The future of the Austrian far left

Well, since the neolib conservatives and the far right party FPÖ are successfully crushing the social state of Austria I am expecting to see a rise of support for true left wing ideals soon.

The KPÖ (Communist Party of Austria) already is successful in Syria but keeps failing nation wide. I personally like their program and their libertarian democratically socialist ideals. Recently the adopted some more eco views since the young Greens joined them. They also are a very old party and known to non-left wingers as well.

Sooo then there is another small far left party here. The PdA (Party of Work). They are specifically ML and are way more authoritarian than the KPÖ which they split away from. They haven't participated in any elections yet though and mostly are active in the ANTIFA and literally absorbed the youth organization of the KPÖ. I heard a fella over at GETchan talk about them and an Austrian Leninist on YT seems to be impressed by them as well. I personally think they are a bit too radical but yeah that's my democratic preferences I guess.

Anyways. I am not to sure if they can appeal to the masses whatsoever even if support for left ideals rises again. The KPÖ has the problem that their name automatically marks them as Communist which scares off some normie lefties that then vote for the class cuck party (succdems). But at least they already made a name for themselves in Austria.

The PdA has some fresh wind and might can become a party that takes over in a storm of support… or it flops because nobody knows about it and they lack money for campaigning.

For whomst should we root and which one has the most promising chances for creating a red future for Austria? What do you think?

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not Syria ahaha

Sorry comrades.

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I know nothing about Austrian politics and have nothing to add, but I'll bump because I'm interested

their name translates to Party of Labour
you can guess my stance on the KPÖ and PdA
your tip toeing around on even just the mention of "communism" as being a "mark" on the reformist KPÖ really makes me wonder about your background, my guess is you're pretty young on top of liberal

anyway, assuming a turn of tide in favour of both KPÖ and PdA there would be a worker government in order, sort of like saxony and such in the Weimar Republic
both parties should be able to work together if the PdA isn't sectarian and knows how to keep its profile as a ML party that fights opportunism rather than shying away from taking action and hiding behind revolutionary phraseology

maybe you're just shit and people don't want to be minorities in their own countries

maybe prefer to live with people like them and not hordes of rape prone migrants


holy shit guys, communism debunked! that guy got us good, fuck, time to pack it up guys! fuq >.

Sorry. My English translations aren't top notch I know.

Well, I don't mind reformism but alright. If that makes me a liberal already despite I hate nothing more than the neoliberal economical policies of our modern times…

But yeah tbh I rather would call myself a democratic socialist with a social democrat background since my family consists out of generations of factory workers.

I am not in my twenties yet so maybe that makes me young in some people's eyes? I don't know. I am not sure if that's so important though.

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Ah, I see. Interesting analysis. Hopefully things will turn out well for them. It's terrible to see workers fall for the every returning lies of the Social democrats that pander to the with empty slogans… some former succdems even turned traitor and started voting for the nationalist party because they pretend to be social now all of a sudden… gosh people are so naive.

eeeek it's sad, i kinda associate antifa automatically with idpol feminist liberals these days, since german antifa is mostly composed of such dipshits.
the pda seemds to be legit m-l though. however, if i were austrian i'd vote kpö, because they have already an established name and can therefore appeal to more normie people as well. also, i'm really not fond of all the lefty sectarianism. in germany we don't need half as many lefty parties as we have, all the smaller ones could join either dkp or linke, form factions inside.

This mostly doesn't work in their favor tho, Austrians usually are conservative and right-leaning people and resent the term "Communism". I think a broad, general leftist party with a few disgruntled social democrats analog to Die Linke in Germany would work better.

Ummm yeah I kinda pointed out that the term "communism" is seen as a "bad mark" here and sorta hindering for this party but I also think that having a known group is important. I agree that a more neutral name would be better to get more normieleft votes… but being a tiny new group without anyone taking notice of you can suck even more than an unpopular name.

who /Austrian/ here?

Agreed! The antifa here is mostly like that too. Left liberals that like to shill in the rows of real far left people… So far they even have failed to fight their right wing counter part… the Identitarians. But yeah. I personally favor the KPÖ as well for similar reasons as you. Hopefully they can manage to appeal to the normieleft before the succdems take their chances away again.

Ich bin Österreicher, Genosse!

(=I am an Austrian comrade)

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communism always was slandered, you wont appeal to anyone by trying to worm yourself around that in giving yourself other "more approachable" names
democratic socialism is just a form of social democracy tbh, tying democracy to bourgeois parliamentarism and implying socialism per se wasn't already democratic by nature

i just get the feeling many young demsocs would be more radical if they weren't so guilt tripped by the ruling class to be apologetic about wanting a revolution because Stalin was a bad guy who took poor little aristocrat girls ponies away and killed half his population

Eh. Social democrats are only social in name these days. They are all center-left and many of their supporters don't want socialism at all. Hence why parts of their voter base could get turned away to voting for a far right party here.

And well I like describing myself the way I do. People that aren't knowledgeable about socialism simply understand you easier that way. Democratic Socialism also isn't really a meme term.

Considering that (just to name an example) the Marxist-Leninist party of Germany openly preaches that they want a DICTATORSHIP of the proletariate and not a democracy. Numerous of their values are socialist. But they aren't democratic.

Ich auch, wär aber grad gern irgendwo anders.

We actually never managed to meet, which makes the political climate even worse to endure. Is there any leftist event any of you will attend to?

At least the SPÖ never formally distanced themselves from Marxism like the SPD.

'ello, m8.

'ello to you too.
There once was a bit of talk about meeting up after the Zizek talk (because of autism we only managed to discover AFTERWARDS that some of us were there).
The KJÖ will host a reading group starting in the next few weeks, which I will probably attend again.

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Well, I don't really have the time to attend such events sadly. I also have no car or any driving license so I am limited by distance and reach as well. It's cool to meet guys like you online at least though.

Yeah. At least not formally… yet.

Care to drop a link when ready? I'm in Germany for the rest of the month but interested.

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…I forgot to mention that it's in Graz. You from there?

Nah I'm the one from Donaustadt, Vienna, who wouldn't mind a day's trip to Graz.

Ah alright. Well, it's weekly but would be cool if you stopped by. I'll inform you in the case is still up once they announce more information on when they will start and where.

I live in Germany and I favor the PdA the KPÖ are becoming left Sucdems and aren't ML rather Democratic Socialists. Our Party too works with the PdA and our youth organisation with the youth organisation of the PdA. PdA is based

Fuck off with the MLPD they're Maoistis that are more a sect than a real party

MLPD is basically the German version of the RCP. They are both whacky, with a similar personality cult (MLPD chairman who was leading them for decades has now been replaced by his own stepdaughter), really weird stances with some creepy SJW vibes, etc.

The only good thing about the MLPD is that they have shittons of money, so they plaster every single street in Germany with pictures of Lenin and Stalin, which gives liberals a heart attack everytime there are elections. It's quite surreal when you walk through a rich neighborhood and see pictures of Stalin.

yeah every year they get tons of money from some Old people that have nothing to do besides spending all their money to this small party. Like every year they get hundreds of thousands of Euros from one dude. My Party ran for the elections for the first time since 2005 and didnt call for voting the demsocs in Germany. Our Party really had a troubled history of revisionists wantig to be demsocs 2.0. Glad that our new chair man kicks them out and makes our party ML again

what is the RCP btw?

That guy was a miner if I recall and he won a lottery lol.

Revolutionary communist party of the USA, the Bob Avakian cult.

Weird how every year some old guy pops up that won the lottery or spends all his inheritation to some small party, huh. The Partys budget almost reaches the one of our main parties. That isn't normal

huh, didn't knew them. What is the CP in America we should support btw? Is the CPUSA based or are they COINTELPRO? What about PSL and WWP?

It's dead, Jim.

American Party of Labor is really cool. They're Hoxhaists and have an extremly stylish flag.

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DKP is still a bit revisionist, but at this point for comrades the only option because the MLPD is scientology light and the KPD is very small and has almost no influence in the West besides in Westphalia.

I don't know about the communist platform in DieLinke. They are very secretive because they are disdained by the rest of the party.

That being said, the KPD is pretty fucking flawless. There is almost not a single stance I don't disagree with.

not a single stance I disagree with* lol

yeah, where ever they're also active we work together with them and I hope they come into the DKP.

Indeed. Great. I am a democratic socialist after all and not a Marxist-Leninist.


That's indeed a most glorious flag.

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I'm doing an erazmus exchange in Wien next semester, can you recommend some leftist movement to keep track of while there? I'm pretty sure most of the people doing these exchanges are liberals and i don't want to want to kill myself keeping just that kind of company.

what does this even mean? what would you want to see them do?

Check out the KJÖ and KSV comrade

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I would like to see the KPÖ getting voted for more frequently by more people and see them gaining power first on local and then on nation wide level through democratic elections.

When it comes to those youth organizations… I would rather see them do effective actions like making efforts to spread socialist thought and not just mislead riots or vandalism that doesn't harm the right one bit or even lures people into their arms sometimes.

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