Brocialism - Lolbert edition

A Woman's Place Is in the Gulag

On the flip side, this is another mild confirmation of what we already knew: "cultural marxism" is just the end product of liberalism

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Now there's a nuclear take.

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Are they actually trying to associate aristocratic anti capitalism of the 19th century (the kind Marx explicitly denounced in the manifesto) with socialism? I think we are hitting levels of sophistry that shouldn’t even be possible.

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wtf I'm a capitalist now

Six words in and I'm already LITERALLY SHAKING my head.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't FEE the very first think tank in the modern sense of the term i.e. intellectually dishonest hacks churning out "intellectual" "production" for dosh?

AEI, I believe.

This the dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life. Surely they cannot actually be arguing in good faith.

An employee at the Cato Institute and the Managing Editor of "" arguing in bad faith? Say it ain't so.

This article's entire epistemology is flawed.

Socialism wasn't a movement created by elites from above; it was crafted through struggle from below.

Engels quote is out-of-context (go figure).

Capitalism didn't liberate women in the least bit. Even today, countries that are far more free market capitalist than the West see women in stricter gender roles.

So yeah, this is trash to the highest degree.

I could have sworn it was the bourgeoisie that was making the money, which is coincidentally predominantly male.

Supernova take

Muh kims

Goddamn you cant make this shit up

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funniest thing about this is that Marx and Engels pretty much embraced the elimination of the family, and that workers' states such as the USSR and today's Cuba have done far more for women's rights than any capitalist power ever will

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Didn't the USSR move to get women out of the household entirely?

Well to be fair, from the social reality I see and the personal testimonies I heard from family, the USSR was pretty conservative. Women were still women and men were still men in terms of gender roles, quite strict afaik. More-so extended families were still a thing. On the other hand liberals in the West (what I meant by the product of liberalism) were the ones to embrace subversion of gender roles. While women were definitely better than in the imperial times and had far more freedoms, legally and socially, I'm not sure of the particular status of the Soviet woman.

This is something important that you should know, but the word for gender and sex is the same in the Russian language, and it's mostly American theoretical constructs that brought the word "gender" into the Russian lexicon. That's my impression anyway. I have never in my life encountered gender topics in any aspect of Russian life, from Soviet era documentaries to contemporary language (outside of Westernized youtubers), nor is there any particular emphasis on gender in contemporary ML states.

Russian and almost every language in the fucking world, except for english.

Género, sexo.

It's almost as though for a socialist state to survive, we need traditional values.

But that cant be, Anita Sarkeesian says that real socialism involves having 68 genders and penis mutilation.

I dont speak satanism, sorry.

p.s. this is actually true for the most part, I don't know if there were some ideology lines or anything, but it was definitely the social situation.

when the fuck has anita sarkeesian ever advocated for socialism you gamergoober

Like what? Being religious, not being allowed to divorce, women not being allowed to work or vote or having to be subservient to your local lord and work his farms? The socialist states were the most untraditional for their time.

I'm just speaking metaphorically about the pseudosocialism advocated by r/socialism and other such social justice outlets. Real socialism has no place for intersectional bullshit.

is this 2012

Marx would beg to differ

Marx was a capitalist shill. This is already established.

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Factories also brought women into the labor force en masse, granting them economic independence and bargaining power that altered family dynamics and disturbed old-fashioned sensibilities.
So empowering.

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So women should support capitalism then?

Not even one sentance into this shit pile and I already want to stop.

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Well most socialists are pro-extended family.

leave us my brainlet friend :)

Not even once. This is PragerU tier bullshit