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Fuck off

Am I missing something? NK is a monarchy.

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Insofar as all unworkable government devolves into an oligarchy or dictatorship, I guess.

You've owned yourself, next.

Also well done posting a list so loosely related and broad the only thing those groups actually have in common is that they're all featherless bipeds.


Juche (/dʒuːˈtʃeɪ/[2]; Korean: 주체, lit. 'subject'; Korean pronunciation: [tɕutɕʰe]), usually left untranslated,[1] or translated as "self-reliance") is the official state ideology of North Korea, described by the government as Kim Il-sung's "original, brilliant and revolutionary contribution to national and international thought".[3] It postulates that "man is the master of his destiny",[4] that the North Korean masses are to act as the "masters of the revolution and construction", and that by becoming self-reliant and strong a nation can achieve true socialism.[4]

Kim Il-sung (1912–1994) developed the ideology, originally viewed as a variant of Marxism–Leninism until it became distinctly "Korean" in character,[3] whilst incorporating the historical materialist ideas of Marxism–Leninism and strongly emphasising the individual, the nation state and its sovereignty.[3] Consequently, Juche was adopted into a set of principles that the North Korean government has used to justify its policy decisions from the 1950s onwards. Such principles include moving the nation towards claimed "jaju" (independence),[3] through the construction of "jarip" (national economy) and an emphasis upon "jawi" (self-defence), in order to establish socialism.[3]

The practice of Juche is firmly rooted in the ideals of sustainability through agricultural independence and a lack of dependency.

The Juche ideology has been criticized by many scholars and observers as a mechanism for sustaining the totalitarian rule of the North Korean regime,[5][full citation needed] and justifying the country's heavy-handed isolationism and oppression of the North Korean people.[5] It has also been described as a form of Korean ethnic nationalism, but one which promotes the Kim family as the saviours of the "Korean Race" and acts as a foundation of the subsequent personality cult surrounding them.[3][5][6]

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Compared to the US it's not so bad: worldhunger.org/hunger-in-america-2016-united-states-hunger-poverty-facts/

Ah shit I forgot to sage

Harder to remember than the downvote button eh.

> worldhunger.org/hunger-in-america-2016-united-states-hunger-poverty-facts/

Darn those nasty right wing stereotypes and propaganda getting in the way of all that selfless altruism you guys have.

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First off, wealth distribution in the USSR was far more equitable. The ratio between the poorest Soviet citizens and the richest was estimated at something like 1:5, compared to the US where it’s more like 1:350. Second, your post about Juche clearly shows how it diverges from Marxism to the point of being a distinct ideology, so I’m not sure what point your trying to make. Third, 3 million children starve to death every year in capitalist countries which unlike North Korea, aren’t under sanctions or totally isolated so I’m not really sure what you are bragging about.

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like clockwork

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post-colonial conflicts should be blamed on idealistic liberalsism, not capitalism
if capital had gotten its way, colonial powers would not have left, creating crises and power vaccums all over the developing world

Ah yes, because we know that there were never any famines or atrocities in European colonies.


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Yeah, unexpected.

I didn’t say that there weren’t famines or atrocities in European colonies. Obviously colonialism was seldom pleasant, particularly when the d*tch were involved.

Even by your own estimate, the worst that could happen is that nothing changes.

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Fuck the kulaks tho

Kulaks burning grain caused a famine.

It’s what it literally says in your own article that you posted dipshit.

Juche has evolved into its own ideology. Even if you consider it to be a form of Marxism, then pointing out its flaws is irrelevant to anybody who doesn’t consider themselves a Jucheist. This isn’t even a “not real socialism” thing, it’s like telling an Austrian economist how stupid Keynesianism is because hey its all capitalism anyway. You are the kind of person who talks out their ass about a subject they clearly know nothing about and then use their own ignorance as a gotcha.

TLDR: pointing out how shitty North Korea can be is irrelevant to people who don’t subscribe to the ideology of North Korea.

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So then with or without colonialism capitalism leads to starvation and oppression by your own admission. Great thread m7, you really got us.

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I’m not the OP of this thread, nor am I trying to ‘get you’.

Often when colonial powers left, unprecedented violence and civil war erupted in previously stable(ish) areas. These specific deaths cannot be blamed on capitalism, considering capital was advocating for the status quo, not decolonization.


Anyway, read.

Right and deaths caused by drought or in North Korea’s case, massive international sanctions cannot be considered caused by communism. All I want is a consistent standard of measurement.

The kulaks still burned and hoarded grain.

Or do you have an explanation why another peacetime famine didn't occur after de-kulakization?


Colonialism fucked those countries in the first place, set the conditions for the strife afterwards, and inflicted misery on them directly. The argument that they would have been better off ignores the fact that famine and atrocities happened all the time even under colonial rule. In other words they were fucked either way because of capitalism.

yeah, mechanization

Which was made possible by Stalin’s industrialization program.

yeah no shit, but the Kulaks (and ethnic Ukrainians) in general didn’t need to die in huge numbers.

I will read this

Colonialism also dragged many peoples into modernity and put them under the authority of functioning states. Perhaps I have I am a too much of a Hobbesian to see this as an entirely bad thing.

You know, we anarchists tend to be among the ones constantly criticizing and feuding with the glorious ☭TANKIE☭s about NK, Cuba, and the USSR.
I know Pìcardia is also goes by the name "straw-man ball" but I think at least a straw-man point at the right target. You're memeing that apples are the oranges which claim they're not sour.

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kulaks deserved it
ukrainians didn't
which is what happened

so you're telling me that the inhumane and fraudulent sanctions imposed by the terrorist regime of the usa against the people of Korea is putting the population "at risk"?

you're telling me that purposefully destroying their farmable land in the war when it's already physically impossible to create independency in food production puts people "at risk"?

interesting, didn't know that

Juche isnt even marxist

Never colonized.

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sorry to the US comrades but when the US collapses I can't wait until the world just fucks off on y'all

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Easily debunked bullshit
Juche is simply claimed by Kim il sung as the DPRK's own Ideology Inspired by Marxism

Capitalism Also has Famines

There just Invalidated your whole argument

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Fuck should've saged this shit

Really jiggles my niggles

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Imagine being this braindead

I have to admit, you have to extremely delusional to support a system that's failed as miserably time and time again as socialism has.

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The same could easily be said about capitalism.

No wonder you're Holla Forumsyps.

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Pol Pot was a capitalist puppet supported by the USA: msuweb.montclair.edu/~furrg/pol/polpotmontclarion0498.html
Also, in a 1997 interview, not only did he say that he never adhered to the "traditional school of communism", but he also stated explicitly his support for capitalism:
Why the fuck do degenerate Holla Forumsyps always think memeing and repeating the same retarded baits is somehow a valid argument that disproves actual sources?

But OP, this is required for the glorious endgoal of gommunism. trust me this is good. a little death is to be expected


what have they done other than rustle NATO's jimmies and wallow in 1950s mediocrity?

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OP was trying to make a retarded point about all of communism based on NK though
Also sage you faggot

Don't be, we have it coming.

Imagine my shock.

how about we use data?

can't make this shit up
porky logic at its finest

Thailand was also never colonized and has been quite a developmental success

I did not imply that the countries below Ethiopia were not colonized. I just didn’t want people to be mislead by a few cherry picked pictures. Ethiopia is a ‘shithole’ to use the parlance of the times.

Because you alluded to it though, I have seen data suggesting that the level of colonization is positively correlated to better life outcomes for Indigenous populations today. I am on mobile now, but I will come back later and post the data.

That's the point.

The idea that colonization was required for the development of these countries is absurd.

Not surprising tbh

Yep and "bringing prosperity" was undoubtedly the actual intention of the colonizers.
I'm sure Africa also greatly benefits from the constant neo-colonialism still exerted by western nations.

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I’m a frequent poster here. I turn off my normal flag when I argue against Holla Forums dogma.


Obviously the imperialist powers did not have the best interests of Indigenous peoples in mind. This is clearly an unintended consequence.

The main “success stories” that the authors draw are typically European settler colonies which is not the same as “colonies d’exploitation” as the French cleverly called them.

The Belgians invested more in the Congo then any power invested in subsaharan Africa and yet the Congo is among the very worst in the world. It’s so bad that it makes many other African countries look good by comparison.

First off fuck off to all the liberals in this thread saying "NOT TRUE" socialism or "NORTH KOREA IS A MONARCHY" you are a bunch of assholes that makes us look like shit. You guys literally didn't make half an argument against op.
Second fuck you OP, for posting fake news. Malnutrition in NK is a big problem and is mostly sanctions and barricades fault. SK imports 90% of their food. How long they would last in a situation like NK? NK is still standing.
The headline you posted is an exaggeration and imperialist propaganda. Yes there is a problem with malnutrition, but no one is starving, and not only specifically childrens. Read the article yourself. It's literally clickbait

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I am not obligated to defend Monarcho-Possadists with ☭TANKIE☭ aesthetics

reported for defending amerikkkan propaganda and imperialism

my armchair has an integrated VPN

Why can't Juche just conjure artificial fertilizer out of thin air?

Sage for blaming Koreans for imperialist aggression against them.

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Oy vey! I concur comrad the kulaks deserved it for not submitting to jewish supremacy! How dare these goyim defy tge chosrn people!

You have to go back

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Whatever you say )ewboy.

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Sounds like 25% of Americans are on a diet. This ought to be encouraged.