So, fellas, there's this fb group

Now before you freak out, hear me out:

This place is a festering shit hole; a real hum dinger. I know it's plebbook, but, we need to have respect for the normoes; for many people this is an introductory point to leftism.

Unfortunately, this place is riddled with far right ancaps who just echo holodomor memes all day and cry about antifa.

Now regardless of how you feel I defently think we need to get ahold of this group and steer the conversation in a direction that isn't fucking retarded.

There's the group, just, please dear God help. Wether your an anarchist or a communist it doesn't matter.

Plenty of communists are in the group.


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U srs m8?

vry fkn srs fam

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Enjoy letting normie continue to think that holodomor was an intentional genocide against those poor Ukrainians.

This is incredibly autistic and uncritical.

it's fucking facebook, has anything of consequence ever happened on there bigger than the latest bread and circuses outrage?

Litteraly the whole reason I'm on the left is because of Facebook groups you ignorant fucking neckbeard.

I stumbled on this exact group 5 years ago and that lead to me being a leftypol shit poster.

Small actions have immeasurable consequence.

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100% effort

go back to your rinkydink social media network, you mudsling with ancaps and i'll discuss theory and funpost, k?

Why not both?

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this form the person who thinks going on a facebook crusade counts as any kind of progress

Glancing at it I feel that you don't need numbers fam. The ancaps there seem like total midwits, the classic pretentious middle-class dudes in their late teens/early 20s who will run away as soon as they feel threatened by the level of the debate, because they're not very smart and their egos won't allow them to face that.

So what you need is resources. You need to learn to deconstruct ancap politics and attack it at its foundations, you need to bring up historical record of capitalist governments doing evil shit, you need to learn some basics of Soviet apologia (as hurtful as this will be to you), you need to learn about the millions of ways the State has and still does help sustain capitalism, you need to bring up dumb and nasty shit that libertarian institutions have defended, etc. And you need images, memes are nothing but shit we're tired of repeating and rewriting every single time. Follow two lines: 1. Shift the debate to your terms, bring up your arguments and shit, instead of letting them frame it and put yourself in a defensive position. 2. Learn to make it too much of a hassle for them to maintain a presence there. It takes no energy to go "lol Venezuela", it takes a lot of energy to respond to more complex arguments and do apologia for capitalist governments, particularly if they were previously unaware of its actions.

Take a few days off and start here: libertarianism

For this, this link might be helpful:

I'm also 100% sure that one of the historians who popularized the Ukrainian genocide wrote in the preface of one of his books that the damage was clearly not intentional. Look into that.

Also it's no hard to frame that (and many other so-called Soviet atrocities) in terms of consequence of capitalist policies. Stalin was on the side of Bukharin for most of the 20s, and the policies they defended (and led directly to hunger) was one of allowing petty bourgeois property and market relations in the countryside. Sanchez-Sibony's Red Globalization is an academic work that explores the consequences of global capitalism on the Soviet course of action.

And of course, if you learn enough about imperialism, you can just What About the shit out of it.

Sorry I can't be there with you, I just don't have for this shit and I don't want to re-activate Facebook. If you want to gather numbers, join Left-wing facebook pages and Discords, and link to your debates there. If people see you there debating them, and debating them well, they will gain the confidence to join you.

Facebook *is* pretty stupid although you can't pick your battles. Some time in the future I'll create a made-up account just for this.
There really is potential in these kinds of groups, though. At first you're making memes about it, then you're really believing it. Just look at the middle school kids that made Hitler jokes that turned out to be altrite people.

OP is right, 16k members group is a good platform we should try to use, but holy shit I hate facebook.

Do you have any books on the holiday you would recommend? Or books you would recommend in general?

Let's turn it into marxist-lenists vs ancaps

Yeah, it sucks, but, the level of autism I see and face on that group daily is frankly, it's dangerous. I know the owner of the group and I personally have shredded his arguments to confetti over and over again for years constantly bring up the same points; tearing them.down; bringing up the same points; tearing them down and yet they persist.

It's a fucking Propoganda factory.

It originally was born out of a smaller left wing variant, but, the 16k groups owner, Michael Shanklin, got butt mad he was getting destroyed by the leftists and so he (Le market place of ideas) started this monster.

I mean, I consider myself fairly well read, but, the posters here are light years ahead of me.

I still stumble and end up arguing on the fly some times.

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Glancing through a few posts, larry Stalin is kicking everyone's ass

Oh hi Larry.

How are you?

In all seriousness, though, it's easy for them to ignore one faggot.

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It was an important online platform (with Twitter) during the Arab Spring tbh fam, definitely more important than anonymous Chinese cartoon forums.
I hate FB personally, since outside of meme groups, it's some pretty boring dystopian shit, and I rather interact with total strangers on the internet than my IRL friends, but it's still the most popular social network in the world.

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fuck off. Facebook is shit. People who unironically use facebbok to discuss politics are fucking dumb and not worth talking to.


Apperently a properly constructed sentence is grounds for dismissal.

Should I deliver my context in quotation arrows? Would that be better suited for you?

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Just use regular spacing.

I am using regular spacing.

Did you not go to school or something, lol?

Paragraphs are supposed to be broken up into single spaces. It breaks up the monotony.

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That has to be one of the more creative excuses for Reddit spacing I've seen

For a bunch of smart people this board sure is autistic.

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This unironically.
Statements are supposed to be broken up. I don't know why autists began accusing well written arguments as Reddit.


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Enable embeding already mods, you bbc gargling fags

Retarded redditor cannot type properly and defends delusions.
Many such cases. Sad!

it's literally just a meme, a way to attack someone's post without addressing the substance to make people mad

of course some idiots started taking that shit seriously

It's funny cause I don't even into reddit. I tried it a few times and just couldn't get into it.

The real irony is I've probably been lurking. Image boards longer than you've been alive.

But, yeah:

That's all you can say

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Such is all memes.

I'm not larry, I'm commenting at how well larry is debating

unironically this tbvfh
we're a vanguard, we're not for the masses

are you being irritating on purpose?

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He does debate very well, but, he gets buried underneath the mass of stupidity that is the libertarian right, lol.

Not only would a sea of Larry's be a nice change, but, also more leftist in the group than libertarians would be fucking hilarious.

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don't fall for it, they're just trying to get us to comment under our actual identity and harvest the data

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So you make a fake account, no data to harvest