So are the mods just letting rightists spam this page now?

Do your jobs and sage that low lQ rightist shit fam.

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I know it's a trap but my god do I wanna stare into those eyes as I cum all over that red and black scarf.

Sage for lewds. Also agree, pls sage.

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If I was still a mod this shit won't happen

Now all of your posting, imploring us to move to /leftpol/ and pessimism makes sense

because it's easily ignored and stepped over. don't give them (you)s and they'll leave.

This. I’m personally not going to sign in to mod account during work just to purge a thread or two, learn to sage and ignore and you won’t need mod interference ffs. I’m lurking mostly for full-blown raid/spam and stuff.

There's hardly any mods on tbh.

what's her name
would suck her toes tbqh

Nah, it's just a thing when you do too many purges: at some point you run out of competent people before your acolytes can mature. There's just not enough reliable mods who want to put their back into it, so polyps filter in when there is a lull in vigilance.

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That pic better be unrelated

saboteurs are really existing socialists

You can't just shoot all the specialists!

The thing about banning on Holla Forums is that only people who respect the rules are actually affected by bans. The purges of the last year have cultivated a culture of shitposting as long time users have gradually been filtered out.

I have to agree. Hotpocketing doesn't solve anything.

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Now that’s where you’re wrong kiddo

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you know what, i don't even give a shit about people picking their pronouns, if they don't give me reason there's no need to disrespect them by not adressing them according to their wish, just because i really do not give a shit

but nobody is gonna make me refer to one person in plural
that aint gonna fucking happen, it's one person and it's not gonna elevate itself to anything more than that

Alunya is canonically a trap.

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Clearly you've never been on /marx/. Ismail exclusively bans spammers and Holla Forums b8 remains in the catalog forever.

It pisses me off that reddit thinks they can talk about our mascot. Yet at the same time haye on Holla Forums

What did you expect, BO said he would rather destroy Holla Forums than let anarchists post here.

She isnt though

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/marx/ is barely moderated at all retard


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You being a brainlet isn't our fault, nor our problem.
Stay in school and do remember to read a book once in a while, okay?

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How much do you wanna bet this brainlet spergs out whenever somebody brings up Charlottesville?

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PLEASE don't dress up as girls, Holla Forums. Gender barriers are up for a reason, they're good for your health. Keep them separated and don't blur the lines.

dude Shakespeare used they as a singular
its been used as a singular pronoun for ages

Just try to stop me bitch
I'm a 6'0 male and I'll wear dresses if I want


We're on the same team, I'm not trying to oppress you. You just have to trust me on this, it never ends well.

trusting nazis never ends well indeed.

Is this reverse-reverse-reverse psychology?

Reminder that traps are a normalfag fetish.

Okay, dude, worry about your own life. If you're not looking to oppress the will of others then you don't need to concern yourself with acts of others. At least insofar as they do not oppress your own will, and I highly doubt dressing up in stockings and a skirt is oppressive.

How dare you

It's true, 100% true, and purely true.
Broke: Traps are not gay.
Yoke: Traps are gay.
Woke: Traps are gay, and in bad taste.

"Traps aren't gay" is a pleb opinion but I genuine don't know what you'd consider higher taste.

this but unironically

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Feminine men.

I get what you're saying though I guess, traps are just a specific expression of the male anima, there are other expressions that are equally appealing.

I consider it bad taste because 50% of them are crazy, and the other 50% don't want to be men. It's a damn shame so many would-be cute men are swooped up by the T.

I prefer a shit-free board. There is a constant low level stream of 16 y/o polyps who just want to post bait OP's and say edgy shit, and you have to cull that influx.

If only there was some solution to rightist spam…
/leftpol/ has eclipsed Holla Forums in posts per hour and has not yet been found by reactionary shitposters

Personally I don't really have any issue with trans people, but then I guess it's a matter of sexual orientation if you're talking about attraction.

not found, but founded

BO is too busy stopping people from saying Rójava.
Also this

Fair point. Don't forget to flag them, I'll spend more time reviewing reports

They will eventually permanently have a saul on the road to Damascus response given repetitive high quality responses

just saying

Idk maybe the mods are sucking off dudes like the BO

Maybe, but the kind of threads they put out should still be cleared out. The format of imagboards is very vulnerable to vandalism via spamming threads. A happy medium between removing their threads and giving short didactic bans, and diligent engagement needs be found.


Bump or pin until new mods

I wonder how Holla Forumsfags function in the real world. Probably fine since they never leave their basement.