Another Putin enemy found dead in Britain

Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home


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Man, I really gotta try one of these polonium sandwhiches someday, Russians can't seem to get enough of them.

The Anglos had it coming. Think we are joking? 1917 will commence again if you try to take our Caucasus oil and our gas. W E W O N T R E L I N Q U I S H T H E M

another imperialist got what he had coming for him! radically uphold vladimir putin thought and critically support russian oligarch in their struggle against imperialism!

seriously OP, expect this thread to be deleted

It's fucking nothing.jpg

Literally the first sentence, my man. And no, Putin is not worthy of our support.

reports now coming in there were "strangulation" marks around his neck


Who cares?

anti-sage :^)

Didn't people say this guy was controlled opposition?

Um, a lot of people would care if there was another assassination. Are you stupid?

People get murdered everyday.

Yes, lets cry for the capitalist rat that robbed billions from the Russian working-class and supported and benefited from the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was no better than Putin.

Now that the "Russia narrative" is popping in the US isn't it somewhat suspicious that shit start to happen in the "bestest ally" UK?

It smells like another round of "Assad's chemical attack" shit, but this time against Russia: how the fuck would Putin profit from doing shit like this right now?


You guys do know the oligarchs that raped russias wealth are jewish dont you? its like youre biting that hands that feed you. they gave you your prescious dystopian communism.

yeah theyre quite obviously killing the opposition
it really makes me thing

you have to go back

couldn't care less about capitalists infighting and killing some of their own
if it weren't so irrelevant it'd be good rather than bad news

you do know that we don't care about identities of capitalists and that they all can just go die for all we care you little faggy bootlicking bitch?


This. He'd been living openly in the UK for almost a decade now, apparently. Why would they suddenly decide to off him? He was old af & probably died of natural causes, imo.

Ikr? It has CIA written all over it.
I just saw this comrade Dore video, he explains it well.
Just like Syria "gassing" its own people & shady "investigations" surrounding the incident. Funny how Russia & Syria, right as there's US pressure on them, do these attacks, hmm? I'm calling bullshit.

Source? Lmao, making claims like that should have a source already in your comment. It's bad form not to.

I should've read the entire thread before commenting. I could've just pointed to this comment, lmao.

Here's a hint: if the CIA and their propaganda outlets are mourning the death of a dissident then he deserved to be killed. Period.

No exceptions. Those who defect to imperialist governments like Britain are servants of imperialism that deserve no mercy.

Once Putin starts assassinating genuinely left wing opposition figures that arent collaborating with the West, then Ill be concerned. Until then, keep up the good work Vlad. The world is a better place without these snakes.

Pic related.

Also Russia already suppresses left-wing opposition but amerigoblin media won't tell you that lmao. The only reason there are no high-profile assassinations like this one is because leftists generally don't have conflicting mafia interests with Russia's gangster regime unlike right-liberals and opposition oligarchs

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The Americuck regime is worse

Debatable. It's also not an issue of better or worse.

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They have conflicting interests but no conflicting mafia/business connections.

More like people ditch leftist ideology as soon as they get a seat anywhere. AHAHAHHAHAHAHA. i'm loving this, full "new society" of sevent years of "building communism". Now these people elect themselves as literally the Communist party and then, as soon as they get any power, opress the shit out of the lower classes. AHAHAHAHAHAH.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaa… Te prolls get the piss right into their faces and ask for more.

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What are you smoking tard? American media loves to paint Putin as right wing and highlight his conflicts with 'leftwing' protesters and opposition.

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sure, it'll tell you about the treatment of pussy riot and other """leftists""" but not about union-busting and attacks on legitimate leftist parties like Left Front

porky gonna pork everywhere, user

Top tier leftists you got there ladm8.

Jesus Christ, why do Americans love to tell us, Russians that putin is not imperialist and leftist?

How big of an ego do you need to have to make such posts?

Bitch, I know more about my country that you do!
Why do you argue with guys like

When he is clearly Russian leftist, living under Oligarchic dictatorship.

You're just repeating yourself, though. I'm asking you to clarify this further.

Take your meds.

Than he wouldn't be the expert on : > amerigoblin media portrayal of Putin now would he?

Czechmate Ivan.

Again, take your meds.
This thread is full of either trolls or extremely naive people.

The only real danger to such people are anarchists. Fortunately all sorts of statist lefties are there to back up the rich.

We must critically support Russian oligarchs against American oligarchs, brothers. As Karl Marx wrote: "Capitalism and imperialism is when America does stuff!"

Do you want sources about Russian anti-union tactics and suppression of leftist parties? Give me some time and I can provide.

The word imperialist has a definition, it's not a synonym for "bad". Name some countries with which Russia has an exploitative economic relationship with.

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, most other Caucasian and Central Asian states, Belarus…

I'm saying that they're not actually communist, obviously. Not that some people don't corrupt parties for their own self interest. But pretending that this is just a "leftist" problem makes you retarded.

No, I'm sure that happens. I was talking about the similar mafia interests.

Sorry, must have been looking at a wrong post. My point is as such:

Every time Russia outright assassinates someone, that person invariably has connections with oligarch clans that fell in disfavor with Putin.

Because leftists like Udaltsov don't have such connections, different methods are used against them. Smearing, jailing, non-lethal violence, but not outright killings.

Russia works subtly against purely political opponents, but when oligarch games come into play, the gloves come off.

Lenin described russia as imperialist back in his days. You're telling me it's not today, even after its recovery from the 90s?
The issue is not "admitting" to russia being an imperialist power today, it's to not do the cuckdem mistake from over 100 years ago to announce it the prime enemy and holding a truce with your own nations imperialist alliance to agitate against russia.

Suuuure the're not. And you'd be able to proove it how? If anything, the prolls will be declared as the anticommunist reactionaries by whatever new state arises.
No, it's universal and not a problem but a natural order of heirarhies, which communism does nothing to solve. The abolishment of state never comes under Marx. The state is the rich.

anarkiddies at it again, always fun to watch them bitch and moan

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Don't forget that people like Sergei Udaltsov or Alexey Gaskarov have also been arrested for literal no reason.

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Difference ,James, is that CNN, BBC, Fox news etc, all have youtube accounts, facebook accounts etc, therefore can be seen from Russia, therefore your argument is not correct.

Yeah but you don't have native speaker reading comprehension probably VladTV and a whole other myriad of issues.

Good God, your posts are garbage. Please define for me communism, since your qualifications for it apparently are so far off I'm having trouble understanding your insane statements.

Neither do you, burger.

communism is when you poop on the street flipping off a riot cop and then proceed to throw your turd against a starbucks window while your comrades are kicking reactionary trash cans, you state capitalist rich hierarchy loving nazi pig!

You seem to have me beet potato.


Putin's Russia, whatever its internal flaws, is a formidable obstacle to American global hegemony. This is why communists must support it. When the American empire crumbles into the dust then we can criticize the governments of Russia, China, Iran, Syria etc. Until that moment arrives, opposing them is reactionary. Those who do so are useful idiots of imperialism no matter how noble they think their intentions are.

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Teenagers shouldn't be allowed internet access.
Your post is the equivalent of that "commie turd". But thanks for clarifying that you don't understand that which you claim to be against.

It's easy, watch some cunt go "I'ma build ommunism and sheeeet" then watch their people starve to death and the state collapse/reform. Then watch some other tards go "nah, that wasn't the TRUE communism, hold my bear, I'll get it done" and watch them starve and collapse on their asses. That's communism.

Thank you papa Stalin. Pls goolag them some more, also I have a nice new Royce for you.

Admit it Anastasia, you're just hungry.

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Thanks for clarifying. Go shitpost elsewhere. preferably >>>Holla Forums
Now no one respond to this idiot anymore.

I tend to read theory and other books in English whenever possible, I think I have good enough reading comprehension to understand burger news, which I check rather often. How many Russian websites do you visit regularly?

This neocon-with-a-minus-sign approach can only lead to a Russian capitalist hegemony, which will be in every way as bad as the American one, and completely bereft of a human face. We must oppose ALL capitalism and imperialism. When two imperialists clash we do not root for the underdog, we applaud their mutual destruction and look for weaknesses for the socialist movement to exploit.

And that goes for all the wannabe burgers out there. Notice how it's never the countries with dishes worth eating who are on about the burger meme?

But you have nice cute icons :3
Also "What kind of proletariat internationalism is this?!?"(c)Chaushesku when begging kremlin for free oil gibs for himself®ion=Footer&contentCollection=Related


*cough cough*

a-are you ok, user?

It's about people from hamburg? Fill me in pls.

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that's better

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Jimmy's coverage:

Jimmy "Don't Arm the Poor Anymore" Dore

They're in no state to do so and won't be for some time, reverting to a multipolar world is ideal for revolution though

Also good for the prospect of nuclear annihilation

& his coverage on Cronybin's response:

I-a know. What a do about a it?

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I dunno I guess he thinks the revolution will be ad enabled on Youtub

You have to prove that Russia behaves in an imperialist fashion regarding those countries.

I'd also like you to explain how Belarus, which has higher living standards than Russia, is somehow exploited by Russia.

Adding to this, I think if Russia could be imperialist, they would do so. But they don't have the economic or military strength to do so.

Calm down, Kropotkin.

This thread is fucking terrible lmao

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Nice apologia for American imperialism. How does American hegemony have a "human face" that a hypothetical Russian one would lack?