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We know that the agrarian revolution established the need for order, male dominance, traditionalism and organized religion. You marxists want to remove that. So how is that possible, without removing 99% of the worlds population including every single farmer and returning to the Stone Age? How is Communism not literally diabolical?

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how about no and stay in your shithole where you can get your education from memes and desinfographs?

He sort of right, male dominance over the family and abolition of mothers right did happen in the agrarian era.

by going forwards instead of backwards.

You mean into worldwide genocide? That’s forwards?

It's not Marxists that want to "remove it", it's more just the inevitable flow of history.
Lrn2Dialectics m8
This is just an absurd leap of logic.
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This is just emotional moralism.

greetings. I'll try and answer your question. For starters, on religion, Marx argues more complex and alienated forms of religion evolved with more complex and alienated forms of From Marx (Capital, volume 1):
Engels argued something similar with regards to patriarchy in "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State".
Your statement:
seems to imply you think agriculture is impossible without "order, male dominance, traditionalism and organized religion.". Agriculture requires us to plant seeds in the ground, water them, and expose them to sunlight. There is absolutely no relation between the science and requirements of agriculture and believing in a certain religion, male domination of society, etc. While in many historical cultures, religion did indeed play a large role in agriculture (as well as hierarchy, as it is argued by some anthropologists that kingdoms evolved out of the need to centrally plan monocrop-agriculture) today, we realize that crop yields have much less to do with dancing to the rain gods, than with using proper farming techniques

Sounds much like a non-argument from someone who craves control. Give me your plan how your society will live without these.

Without what? Farms?

Its a logical fallacy to think that just because agriculture came about at the same time as patriarchy, organized religion, and hierarchical forms of social organization, that agriculture literally REQUIRES those things. Agriculture is a science based on empirical discovery and application, saying all possible future forms of agriculture requires patriarchal/religious traditionalism is the same as arguing that since fire was discovered at the dawn of hunter-gatherer period of human history, OBVIOUSLY any future civilization which uses fire must also believe in animist/pantheist beliefs of ancient hunter gatherers.

Male, rich, and religious dominance sounds like a direct product of agricultural society to me. Really I want to know how you want to go PAST that. Like something big must happen for that.

Have you ever heard of modern industrial society. How exactly are you defining agricultural society.

No, the agricultural revolution removed those beliefs, but is the industrial revolution as big?

Where does our food come from? same source as 4000 BC Sumer.

Yes… but society will be organized in a completely different way.

Farmers exist
Government exists
Clergy - doesn’t exist
So that’s basically it?

I mean as a Jew I don’t expect him to respect Christian Clergy but that’s just rude

Do you veiw society as one static unchanging entitity? We want to abolish private property and the division of labor, would that not make a difference?

Collective farms are far less efficient then capitalist farms. We'd need fully automated farming complexes to avoid typical communist starvation. Or, alternatively , modify the human body to be able to feed of either rocks or electricity.

Sounds like USSR is your future bro. I’m leaving the thread, my aunt made lunch have a good day everyone

They were necessary. The famrs had to be centralized so equipment and training needed for industrialzation could be given out.

have you ever been on a modern farm? it doesn't look like your fantasy book illustrations
the world has gone through a number of modes of production over the past 6000 years, in each the organisation of labour and how we meet societies needs has been different. The percentage of the population employed in agriculture is constantly falling as the amount of value added per worker increases with technological innovation, the number of agricultural workers has fallen by over 30% in just the last 30 years.
The only countries where the majority of the population still work in agriculture are Madagascar and Bhutan, the worldwide average being less than 14% and its only that high as industrial labour saving innovations haven't spread to most of the world yet.
Society is organised differently today since the conditions of our lives have been changed by our technological development, this will continue and the way we organise our labour to meet our needs will change accordingly.

What the fuck are you talking about, You need to provide at least some kind of reasoning as to why a worldwide genocide would stem from giving women rights and moving society forward

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Because we don't live in an agrarian society anymore, and as such those things will change just like they did going from hunter gatherer societies to agrarian societies.

common misconception spread by ideological western propagandists. Collective farms had a substantially greater comparative output than private farms while also being less labour intensive (private farms in the USSR used 40% of agricultural labour while only producing 26% of all output).
Read Joseph Medley's paper on soviet agriculture.

if you haven't noticed, we don't live in an agrarian society anymore and most of the things you named have already been eroded centuries ago and are on the way out

you commit a honestly mind-boggling fallacy by implying that because certain forms of societal organization accompanied the agricultural revolution, they will always be necessary for agriculture

having patriarchal households with strict division of labor, praying to gods for rain, etc, hasn't been required to feed people for quite some time

so he read the first few paragraphs and then dropped the reading because that delusional faggot thinks he got it figured out
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Basically yes. We aren't even subject to Malthusian population dynamics anymore. Instead we regulate our population by just choosing not to have children.

Also, we've been on the moon. This is bigger than the agrarian revolution.

We were more rich and healthy before the so-called agrarian revolution.


What the fuck are you talking about
Before capitalism everyone lived in close knit communities, under capitalism all that shit you talk about collapsed and not before, retard.
the population of Russia exploded after the revolution and the death rate plummeted. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the death rate skyrocketed and the birth rate dropped. On top of that, before the 1917 revolution the vast majority of the population could not read, very quickly the literacy rate reached the high 90's, something America did not achieve until much later. On top of that, it went from being MOSTLY FARMERS to LAUNCHING ROCKETS INTO SPACE in a matter of decades. So, the complete fucking opposite of all the bullshit you just spouted.

there won't be a choice. industrial civilization is coming to an end like it or not.

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Child labor sounds like a direct product of agricultural society to me. Really I want to know how you want to go PAST that. Like something big must happen for that.
If you are not willing to change nothing will change that's a fact. You fail to see a different world because you acknowledge the present as the only possibilty. If you start really analyzing history you will find that ancient societies and ancient values are quite different from what we have today and to ancient people modern society would probably sound unreasonable.

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