Why are so many Asians Communist/Socialists? Is it becasue they are soulles insectoids...

Why are so many Asians Communist/Socialists? Is it becasue they are soulles insectoids? Or is it because it makes sense for them, communism is an ant people system? Which one is it?

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because they have the highest Autism Level

You’re thinking of capitalism.

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Because Asia was poor and rural during the spread of communism

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Because they were oppressed but still a superior race, unlike niggers.

What are you talking about? Except NK every single country in east asia is a capitalist hell hole.
There literally was only one east asian, and was only half est asian, and a south asian skank

Give it up, Holla Forums.

*wink wink*

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Choose only one.

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Then why when they the chance to leave they wanted to remain?
Then why they still miss it?

And then how an anonymous poster on Holla Forums can be a reputable source?

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I love the fact that this blatant bullshit still gets posted

yuri bezmenov is a true comrade for helping to destablize the united states by appealing to the red scare of gullible idiots

Wow your internet meme from 2009 sure is a greater authority on communism than Karl Marx himself.

You are posting the lowest shit possible.
Putin, the anti communist who rules russia, called him an idiot.
This is no different from north korean citizens who go to the us and are payed millions to talk bullshit about their country.
And you didn't respond to this

I don’t think you understand how espionage and intelligence agencies work.

kys first worldist college kid

Oh look, a Soviet defector who scammed Burger right-wingers by telling them what they wanted to hear. You guys are pretty fucking gullible.

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I'm not even in college, I just managed to read a book once.

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All of you is just pissed that it's the truth. I hope to see that day eventually.

Still waitin for that argument.

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Every right wing argument against Communism ever:
but muh 100 gillion
but muh hoomin nayshure.
its funny u advocate gommunism cuz ud be the 1st to get killed under it!!!!!
gommunism dusnt work, it gust dushnt gois
but muh 100% equally distributed wealth not fair.

not an argument

Communist regimes kill educated and wealthy/middle-class people first, because the stupid masses are easier to control and they're more gullible.

See: China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc


Fucking phoneposter. Should have guessed.



Realize thar we are all collectively college students from the "first world"?

Are these guys students from the first world?

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Yes they did it and was denounced by most socialist countries
Financed by the cia, not socialist
Yes not true socialism

Totally not a CIA plant
Credible as a jewish mobster

China didn’t kill people for being intellectuals. They sent them into the fields to live with peasants for a while to better understand their conditions. It was a measure taken to avoid the creation of an out of touch ivory tower intelligentsia.

The only prominent case of killing intellectuals in Vietnam was the Hue City massacre, which didn’t target intellectuals as such, rather people associated with the Saigon government (ie colonial collaborators) like teachers, bureaucrats, and politicians.

If you knew anything about communism or the Khmer Rouge you would know that their ideology was so far removed from Marxism that it’s kind of ridiculous. They wanted to return to primitive communism, meaning they were by definition reactionary (which means wanting to return to a previous stage of development), they promoted Khmer nationalism, and wanted a purely agrarian society, which again goes against the core tenet of Marxism that is the development of the means of production through capitalism. They were basically like a teenager watching Fight Club and wanting to make it real.

it's probably cause chairman mao was able to regroup and plan his for ten years to get his communist revenge

This has nothing to do with killing anyone- it's actually a brilliant policy that should be enacted today.

then you will love it

Communist Japan when??

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And you have raw nerve to call us pampered college kids.

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Then you must be really glad since you going there too

is this fucking 2006

learn abour JRA, they are cool af.
They derailed a flight using katanas, used to hide guns in violin's boxes and even did an attack in my city. There is also a very good 3-hour japanese film about them.

If anything it makes them compassionate people under their thick skin.

I'm a janitor, how the fuck would I get pegged for an intellectual?

Regardless, I think most of us have had about enough of your sophistry. At no point did I claim that I actually agreed with the program, I just pointed out that there's a big fucking difference between killing a person and making them go work on a farm.

Imageboard janitor is a power position. Anyone in a power position gets the bullet.

No, I'm not a janitor on this board, I'm a janitor in real life. I'm a hospital janitor. Maybe that puts me slightly above your standard janitor, but not to the point that I would ever be pegged as a member of the intelligentsia.

Those fuggin ganitors, rapin' arr churches, bernin are weman.

Do you wear glasses? Do you have theoretical books on display?

if commonism is so cool then why did john lenin beat his wife checkmate atheists

No, bunk dank Pol Pot meme nonetheless. A USA-backed reactionary that wanted to return Cambodia to feudalism is obviously the very definition of communism :^)

There isn't one single person on the right that compares in bravery and honor to Fusako Shigenobu. The left produced a stronger leader than the right in the most unlikely of places and it's a woman.


I'm not even joking this shit is what made me become a leftist. The right is a paper tiger. The one thing the right boasts about so much (strength, violence, leadership, machismo) the left does better.