Number of Genders?

Okay, so if there isn't only two genders, then exactly how many genders are there? Three? A hundred? A million? An infinite number?

How do you answer the question, "How many genders are there?"

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Gender is just a development of whatever culture of whatever society. So it depends.

In the west, there are two genders.

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you don't. It's a dumb question and anybody who asks or answers to it should not be taken seriously.

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There are zero genders.

No one can be this undeliberatly retarded.


"None. There are only two sexes: Male and Female"

Genders are a spook

Transgenderism is bourgeois decadence

Gender is highly bimodal and strongly correlated to sex. This suggest it is mostly biological and not really a social construct.

Obviously superficial aspects of gender (clothing, hair styles, etc) are culturally influenced, but not features like differences in aggression, agreeableness, upper body strength, etc. To some extent differences in material outcome are a result of these differences.

In modern Western culture there are 2 genders. Other cultures throughout history have had more or no concept of gender at all. I'm not opposed to the inclusion of new genders. People who don't fit in with our binary interpretation aren't mentally ill but if you think you're part wolf, you just might be mentally ill.

You got a dick or a hole. The rest doesn't really matter to me fam

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So far there have been two answers (that aren't the number two)

I just want a number that's not two.

How about just say "It's complicated" and leave it at that. Idk what you expect? There's 7.629 genders. Happy?

Here's what a scientist says:

i gave you one, 2007. there are exactly two thousand and seven genders.

I want the exact number. It shouldn't be hard. Science is able to measure all sorts of things with precision. I want the exact number and the names of the genders.

Name them.

Two: mumenim and kafarun

James Damore did nothing wrong besides being a classcuck

doesn't matter
have you ever taken a moment and thought about how petty the content of your "political" discourses are?
identity this, identity that. and it doesn't change shit but who can have some petty privileges over whom while maintaining the system of priviliges and exploitation itself.
yeah, i can see the ruling class shaking in terror at your edgy remarks

Gender is a spook, nerdstein.

Abimegender: a gender that is profound, deep, and infinite; meant to resemble when one mirror is reflecting into another mirror creating an infinite paradox
Adamasgender: a gender which refuses to be categorized
Aerogender: a gender that is influenced by your surroundings
Aesthetigender: a gender that is derived from an aesthetic; also known as videgender
Affectugender: a gender that is affected by mood swings
Agender: the feeling of no gender/absence of gender or neutral gender
Agenderflux: Being agender and having fluctuating feelings of masculinity of femininity, but NOT male or female
Alexigender: a gender that is fluid between more than one gender but the individual cannot tell what those genders are
Aliusgender: a gender which is removed from common gender descriptors and guidelines
Amaregender: a gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with
Ambigender: defined as having the feeling of two genders simultaneously without fluctuation; meant to reflect the concept of being ambidextrous, only with gender
Ambonec: identifying as both man and woman, yet neither at the same time
Amicagender: a gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with
Androgyne: sometimes used in the case of “androgynous presentation”; describes the feeling of being a mix of both masculine and feminine (and sometimes neutral) gender qualities
Anesigender: feeling like a certain gender yet being more comfortable identifying with another
Angenital: a desire to be without primary sexual characteristics, without necessarily being genderless; one may be both angenital and identify as any other gender alongside
Anogender: a gender that fades in and out but always comes back to the same feeling
Anongender: a gender that is unknown to both yourself and others
Antegender: a protean gender which has the potential to be anything, but is formless and motionless, and therefore, does not manifest as any particular gender
Anxiegender: a gender that is affected by anxiety
Apagender: a feeling of apathy towards ones gender which leads to them not looking any further into it
Apconsugender: a gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is; the gender is hiding itself from you
Astergender: a gender that feels bright and celestial
Astralgender: a gender that feels connected to space
Autigender: a gender that can only be understood in the context of being autistic. Meant for autistic people only.
Autogender: a gender experience that is deeply personal to oneself
Axigender: when a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis; one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time.
Bigender: the feeling of having two genders either at the same time or separately; usually used to describe feeling “traditionally male” and “traditionally female”, but does not have to
Biogender: a gender that feels connected to nature in some way
Blurgender: the feeling of having more than one gender that are somehow blurred together to the point of not being able to distinguish or identify individual genders; synonymous with genderfuzz
Boyflux: when one feels mostly or all male most of the time but experience fluctuating intensity of male identity
Burstgender: and gender that comes in intense bursts of feeling and quickly fades back to the original state

Caelgender: a gender which shares qualities with outer space or has the aesthetic of space, stars, nebulas, etc.
Cassgender: the feeling of gender is unimportant to you
Cassflux: when the level of indifference towards your gender fluctuates
Cavusgender: for people with depression; when you feel one gender when not depressed and another when depressed
Cendgender: when your gender changes between one and its opposite
Ceterofluid: when you are ceterogender and your feelings fluctuate between masculine, feminine, and neutral
Ceterogender: a nonbinary gender with specific masculine, feminine, or neutral feelings
Cisgender: the feeling of being the gender you were assigned at birth, all the time (assigned (fe)male/feeling (fe)male)
Cloudgender: a gender that cannot be fully realized or seen clearly due to depersonalization/derealization disorder
Collgender: the feeling of having too many genders simultaneously to describe each one
Colorgender: a gender associated with one or more colors and the feelings, hues, emotions, and/or objects associated with that color; may be used like pinkgender, bluegender, yellowgender
Commogender: when you know you aren’t cisgender, but you settled with your assigned gender for the time being
Condigender: a gender that is only felt during certain circumstances
Deliciagender: from the Latin word delicia meaning “favorite”, meaning the feeling of having more than one simultaneous gender yet preferring one that fits better
Demifluid: the feeling your gender being fluid throughout all the demigenders; the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and some fluid
Demiflux: the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and some fluctuating
Demigender: a gender that is partially one gender and partially another
Domgender: having more than one gender yet one being more dominant than the others
Demi-vapor (term coined by @cotton-blossom-jellyfish): Continuously drifting to other genders, feeling spiritually transcendental when doing so while having a clear -slightly blurred- inner visual of your genders, transitions, and positive emotions. Tied to Demi-Smoke.
Demi-smoke (term coined by @cotton-blossom-jellyfish): A transcendental, spiritual gender roughly drifting to other genders that are unable to be foreseen and understood, shrouded in darkness within your inner visual. Elevating through mystery. Caused by a lack of inner interpretation and dark emotional states. Tied to Demi-Vapor.
Duragender: from the Latin word dura meaning “long-lasting”, meaning a subcategory of multigender in which one gender is more identifiable, long lasting, and prominent than the other genders
Egogender: a gender that is so personal to your experience that it can only be described as “you”
Epicene: sometimes used synonymously with the adjective “androgynous”; the feeling either having or not displaying characteristics of both or either binary gender; sometimes used to describe feminine male identifying individuals
Espigender: a gender that is related to being a spirit or exists on a higher or extradimensional plane
Exgender: the outright refusal to accept or identify in, on, or around the gender spectrum
Existigender: a gender that only exists or feels present when thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it
Femfluid: having fluctuating or fluid gender feelings that are limited to feminine genders
Femgender: a nonbinary gender which is feminine in nature
Fluidflux: the feeling of being fluid between two or more genders that also fluctuate in intensity; a combination of genderfluid and genderflux
Gemigender: having two opposite genders that work together, being fluid and flux together
Genderblank: a gender that can only be described as a blank space; when gender is called into question, all that comes to mind is a blank space

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Two. Pussy or cock.

Genderflow: a gender that is fluid between infinite feelings
Genderfluid: the feeling of fluidity within your gender identity; feeling a different gender as time passes or as situations change; not restricted to any number of genders
Genderflux: the feeling of your gender fluctuating in intensity; like genderfluid but between one gender and agender
Genderfuzz: coined by lolzmelmel; the feeling of having more than one gender that are somehow blurred together to the point of not being able to distinguish or identify individual genders; synonymous with blurgender
Gender Neutral: the feeling of having a neutral gender, whether somewhere in between masculine and feminine or a third gender that is separate from the binary; often paired with neutrois
Genderpunk: a gender identity that actively resists gender norms
Genderqueer: originally used as an umbrella term for nonbinary individuals; may be used as an identity; describes a nonbinary gender regardless of whether the individual is masculine or feminine leaning
Genderwitched: a gender in which one is intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but is not certain that they are actually feeling it
Girlflux: when one feels mostly or all female most of the time but experiences fluctuating intensities of female identity
Glassgender: a gender that is very sensitive and fragile
Glimragender: a faintly shining, wavering gender
Greygender: having a gender that is mostly outside of the binary but is weak and can barely be felt
Gyragender: having multiple genders but understanding none of them
Healgender: a gender that once realized, brings lots of peace, clarity, security, and creativity to the individual’s mind
Heliogender: a gender that is warm and burning
Hemigender: a gender that is half one gender and half something else; one or both halves may be identifiable genders
Horogender: a gender that changes over time with the core feeling remaining the same
Hydrogender: a gender which shares qualities with water
Imperigender: a fluid gender that can be controlled by the individual
Intergender: the feeling of gender falling somewhere on the spectrum between masculine and feminine. Meant for intersex people only
Juxera: a feminine gender similar to girl, but on a separate plane and off to itself
Libragender: a gender that feels agender but has a strong connection to another gender
Magigender: a gender that is mostly gender and the rest is something else
Mascfluid: A gender that is fluid in nature, and restricted only to masculine genders
Mascgender: a non-binary gender which is masculine in nature.
Maverique: taken from the word maverick; the feeling of having a gender that is separate from masculinity, femininity, and neutrality, but is not agender; a form of third gender
Mirrorgender: a gender that changes to fit the people around you
Molligender: a gender that is soft, subtle, and subdued
Multigender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand omnigender
Nanogender: feeling a small part of one gender with the rest being something else
Neutrois: the feeling of having a neutral gender; sometimes a lack of gender that leads to feeling neutral
Nonbinary: originally an umbrella term for any gender outside the binary of cisgenders; may be used as an individual identity; occasionally used alongside of genderqueer

Omnigender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand polygender
Oneirogender: coined by anonymous, “being agender, but having recurring fantasies or daydreams of being a certain gender without the dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day”
Pangender: the feeling of having every gender; this is considered problematic by some communities and thus has been used as the concept of relating in some way to all genders as opposed to containing every gender identity; only applies to genders within one’s own culture
Paragender: the feeling very near one gender and partially something else which keeps you from feeling fully that gender
Perigender: identifying with a gender but not as a gender
Polygender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand omnigender
Proxvir: a masculine gender similar to boy, but on a separate plane and off to itself
Quoigender: feeling as if the concept of gender is inapplicable or nonsensical to one’s self
Subgender: mostly agender with a bit of another gender
Surgender: having a gender that is 100% one gender but with more of another gender added on top of that
Systemgender: a gender that is the sum of all the genders within a multiple or median system
Tragender: a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum of genders
Transgender: any gender identity that transcends or does not align with your assigned gender or society’s idea of gender; the feeling of being any gender that does not match your assigned gender
Transneutral: A term used to describe transgender people who were assigned male or female at birth, but identify with neutral gendered feelings to a greater extent than with femininity or masculinity. It is used the same way as “transfeminine” or “transmasculine”, but for neutral feelings. It can be used to describe gendered feelings, or as a gender itself.
Trigender: the feeling of having three simultaneous or fluctuating genders
Vapogender: a gender that sort of feels like smoke; can be seen on a shallow level but once you go deeper, it disappears and you are left with no gender and only tiny wisps of what you thought it was
Venngender: when two genders overlap creating an entirely new gender; like a venn diagram
Verangender: a gender that seems to shift/change the moment it is identified
Vibragender: a gender that is usually one stable gender but will occasionally changes or fluctuate before stabilizing again
Vocigender: a gender that is weak or hollow
and also
Akava'ine Bakla Bissu Calabai Fa'afafine Fakaleiti Hijra Kathoey Khanith Koekchuch Māhū Maknyah Mukhannathun Muxe
skip a few, two thousand!

the issue here isn't that we don't acknowledge gender
it's that you think that it matters how many you count
you are as delusional as any other faggot replying with any number

There are zero genders. Gender is just behavioural expectations assigned to people based on their sex. The entire problem can be avoided if you just call people by their biological sex and stop giving a fuck about how they dress or act. This is why I really don’t understand non binary people, I can get not identifying with the things traditionally associated with your sex, but I don’t see why this means they have to insist that they don’t have a gender. Think back to the 90s and imagine if every tough girl who liked sports insisted that she wasn’t a girl because she was tough and liked sports. Ironically enough this kind of shit only reenforces traditional gender roles by telling people that they should reject their gender if their interests diverge from traditional roles.

Also body dysphoria is mental illness. If I told you that I hated my legs and wanted them amputated then you would call me a crazy person, and rightly so.

Seem like a list of a new PokeRap

let's amuse this useless non-leftist little discussion here
the first part i can agree on, the second not so much
don't throw in lazy false equivalences, adress the specific disorder on its own terms

why french tho?

There are zero genders because it's bullshit pseudoscience peddled by a disgraced psychologist responsible for what is to this day the most disastrous experiment in the field, and there are two sexes with intersex people as outliers.

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t. reactionary

also the dismissive use and lack of understanding of "mental illness" fails to adress the nature of these things.
gender is a "social construct", sure, but this fails to explain what that even means, it doesn't magically undo the existence of this construction itself and proclaiming it as something to be "opposed" in oder to fix it is just further idealistic faggotry.
too many kids here throw around words just to feel satisfied with themself. /http:/

has anyone heard of one sex theory? we all have the same organs, vaginas are just inverted penises, ovaries inverted testicles, etc. incomplete males (females) are when the baby is born before it's final gestation stages and can vary in degrees, "big clits", hermaphrodites, there's a spectrum. these incomplete males were seen as subservient to the completed males.

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Somewhere between six and 8000000000, depending on how strict you are with the definition of a given gender - stricter definitions lead to more genders, whereas looser definitions lead to fewer genders.

That's a funny way to spell "correct".

Tho I suppose I should have added transex as outliers too, but honestly, I'm not fully convinced it's an actual condition in itself, as opposed to a particular manifestation of body dysmorphia or apotemnophilia.

Are these theoretical, or can you name factual individuals living or deceased who are or were these genders?

Help me out, I might be a little slow. If a call someone a "man", am I calling him by his gender or his sex?

that's a very long winded way of saying "i am a massive poof"

Its a spectrum

if i call someone a pole, am i calling them a person from poland or a piece of metal holding a flag?

I would say gender, just for the sake of differentiating between the two. Man is a gender, male is a sex. However what I would like to see is gender and sex decoupled from each other, so that somebody would identify as a man because of their biology regardless of their sexual preferences, how they liked to dress, behaviour etc. To me that would solve this whole issue without devolving into the infinite gender insanity or the minefield of bathrooms and all this other stupid shit.

From reading this it sounds like the primary factors are biological, rooted in the structure and chemistry of the brain, which is the cause of other recognized illnesses such as schizophrenia.

That seems backwards. Male can be naturally used as an adjective, and is connected to the word "masculine" which is likewise an adjective. "Man" is always naturally used as a noun, and is thus more definite. "Men" are "the male sex".

It's funny how homocentric this is. We call male dogs "males" or "male canines"; but we only call humans "men". We don't say "men dogs" or "canine men".

I cannot agree that "man" is a gender.

Genders don't exist at all. The hole concept is spooked as shit. Fuck that!

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How is it a concept, when there's evidence suggesting that the only way naturally procreate is with cross-gender sexual activity during female ovulation duration?

I, in no way, doubt that genders do have efffects on physical reality that can be measured.
However, when you are talking about genders, you never only talk about it as a sum of components that actually represent physical reality, but things like an avaluation /by morals) or identification (by your psyche) are aslo always at play.
Otherwise there wouldn't really be much to talk about, since having a gender would have no consequences on a being without ideology, not more then the information about having fingers would have.

Man is the only gender.
Women are deceptive, masquerading. fabrications.

This question is spooked. Your gender is whatever you feel like (or usually just intuitively know) it is, and it's such a vague concept that there's a stupidly large number of ways to describe it.

Look, pal, just give me a number instead of all this mumbojumbo. I didn't ask about how many psyches there are.

n o n e




I have a red ball and a blue ball.

hey, thats not a fair metaphor.
the question what color a ball is, or how many of them are around, are easy questions.
what gender is, is conplicated one. therefore you get a complicated answer

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It's not complicated. I'm asking you to count the number of genders.

I feel like a helicopter.

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4: masc male, femmy male, masc female, femmy female.

Why are you using two factors?


2 sexes X 2 identifying traits of a sex = 4 genders.


Zero is still a number, the value of genre is nil.

Why are you introducing "identifying traits of sex" as a component of gender? Why are you saying gender is a function of sex?

English language autism. Theres no seperate words for "no value" or "zero" in my language.

Also fock off, there is exactly 0 genders. There is not no data on genders.

Because there are only two types of people; male and female, feminine and masculine. Trannies are still their original sex, but exhibit traits of the opposite sex.

there are three types of people

people who vote labour
people who vote lib-dems in lib/con marginals
and kulaks

That pic only makes sense when you are operating under the assumption that Holla Forums is white

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I take it you mean genders?

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No. All people can be categorized as masculine or feminine, or something in between. Like people who are right and left wing, with centrists in the middle mirroring those who exhibit a good mixture of masculinity and femininity.


Eat shit brainlet.

By who? Science can only characterize humans (actually all mammalia) as chromosomally male or chromosomally female.

There is no evidence this exists along scientific definitions.

Gender, by my definition, is a subclassification of the biological sex a person is. A person wears dresses, fucks dudes, and identifies as feminine, he is a feminine man separate from a masculine man. I'm not implying there can be anything in between male and female, but there can be someone extremely feminine as a man.

It was more of a programming analogy, but yeah you're right about the autism though.

Thats retarded though

Null is evil, use discriminatory unions instead of null refferences

So how many sexes are there?


Well, got something better? Gender is a combination of a person's behavior, self-image, and biological sex. It can't be the same thing as sex, but it should definitely be coherent in its definition with the biological and unchangeable concept of sex.

Says who?

Gender is a retarded made up category to divide people into easily stereotyped, discriminated and classified groups just like races. It serves no purpose and the endless masturbation over what genders there are is the same kind of masturbatory bullshit like white nationalists debating if cubans or russians are white or how much % black you have to be to be black, or if arabs are white or not.

You are literally retarded



Gender…is a grammatical term only. To talk of persons…of the masculine or feminine g[ender], meaning of the male or female sex, is either a jocularity (permissible or not according to context) or a blunder.
–Henry Watson Fowler, 1926

The word "gender" is an English-language mistake. The word originally meant the same as "genus", thus using "gender" could be like saying "type", and thus you might say I prefer this gender of music, or this gender of food, or this gender of colors. It should be used as "sexual gender", ie "sexual type", which is now redundant. In short, there is only sex: male and female.

I forgot to add: the use of "gender" as a synonym for "sex" arose because the word "sex" got deemed lewd as it came to be used as short for sexual intercourse as in "to have sex".

But that's wrong, you fucking retard. Gender can change, sex and race cannot. There's no denying the fact that society divides people into many categories. So what? As long as people are happy and nobody's getting genocided or exploited, i see no problem with it. Anyways, it should be obvious that gender has a real place in society. Many people voluntarily categorize themselves by gender or behavior. There will always be feminine housewives and masculine construction workers, and dominant and submissive partners in relationships. People voluntarily categorize themselves like this. There are people who choose to work hard in fields to feed people at home, there are people at home that choose to stay in the kitchen all day and vacuum floors and do laundry. These don't have to be biological, males and females can easily switch these roles. Gender is different, however. It depends heavily on a person's identity and social interaction. There are plenty of males who would gladly work at home all day raising kids or whatever. There are surely plenty of women who wish to work in coal mines or outside in fields (although i've never met any), and most of these people end up being happy, so long as they can choose their own roles in society. Socialize more and you'll realize this.


"who cares" is the correct answer
let people do what they want
stop being a cuckold, get off Holla Forums

Who is defining the words? You're saying people are just making up new realities as they go along, instead of studying concrete reality as scientists?

Marx believed that the material base determines the socio-cultural superstructure, not the other way around. This implies that the gender roles are determined primarily by biology rather than by culture, contrary to what transgenders and feminists like to claim. Therefore, the transgender ideology is radically anti-Marxist.

Top Tier shitposting.
I would have never Imagined that a SocDem would be able to achieve this awesomeness.

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Gender has, in recent years, come to describe much more than the sexual aspect of a person. It usually describes a person's identity and behavior from a young age, as well as their sexuality. You literally can't change the definition back to what it originally was, and you can't change it to mean the same thing as sex.

Best post in the thread.

This is the liberal-free-market-capitalist mentality.

By the way
2+2=5, right?

Race is litterally made up
300 years ago irish people were considered to be subhumans and non-white. The nazis considered slavs to be subhuman and Mediterranean too. Most of the world doesnt even believe in american races and the definitions of races change all the time. Its completely made up to fit whatever political agenda exists at a given time.

Deviding people into groups that dont exist will force people who dont fit in said groups to be marginalized and forced to change be excluded. They will also keep making up new groups and form exclusive groups around these arbatrary groups. Why is this bad? Because group forming causes friction and societal conflict. My language has a word for it, verzuiling, wherein people will form identities and communities around said identities and exclude people not part of said identities and create echochambers and hate for the other groups because humans are tribal shitmonkeys who easily fall for hating and blaming "the other".

No it fucking doesnt. The entire concept of gender is causes misery among many people, because gigantic amounts of people feel "wrong" or are marginalized because they do not follow the prescriptive defitinitions of the established bullshit catagories.
Many people voluntarily catagorize themselves as the master race, that doesnt mean it is real.
The fact that I have to choose between your retarded cunt ass categories is the entire problem. Take your gender divisive bullshit and shove it up your ass. Gender is not real, stop trying to force people into catagories.
I hope you get aids

It is true that they were considered subhuman, but they still were considered white

Fortunately there really are only two genders: biological females and biological males.

This makes sense since all whites are subhuman

Shouldn't have said "white", because white didnt exist back then. It was invented in america in the 17th century and enforced in the 18th. It never was a thing in europe.

There are studies out there that show genetics play a part in being trans. If this is the case, transgenderism and Marxism are by no means incompatible.


Yes, it literally is.

What about the fact that we've used the categories for a long time and doing away with them would be confusing to me?
Surely, that outweighs all of your downsides?

Post them.

There is no benefit in labeling one piece of food a "banana" versus another piece of food an "apple". Abolish names for all things.

2 Plus hermaphrodites if democrats want to ever have another us president
Unlimited if they are cool with being insignificant especially as msm crumbles.

I just skim read the wikipedia page on the causes of transgenderism (, which probably makes me the most well read on the topic ITT.

Reminds me of how supposedly telling children that men can love men is confusing.

Bananas and apples are different species, demonstrable scientifically different and separate. Gender is arbitrary pseudo-scientific bullshit. Furthermore, bananas and apples are not people and thus cannot suffer any downsides to being miscategorised.

Tell me oh wise one what is the 3rd sex in human species?



So is it a social construct? Guess what bud, social constructs are real.

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The interaction between humans is most definitely real. Society in general is a social construct, it is the large-scale interaction between humans across the globe. Still, it is a social construct.

To and extent they are right? I mean think about money, pure social construct build around will to power.


It's true in a trivial sense. The example that normos like to give is fiat currency. Social constructs refer to things that most people treat as real. The concepts are real in that the exist as concepts.
What normos don't get is that people understand that saying gender isn't really doesn't deny that gender is a concept that we can talk about or a system that we can use to classify people, but that gender as a thing in the world does not exist.

who cares

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Society is a social construct too…

The whole thing about a social construct is that they are not real, they are just ideas that we agree to go along with as if they are real, like property rights. They do not exist, and if we choose to stop believing or following them, they seize to matter.
Saying "social constructs are real" is both false and its implication that "therefore we cannot change them" is both moronic and opposed to everything marxism says.

now this is effortshitposting
socdem is stakhanovite gang

Dissociating body and mind is idealist retardation. Your "gender" is not free from your sex.

No, gender is just another word for sex. See here:

Funny enough, that's what the argument is now: that gender is a social construct and that's enough justification for there to be more than two genders: because enough people think that's how it is, despite the scientific reality.

Your claims are self-contradistinctionary since you acknowledge that there are social constructs and that you can get rid of them or change them in your first sentence.

Saying that "social constructs aren't real" is applying a definition of "real" that the average person doesn't use. It makes you look like a sophist or a retard. You can worry about what Marx would think of your discussions about gender when you're talking with Marxists. Explain what you mean by real or assume the definition you know the person you're talking to is using. I'd go with the latter since your average lib can't even understand that Marxism isn't unfreedom much less that his idea of reality is fucked.

How the fuck is saying that a social construct exists in our collective minds and that they arent based in reality and that we should get rid of it, in any way contradictory?

Using this logic to dismiss arguments is retarded. You could then just as well say that we cannot say communism because "the avarage person" thinks communism is north korea + china + state capitalism

You construe in your second sentence that social constructs are not real.

Earlier i said gender was a social construct. It actually isn't. Instead, it is an epistemology. Oops!

If you say there are pink donkeys flying in the sky, is that real?
If lots of people say there are pink donkeys flying in the sky, is the idea of pink donkeys in the sky existing in our collective minds?

A social construct is not real because it is not reality. It is a societally shared framework for thought and ideas, not a real thing.

You found logic in my argument that wasn't there. I didn't say that you should never use your own definitions and just go with the most popular definitions. I said that in this particular instance I would use the same definition of reality as your average Holla Forums shitposter. Why? Because you don't need anything other than the typical liberal definition of reality to show that gender is arbitrary. If I were talking to some of my liberal friends who aren't stupid as shit, I would talk about reality with them. But I'm not.
Whether you should define your own terms or work with what you're given depends on your audience, the subject, the amount of time you have, etc.

Has anyone ever told you how you argue in such bad faith?

I expect a little more from this board than I do from Holla Forums, lad.

Has anyone ever told you to stop making retarded untrue claims without explaining why you think your claim is true? If you claim "your argument is X" then you have to say "because Y". Which you didnt, or EU poster didnt, whoever you are.

And I dont owe you shit at this time of day on this type of day, especially when you are retarded enough to say "Making meaningless catagories is good" or "social constructs are akshually real".

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Given the OP I'm assuming this thread is crawling with racist half-spics from /pol


I'm just going to repost what I said before
Gender doesn't actually exist, all your saying when you say "I feel male" is that you feel male in the parameters you've set up for it. Sex exists, and I can show you the difference sexually between a man and a women, but when someone says "I identify as a women/man" there isn't anyway they can acually do so without setting up parameters for what that means. And this is all without actually sexually being a women/man. This boggles my mind as the idea that certain traits are now male/female would mean an "effiminate" man is now a women internally/in denial and all on a set basis of parameters that are made up from people who have never actually been the other sex, and so don't actually know what its like to "be" a women/man.

Have you read the posts that argue that gender is tied together with sex and that behavior and self-identification as well as biological sex determine gender?

I litterally did not say this, you are just making shit up to strawman me
I litterally said those meaningless catagories affect people negatively. They are meaningless in that they do not represent reality and arent neccecary.

I read the posts above, and this is stupid. Your relying on 3 factors, two of which are not materially determined and can shift, in order to specify something which in of itself is has no basis other then how you "feel". A guy can act in certain ways, a girl can act in certain ways. Neither of those things necessitate the use of a gender or a fantasy conception of what being male/female is.

Why not? Why is gender as a description or categorization of "a guy can act in certain ways, a girl can act in certain ways" so abhorrent to you?

What if gender was, in some instances, used in much the same manner as "introverted" or "jealous" or "peppy"? Why couldn't it partially be determined by how a person acts, or what they identify themselves as? Explain this.

Why do so many delusional degenerate trannies flock to the far left when the current neoliberal regime not only caved into their demands but fully integrated them into the system? Who will actually be a far leftist in the coming years? Will it just be furfags and other "hyper marginalized" groups?

I hope you all burn in hell.

I wish people would stop using introvert and extrovert tbh. It used to be somewhat usefull (ie the original introvert being having to recover from social interaction vs extrovert having to recover from lack of interaction) but people just use it like

you mean neoliberal identity politics?
I thought furfags were nazis
hell doesnt real

infinite. because it's a completely made up concept. there is nothing to stop anyone from inventing a new gender at any time. i could, tomorrow, start calling myself a tacomorphic gender. and who could say i was wrong? none of the LGBTAWFNAIWEGOSNRTHDTJ faggots, that's for sure. and society is beginning to agree with them.

My question is why are trannies so attracted to communism when capitalism already glorifies them and worships the ground their feet touch?

Why would a mentally ill person have an illogical opinion or idea? How could such a thing happen?

So to summarize the points of view ITT;
Don't you guys think you're being a bit extreme? How about we try a dialectical method of arguin, instead of trying to force our points of view on eachother, when clearly nobody ITT is going to drift ideologically.

Are they? Or is it just that you can only be politically active as a non-centrist and rightism is hostile towards trannies, forcing all politically active trannies to the far left?
Its just common sense bruv, its the same reason why gay people tend (or tended, before it became more normalized) to be left wing or even far left, instead of right wing. If you want some kinda change in society, then especially in america, you have to pick a side, so they all end up in the way-too-big group of "left".

Well you're talking to a nazi…

With 2

This thread is leaking ectoplasm.

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If you won't contribute to the conversation, go away spooky boy.

Gender is retarded. It is useless, it is divisive, it leads to identity politics, it serves no positive purpose for anyone. I though we as Holla Forums agreed on just one thing, and that is that identity politics is retarded, and that politics about identity and actively discussion about identity or actively identifying as something is identity politics as bad.

It was the only thing and is the only thing that ever unites this board. Idpol is aids, so is the whole gender bullshit. Gender isnt real, its a spook.

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I'm not saying trannies are generic liberals I'm saying they are hard leftists. Disproportionately. 25% of antifa is trannies. 50% of this board is trannies.

And you're right. They're going to become just like gays. Because they're already well normalized. That's my point.

.t thin air

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gender is a vague and subjective term. the numbers of genders that 'exist' vary and change depending on the people that conceive and use them as concepts.

This user is right.

Well it's true. The far left is mostly trannies and tranny lovers. Disproportionately so.

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Not exactly. If, for example, some people were born with legs, and others born with the lower half of a snake, and someone had their legs amputated to replace it with a snake ass, that request would be extreme, but understandable. Not many people get their dick chopped off without the intent of replacing it with a simulacrum of a vagina.

Only you can answer that.

Give us the proofs, billy

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Well you've certainly gone silent. :^)

for you to know those figures with any degree of accuracy you'd have to be a member of the tranny gang.
which would mean you're a tranny
which would mean i don't have to listen to you.

I'm saying that if a guy acts a certain way, he's still a guy and is simply acting in a way. If you find he's acting "effeminate", that doesn't mean his gender is female or that his identity is female. All he is is a guy who acts or feels a certain way.

This is my problem with gender. To say personality traits are correlate in this kind of manner is retarded. Is a girl who has certain "male" personality traits have "male" gender now? Is a guy who has "female" personality traits have a "female" gender now? Guys will act different ways, girls will act different ways. We don't need an identity for these things, especially a concept like gender which depends on somehow magically knowing what it's like to "be" or have the self-awareness of a sex you simply are not. Gender does not exist. There are two sexes, but gender is simply a made up categorization.

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Two. Male and female. Gender is a synonym of sex. There are two sexes of dog: male and female.

A male dog is sometimes called a sire. A female dog is called a bitch.

A male human is called a man. A female human is called a woman. There are two sexes. The correct scientific term is "sex", but people in polite company use the word "gender" in English, because "sex" has connotations of "having sexual intercourse".

Gender is an Interpolating subject is still embroiled in its capitalist relations

T r a n s c e n d / a c c e l e r a t e

If anything, capitalism creates the idea that there's more or less than two genders, in an effort to create hyperindividualism for commoditization. In a natural state, which is what true Marxism is, there is only the natural, scientific fact of sex; not an abstract interpretation. It's all very libertarian to be transgender or gay.

Right, and there isn't a defined number. There's your simple answer, so ignore the rest of this post if that's all you want. I'm sure you need some explaination to back up the answer though.

Sex is biological. There are two primary sexes, although very uncommon irregularities that make someone's sex less obvious can happen. These are exceedingly rare though.

Gender is, to my understanding, how your brain is predisposed to relate to your sex. Men naturally expect their bodies to be biologically male, for example.

Sometimes a person's gender is incongruent with their sex. These people are transgender (whether they decide to alter their body based on this or not). Among transgender people, some have experiences that make their gender unclear or difficult to explain as male or female. These people are non-binary, and the presence of non-binary genders is pretty much why you can't count a defined number of genders.


That is wrong. It's both unscientific and etymologically incorrect. Gender is not a psychological construct.

Sex is the preferred scientific term. Gender is a lay euphemism for sex, because people use the word "sex" for the act of sexual intercourse, otherwise known as coitus or fucking.

I once witnessed two pens of dogs. The dogs were divided by sex (or in other words, gender). That means that in one pen were male dogs (studs). In another pen, there were female dogs (bitches). The pens were close by, such that the two genders of dogs could not reach one another, but could see, hear, and smell each other. Later, the pens were separated and secluded.

Some of the stud dogs then took to homosexual activity. By that I mean that the studs started fucking each other out of presumed frustration with their imprisonment. The bitches licked each other.

This sort of confinement and gender-based imprisonment is not natural. Humans find themselves in similar prisons, as society has served to distance the two genders from their natural urges to procreate.

The point of this was for you to see that there is two genders: male and female. Any deviation from this is unnatural, and likely caused by some sort of social interference. But it doesn't change their genders. It's not that "gender is a spook", because gender is a real biological reality for every mammal. It's that the term gender has been corrupted/spooked/abused by people wrongly claiming it's anything other than biological sex.

Damn it Muke

If gender is distinct from sex, then what's the difference between transgender and transexual?

Also, why do people say "homosexual" instead of "homogender"?

And no one says "gender orientation" for straight/gay. They say "sexual orientation". Should both a gay man and a straight man reply to the question, "What is your sexual orientation," with the answer "Male"?

Furthermore, why is the term "bisexual" even allowed to exist? It ought to be bigender, but then it also ought to be called out for being binary and marginalizing. A true "bisexual" would be a hermaphrodite.

There are exactly three genders, no more, no less.

Name them.

Male, female, neutral. You can quibble over the right name for neutral if you must.

Someone who is neutral…what is the biological basis? Are they without sex chromosomes?

You're confusing sex with gender again. Just because sex only has male or female doesn't mean identity or gender have to also only have two categories, because they signify different things. Namely the biological on the one hand, and the cultural and individual refraction of sex on the other.


Holy shit everyone in this thread is retarded except me.
There are infinite genders because as defined by John Money, the man who coined the term, gender is what you feel as opposed to what society imposes on you. There are infinite genders. Sex does not exist, gender does, that is why most transgender women are just effeminate men, your hole or pole doesn't define you. You are a individual and you have the right to identify as such not as one from a society or group and under communism or any egalitarian system this identity should be accepted and supported.

Does everyone understand now? Good then shut the fuck up.

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Stop with this Feels>Reals type argument. I can show you sex, but gender is just made up spooky shit.
Under communism, nobody is expected to accept shit. Communism isn't "everyone gets along and agrees with each other.".

give yourself a slap

I'm saying gender doesn't exist

Tell me how gender isn't just some spooky feeling you have.

It’s a spook.

2, but GGers took some Tumblr girl too seriously and it increased to infinity+1 due to strawmanning and liberals

I can't count. How many is innie or outie?

Depends on what you mean by "gender."
If "gender" is some kind of shorthand for "personality archetype"(a-la 'my gender is princess'), its a retarded concept and you should stop using it
If it refers to sex psychology and social norms assigned to people of either sex, there are two in a sense, but its fuzzy, and noone is a perfect embodiment of either, but it still makes most sense to just call someone a man or a woman most of the time. 'two' is fine. its a weak abstraction of vauger, less nice and straightforward biology, but whatever, two.
If you want it to refer very specifically to every exact social category people are fit into thats related to sex(ie, 'transgender born male' isnt the same 'gender' as woman), then it depends on the culture or really whatever the fuck you feel like.