Is it possible for someone from a upper middle class/bourgeois family to be a leftist...

Is it possible for someone from a upper middle class/bourgeois family to be a leftist? I'd imagine they could if they legitimately wished to help the working class and integrated into the working class themselves.

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Of course an individual can be a leftist.
The class itself, however, is counter-revolutionary.

Yes. Engels, one of the most important leftist thinkers in history came from a well off bourgeois family

Hmm so the point is to stop thinking about individual people but the entire class in general.

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class traitors can come in all forms; however bourgeois tend to be more educated therefore less prone to classcuckoldry.

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Indeed. One does not necessarily need to be working class in order to empathize with their exploitation.

This is kind of like asking 'is it possible for a white person in America to be opposed to the slavery of black people?' in the 1800s. One does not need to be among the oppressed to recognize oppression.

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Upper middle class white background here. I had a pretty eye opening experience when I moved from the upper middle class suburbs to a more working class neighborhood. It kind of made me sick how wasteful and spoiled I was as a kid and young teenager even at 15. I started donating my allowance and giving away stuff.

still part of the working class


it's not about what you are.

Would you consider the liberals to be leftist? Most of the Upper middle class ones i know are motivated by this same strands of "empath", they are openly liberals who push for reformist measures. Also i don't think there's much place for "empathy" in marxism.

In all fairness, Class categorization have changed significantly since the early days of Industrialization.Working class is indeed much broader than it used to be.

Aren't most upper middle class people in management or other parts of the supertructure? Isn't that kind of separate in the same way that cops aren't working class?

It really depends on what kind of definition you're using. IIRC, once upon a time, middle to upper middle class indicated small business owners, later on it meant suburban home owners, while today even basic bitch entry level engineers would be shoved into middle class even if they're drowning in debt and living with their parents

It's a very nebulous term and no one uses it the same way

Most so-called "upper middle class" people are part of the petty bourgeoisie, though there are a small number of very well compensated proletarians among them.

The remaining 10% can't read past a 3rd grade level.

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