fascists are socialist though


to all the edgy dudes and anti idpolers on here: social justice is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable precisely because you are used to feeling comfortable. Can you imagine what it is to be sexually harrassed as a woman, to be kicked out of your home for being queer, growing up with self esteem issues because you never saw people like you represented in media? What your PoC and queer comrades experience everyday is not comparable to your first world problems, you definitely need to be more self critical and display humility.

Yay more sectarianism!!!

The fact that you can't even tell the difference between Asserists and Nazbols says a lot about you OP.

Fascism is just nationalistic syndicalism


They are the ideologically similar, fuck anybody who believes differently. They both belong in the gulag

He didn't kill anyone. He was also an avowed pacifist.

If you aren't against capitalism then you aren't a leftist.

I can agree. I would much rather the USSR won the cold war than the USA obviously. But I feel that ☭TANKIE☭ism will form naturally without the aesthetical lionizing of militaristic dictatorships. I think it just turns normies away from anything related to socialism.

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The fact that fascists are always crypto-capitalists would be bad enough were it not for them also being absolutely idiotic genocidal freaks who want to brutalize life worse than any neoliberal hellhole ever possibly could. They are the fucking enemy.


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Oh look another screencap bait thread courtesy of redditors. Mods should check the IPs of the supposed Nazbol posters affirming their epidemic, I wonder if they'll be different from all the Idpolers in this thread.

Actually my bad there are a bunch more of these faggots over the past couple of days along with intersectional types, mods do your fucking jobs and ban unironic Nazbols

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Idpol isn't materialist, doesn't focus on class as the main struggle, and is literally used to break up and diffuse potential opposition to the state. So you should ditch your retarded snowflake identity theories.
That would be white nationalism.
You promoting your liberal idpol sound suspiciously petit-bourgeois right now.
No, we shouldn't.

Oh, so Allende defending the presidential palace for 8 hours with some of his closest friends, carrying an AK, shootig at reactionary soldiers attacking him illegally, and having destroyed a tank with an RPG, didn't kill anyone. Sure, sure. Before you try to say I made all that up, all that information is in a book disproving he killed himself.

Strasserism is a kind of idpol you retards.

There is a reason they always joke about that. It’s oft repeated, but almost certainly never happened.


There is also right-wing anti-capitalism.

It's impossible. Fascists will always be spooked by muh joos/race/nation/tradition/gays etc.

t. Jewish bourgeoisie

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There not right mate. There turd positionist.

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*Third* I'm autistic.

it's a world filter

Holy shit you guys like didnt even attempt to put any effort into this shit.

low effort memes against low effort ideology
seems fair

I see the Reddit cancer is spreading to this board too now.

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Self righteous liberal inanity.

t. neonazi

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Eh, it's not always bad

^this for example should make all the liberals LARPing as hard left from plebbit quite uncomfy

Do you have a source for that, buddy? Huh?!

Reactionary here to say that I sympathize. Asserists won't collaborate with the Right politically and we're basically getting slaughtered by their meme warfare too.

Is this a credible source? Just curious, not criticizing

tbh, I'm not sure any news source can be considered credible these days, but yes it does have editorial control and fact checking

The claim is ancient and chemical weapons attacks by the rebels have been acknowledged by the UN for as long as government chemical attacks have been acknowledged. The Department of Defense in the US has also stated that they don't actually know if last year's chem attack was real, and admitted they never had any evidence at all.

If the Asserists weren't killed they likely would have still done the holocaust, they were still anti-semites and nationalists after all.

They literally did from the moment of their foundation, Assersists would regularly fight Communists with their Hitler buddies. You'll sooner see a Asserist at the tail end of a White lives matter neo nazi march then on May Day.

They were quite happy throwing trade union leaders,Communists and Socialists into Prisons. Assers and the rest of their national syndicalism turd position scum are basically Nazi brainlets who found out Capitalism's shit and stopped reading there. Just look at where the modern Asserist movements are spawning out of. German fascists by another name and ultra British nationalists.

Some Mod needs to make Stalin look like an anarchist and purge these faggoty right wing idiots.

This board is garbage.

holy shit if this is leftism just off yourself please

tired of stupid cunts like you coming on this board acting like white people are a monolith but somehow faggots and niggers are unique special snowflakes that we must put a magnifying glass over to "understand"

seriously, i'm a commie but i can still see through this liberal horseshit

more horseshit liberal morality

you sound like you came straight from r/socialism

for the record, communism needs the disaffected white dudes you so heavily despise to work. whites hold political power in this country and hereditary wealth, you will never have it as long as you have this shitty attitude, js

It has been for a while.