Genetic proletarians

in the newest video I saw with Zizek, he spoke about bioengineering going on in China, and how they are trying to find the perfect soldier/worker/slave to clone and replace people. And it got me thinking. I am an American. I see this happening in much more subtle but nefarious ways here…can't go to the store and buy food that does not have some form of Corn in it. Literally products in food that make you more hungry and lazier and less likely to make a fuss…will there be seperate "races" in the future of humans, one with the fucked up processed food system that is 300 pounds that dies young (around thirty of heart disease or obesity) but is worked to death to repair the bougousie's toy robots, and a second human race that reaps the benefits of capitalism, eats whole food and lives to a hundred, actually going out of its way to find things to do with their lives because they have so much free time? To me it seems to be a logical conclusion of the trend is allowed to go on long enough

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Chinese Communists are repulsive savages.

That's some serious nightmare fuel, OP. But maybe it'll get people to shut up about "classes don't exist lmao"

On a more serious note, there's plenty of stuff you can buy which doesn't contain corn and isn't overly expensive wholefoods crap. Just get stuff like eggs, beans, peanut butter without sugar, bread, rice, oatmeal, frozen vegetables, milk, yoghurt etc.

true it does exist, but go into the house of your average proletarian wage slave and you might see few of those items, if any at all. Its sad. Climate change is only going to make those real foods more expensive and less likely to be chosen.

Genetically stratified division of labor is a prerequisite for complex societies.

What if, what if OP, what if this is the bourgeoisie's ultimate goal? What if this is one of the reasons behind all of the imported labor and race-mixing, while many bourgeoisie date within their own ranks? What if it is the ultimate goal of the bourgeoisie to abolish most races and to mix most of them into a brutish, dumb, strong race that would serve a smart and wealthy separate race or even species of bourgeois society?

If you are conflating diet with human bioengineering, you do not understand genetics

He was talking about genetically modified foods. Read more carefully brainlet.

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nah im not conflating them, I understand the difference, just pointing out that bioengineering is this scary boogey man but no one mentions the fact that diet can have a impact on genetics especially long term. but in the short term the foods you eat literally affect you and how you feel. If you're fat and drink coke all the time, you'll be tired and easier to manipulate.

At least Stalin tried to create a real life Planet of the Apes and not this gay Gattaca shit.

I read the OP carefully and he never mentioned genetically modified food.

good luck m8
Holla Forums mods often ban for any discussion possible dysgenic influences on of modern society

Where can I read more about this

ty OP

I don't follow.

This has huge implications for global economics and politics. Holla Forums normally attacks any discussion of I.Q. or eug*nics because the existence of any sort of natural hierarchy undermines people’s quasi-religious devotion to materialism.

Instead Holla Forums should be following these developments closely. Depending on how this technology is deployed, it could widen the (already existing) genetic cognitive gap between classes into a deep bimodal canyon, or it could erase the gap forever.

Corn you say?

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Was that Khrushevite's plan all along?

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How does the heritability of intelligence contradict materialism is any way? It is perfectly in line with materialism. Denying it contradict materialism. Race realists are the most radical materialists out there.

Perhaps, but I hope you understand mr Nazi flag this is not the mainstream Holla Forums consensus.
too low resolution imo

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the politburo should have convinced him to grow potatoes instead, just looked this up because I didn't know about it. What a fucking fail. Who thought growing corn in semi-frozen soil was a good thing?

Then every black should be an idiot like you believe. There should be no intelligent ones at all. Even if intelligence was 100% tied to "race" what should be done? Genocide? No, let the chips fall where they may, but in a completely egalitarian society, which capitalism is not.

I think you misunderstand RR. Almost all quantifiable human traits exist on bell curves.

Are you retarded or just too lazy to cook?

both, thats kind of the point I was making with this thread


Unless we choose to chart our own path as a democratic collective. Socialism or barbarism.

Peanut butter is made of corn though

nerves are ideal for his task, and the cerebral cortex has been
atrophied so that he can desire nothing except to perform his
duties. Tyranny, you say? How can you tyrannize someone who cannot
feel pain?"
Everyday I feel Camatte's future is inevitable and capitalism will escape velocity out of our control

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You're only starting to scratch the surface. Prepare for the swarm!

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Stop rioting

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What products?

So in less charitable terms it could be said that you were basically just shitposting when you made this thread.