Daily News Thread 3/12

Indian Farmers Call Off Protest After State Bows to Demands

Tens of thousands of farmers gathered in India’s financial capital called off their agitation late on Monday after the Maharashtra government accepted their main demands, including widening the scope of a crop loan waiver program.

Online porn age checks delayed in UK

The UK government has confirmed that a controversial compulsory age verification check for online porn visitors will no longer be introduced in April as planned.

US officials: NKorea will face no more conditions for talks

Trump administration officials say there will be no more conditions imposed on North Korea before a first-ever meeting of the two nation’s leaders beyond the North’s promise not to resume nuclear testing and missile flights or publicly criticize U.S.-South Korean military exercises.

Tillerson Cuts Short Africa Trip Amid ‘Pressing Matters’ in U.S.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Chad Monday to show U.S. support for a key counter-terrorism ally furious over its inclusion on the Trump administration’s visa-ban list.

South Korea will 'deploy all possible means' to respond to U.S. tariffs: finance minister

South Korea will “deploy all possible means” to respond to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the country’s finance minister said.

Everything You Need to Know About the School Scandal Haunting Abe

Forget secret meetings with foreign powers, illegal wiretapping or hotel break-ins, the scandal that dogs Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe involves an elementary school.

Putin criticised for Jewish election meddling comments

The Russian president faces a backlash after suggesting minority groups, including Jews, may be responsible for meddling in the 2016 US election.

Honduras and Paraguay 'Moving Israeli Embassies to Jerusalem'

Officials from the two countries are set "in principle" on the relocations on the condition that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits them in an official capacity.

Southern rail hit by RMT union strike over safety row

Rail passengers are facing disruption amid a 24-hour strike in a dispute over driver-only operated trains.

White House to help arm school staff

President Donald Trump's administration will step up aid to states that want to arm school employees under a plan to increase campus safety after the killing of 17 people in Florida, officials said Sunday.

Right-wing activists ‘banned’ from Britain

Right-wing activists have been banned from entering the UK and held in ‘detention centers’, sparking a free-speech debate on the streets of London. Members of Generation Identity (GI) and Antifa clashed on Sunday.

Dozens dead after plane with 71 on board crashes at airport in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dozens have been killed in a plane crash at Kathmandu International Airport in Nepal. A total of 71 people were aboard the ill-fated flight. The plane reportedly burst into flames after a faulty landing.

US: 5 Dead After Helicopter Plunged Into River

The helicopter, which officials disclosed was hired for a photo shoot, experienced difficulties and slammed into the river then flipped over.

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Thousands march against Canada oil pipeline expansion

Thousands of people marched at the weekend in protest against a project to expand a pipeline and nearly triple the flow of oil from Canada’s tar sands to the Pacific coast.

We're driven by a sense of inequity

The Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) set an April 2 strike deadline following a groundswell for bold action to win a statewide pay increase for teachers, who are the lowest paid teachers in the U.S. The state public employees union announced that it will join the strike if its own pay demands are met.

The role of ideology

At the end of the day the religious state functions in a way not dissimilar to that of the liberal bourgeoisie in the west, argues Yassamine Mather

From Retaliation to Torture in a Florida Prison Unfit for Habitation


If the cruel punishment is regular it can hardly be called unusual. Checkmate constitutionalists!


the absolute state of the right

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Ban her from more countries please.

How long until they ban commies and socdems

I don't care just ban her from leaving the house

They got deported from a white country, this i slike fucking poetry. Made my fucking day.

And here I thought they were trying to chicken out by making unrealistic demands. Looks like it's actually going to happen.

Of course it's going to happen. Can you imagine the ratings? You think Trump would honestly let Tillerson or Kelly or who the fuck ever take that away from him?

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And, as usual, it'll blow up in Trump's face. Kim is going to play him like a fiddle.

Doesn't matter, got ratings. -Trump

Betsy DeVos on guns, school choice and why people don't like her


This interview certainly showed why with gems like this.

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What did I tell you niggers? I told you Trump was going to double down on the arming teachers bullshit after Jay Inslee chewed him out.

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Time to radicalize teachers' unions lads

Holla Forums has a thread on it, the sheer volume of salt is a sight to behold.

a few months ago Holla Forums was attacking her for being a nigger lover.
They are so fucking cucked.

what really drove palm into face are the ones claimign that they're going to actually so something about it. i'm almost tempted to go deep cover and induce another namibia

upvoted my fellow culture warrior


wtf guys i meant brown people

No, far more likely schools will see an expansion of school police officers. You know, like a police state has. This works great with other policies like closed campuses, mandatory uniforms, and clear bag requirements. Costs that are ultimately pushed onto the student, including the most poor ones who won't be able to afford it and will be expelled or sent to the designated dump school when they cannot pay. Just like it is in Mexico.

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fuck. you just reminded me I went to a middle school with all that. I must've completely blocked off that part of my brain. GOD I hated those clear backpacks. They had the option for mesh ones but they were both equally shitty. Albeit this was a very shit american charter school. I wouldn't wish that experience on any kid.

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Seems very plausible tbh

House Intelligence Committee to announce they are done with Russia probe interviews-


This is a joke.

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'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' Oskar Groening dies at age of 96


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I'm surprised Holla Forums isn't celebrating with Holla Forums at this news.

I called this shit last April.
Nothing is going to come out of the Russia probe, just in time for midterms. The dems are now out of gas.
Get ready for the red wave in 2018 and Trump's second term.

more like a blue fizzle than people flocking to the republicans but trump will be replaced in 2020

oh no, a lot will come out of it. Trump will claim Putin tried to hurt/frame him then play the national security card to justify domestic censorship. Dems will have to swallow a new law directly aimed at destroying leftist movements or appear as weak on Putin. It'll work flawlessly because Dems stupidly hyped it up and gave it life.

The debate over gun control has made it into a 2018 issue, just as Senator Manchin (D-WV) lost his NRA endorsement. He ain't getting reelected and Hietkamp is in the crosshairs too while Republicans have a good chance of poaching Franken's vacated seat. Democrats need to pick up at least two Senate seats to have a clear majority, Manchin leaving would bring it up to three, Hietkamp and Franken would bring it up to five.

Dems have a weak hand, especially as Trump starts moving on trade.

This was the Republican house investigation. The Mueller one is still on the table. It's just a circus performance really, a really lame one even in comparison to the Mueller investigation.

Shh, let Holla Forums larp about their "accelerationism" and the worker revolution that won't happen.

Dems would be more than happy to kill leftist movements.

And we're the larpers

I highly doubt this administration will last, mostly due to the absolute economic hell that awaits basically anyone involved in any level of trade at all. So I guess North Korea and Cuba might be spared. If you pay attention to economic news, it is basically a foregone conclusion that a total economic wipe out is going to happen.

That won't stop Trump, it will merely give him a blank check to enact more Tariffs which is what voters in swing states want. Wall Street can completely collapse, San Francisco can completely burn to the ground so long as workers in Pontiac, Cincinnati, and Harrisburg get more hours at work. He knows exactly how to win here, and it's focusing all his energy in running the gauntlet and getting an EV win.

The only thing that could stop him is if Democrats suddenly went harder than him on trade or do a 180 on guns and crush him because of his recent move towards gun control. But Democrats refuse to do both these things, therefore Trump has all the room to operate as he needs.

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All Trump is doing is purging their jobs faster.

Take steel for example. The reason steel jobs have been in the decline isn't because of cheaper alternatives, but rather because technology has progressed to the point that we don't need large refineries to make a lot of steel. We can do it with smaller plants and a smaller work force.

The tariffs, like the tax cut, are just another dump of cash into furthering the workers obsolesce. Steel workers, like the coal miners, will find themselves in a worse spot than when they started.

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wrong, the US imports more steel now than ever before. Jobs are gone because of outsourcing, not because of automation. In fact the outsourcing prevents automation because investors simply destroy steel mills for scrap rather than reinvest in them. Mitt Romney did this as head of Bain Capital.

Exactly which is why the Tariffs won't affect much in the US in the long term: reinvestment will happen then production will increase within smaller, but more automated, plants.

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