General discussion about arms.
Few questions.

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Just get a .22. If you live in a big city you're going to have to accept either buying a gun club membership (usually about $20-30/mo) or driving 10-12 hours to BLM land to go shoot it. Also if you're under 21 you should just go buy a gun now because many states are looking at raising the age to 21 across the board.

bullpup AK kits are sexy 2bh

also: if you want authentic Soviet (non-capitalist) clothing/gear 50s/60s surplus is still cheap to find online under $50

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Can u get a PAL in canada if youve seen a psychiatrist?

Kinda' depends on where you're at, and what exactly you're wanting a gun for.

If you're in the US you'd probably be in the market for an AR over an AK, though maybe you'd be more inclined to get a handgun and concealed carry if personal security is your top motivator.

I'd say don't worry so much about a plate carrier and helmet, you'd be better off with two guns (and a friend to wield one) and/or more ammo - again depends on what you want to do, but let's be honest, that armor is likely just going to sit in your room taking up space.

I tend to recommend pump-action shotguns to people who are new to guns. They're usually very affordable, they last basically forever even when given minimum care, and because it's a shotgun you can shoot a lot of different kinds of ammo for your situation. Between birdshot, buckshot, and slugs, you can basically hunt anything in North America with a shotgun - plus shooting clay pigeons is just a fun thing to do with friends imo.

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1. If you've never fired a gun before? Anything in .22LR to help get used to it. This also has the benefit of being legal in countires with stricter laws. If you have experience? Do your research and find a cheap decent rifle to train on. Theres plenty of internet gun types that can recomend one based on your countries laws.

2. Armour varies, in any place that allows it you can usually find decent army surplus flak jackets and some plates and plate carriers for cheaper. If your willing to spend more look into the higher end plate carries and civillian vests.

Helmets are the same. Cheap old steel buckets are pretty common. But expect to pay allot for the more modern ballistic helmets.

Remember: Body armour doesnt make you immune to bullets. Just more likely to surve if you get hit.

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It depends where you live. Different laws and prices in each country mean different options are available. For example in Canada an SKS is a great first rifle because they are usually about $250, whereas in the US they are much more expensive ($400+) and you would be better off with a hi-point carbine or 10/22.

The best cheap armour out there is probably Bundeswehr or US surplus flak jackets. They will stop pistol and shotgun ammo as well as shrapnel, but anything more than that (like intermediate rounds) it won’t help much. For helmets you can get comblock (typically GDR, Czech, or Hungarian) steel surplus for under $100, but again, this will only stop some pistol rounds and shrapnel.

The Little Green Book (IRA field manual, not Ghadaffi’s political treatise of the same title)
US Army field manual
On Guerilla Warfare by Mao
Violent Politics by William Polk
The Other Side of the Mountain (I forget the author but it’s about Mujahideen tactics)
Basically anything on the Murderkube site.

There are also some great YT channels.

Forgotten Weapons
InRange TV
Military History Visualized

Pic is me on vacation in Labrador.

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Taken from /k/


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Also in reference to the material on the murderkube, considering there is tons of it, I would recommend a few starting documents.

I recommend this one over the US army one because the Canadian army doesn’t have the resources the US does, which means there will be far less stuff about waiting until an air strike blows your enemy to shit and more about actually dealing with them using small arms and infantry tactics.

Jihadist ideology aside, its basically about preparing your mental state for armed conflict and the tools needed to begin.

An analysis of Soviet tactics in the Soviet-Afghan war. It’s important because the Soviet army of 1985 was more or less equipped like a modern western army, with a robust Air Force, IR tech, etc.

Yo what's a good gun to rob places with.

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I live in America and I wasn't really interested in guns, but I feel like I need some now that I'm moving out from my parent's house, what should I get if I'm new to guns?

CZ 75 is pretty dope, easy to shoot, and simple to maintain. Cheap too.

It's way easier if you live in Northen Ireland mind you as "personal protection" is a justified permit unlike in the rest of the UK where you have to provide a reason such as hunting or some bullshit. They're only really going to give it to you in that case if you happen to be a farmer.
In N.Ireland there also isn't any restriction on the calibre used for Handguns and Shotguns.

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just get a 22lr, preferably a bolt or lever action

just trust me on this, you'll understand once you get it

Was that law brought in as an excuse to legally arm the UVF?

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Is that the Yugoslavian 9mm model of the TT-33? Want! Too bad I’m a leaf and a handgun license literally gives the RCMP the right to search me without a warrant. However I am excited about the $1000 non restricted AR-18 clones we are getting.


It's the Zastava M57, basically the same as the TT-33 but a little different (the grip on the back of the slide is the biggest difference cosmetically). These babies fire a 7.62x25 mm round, a much faster and stronger than a regular 9mm. These are great defense pistols and they are fun as fuck to shoot. Not to mention they are cheap as fuck ($200 to $300 USD).

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Part of the Good Friday agreement

Heckin nice setup my dude

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There’s nothing fancy about it, just my SKS and a Chinese milsurp ammo pouch. I added a tapco 20 rounder to the rifle and filed the lips so it takes stripper clips (pic related).

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I own one from my socialist grandpa, he killed some reactionary Albanians in the Kosovo war with it. Quite a gun, has beautiful Yugoslavia inscriptions on top.

Here's a PDF I've stashed away some time ago. "How to Start and Train a Militia Unit"
I can, as an conscript NCO vouch that there are good advice in it, but it's a little vague and generalizing. It's only 30 pages printed with a large font, after all.

That's why I've added the US Army's Soldier's handbook on the side. I assume most of you have enough brain-mush located within your sculls to filter out the jingoistic bullshit and focus on the good and relevant tips and points this publication has.
While having well-trained shooting skills is all good and fine, most of the time you'll be waiting or doing something else beyond fighting, so pay close heed on the topics of maintenance, organization, communication, and maintaining your own health. To stay reliable and to hold high morale requires more than mere muscle and stubbornness. While those two do help quite a bit, taking into account proper nutrition, keeping yourself well hydrated; keeping your feet without blisters, dry and clean; good hygiene and proper sleep makes it all much easier.

Remember: Memorizing things as if they were some sacred doctrine is not the important part. What's important is to know how and why certain things work they way they do and how to improvise and apply this knowledge.
It's not as much about knowing, as it is about having trained in practice the actual physical part, using the knowledge, thinking and weighing it, bending and molding it in a thousand different (imagined) situations until you no longer need to care about what the manual said, but use and adapt proven ideas and tactics to what you have at hand.

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Anyone else walk with holding their gun on a treadmill? I do it with my 1943 Mosin and it feels so good to walk with the butt in my palm

larping feels good friend, try it by yourself it's great

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I hope mine has the inscriptions on top cause I've seen a few that haven't but maybe because those are the newer models. I bought a military surplus one for $240 so I definitely hope mine has the badass markings on the slide if not oh well. I'd be pretty disappointed

Reminder: The functional differences between small arms has very little difference on any kind of firefight so long as the weapon was designed for modern conflict and not WWI. Basically anything since Cold War weapons design started is going to be roughly the same with only slight differences, most of which the most notable is going to be if the firearms in bulk function properly on a regular basis.

You guys need to be talking about how you're going to procure heavier weapons and how you're going to devise strategy around what you can get. Talking about muh raifus every time the topic of weapons comes up is pure larping.

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What strikes your fancy, user?

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This is the most wonderfully autistic thing I've seen outside of /k/ in a while.

This honestly. Guns are fun to talk about, but we should focus more on getting them into peoples hands and not the specifics.

I wanna lug around a 40mm Anti-material rifle.

I have a army reserve warehouse a block from me. Easy.

what a pleb

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The 1920s called, they want their anti tank weapons back.

I never left tho

It looks like a fucking star wars blaster.

I hate bullpups, but this AK looks like some space age Russian tech.

I want one now.

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Hint It's just a regular foldable buttstock AK with some string and plastic. Worse than just using it regularly.

What the hell is with americans. Why they gotta make guns weird.

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it's a christian based cult originating from korea, never knew they were total psychopaths though

it has a shitty heavy trigger and the magazine insertion is clumsy. impossible to shoot lefthanded.

Was this gun produced with the intent of being novelty or does it have some intended purpose?

get what the police and local armed forces use comrade.

Very Misleading. The AK and AR in the photo are calibers above .22


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How small is too small for a pistol ? Which caliber is best for a smallish self defence pistol? Are those derringer style pistols that fire rifle calibers any good?

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I've seen a lot of books about making DIY firearms, but not a lot of books about making DIY ammo. Any recomendations?

Oh neat thanks

try this user>>2436167

Is there a version of this in English (or something similar)

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Its basically novelty.

If it doesn't fit comfortably into your hand it isn't a good combat pistol.

This baby finally came in and it has the inscriptions on it

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shit pistol m8

How so?

yup, easily, been on theraphy for 5 years no problems

Lets show Holla Forums that we mean business, they won't be able to pick on us and call us soyboys. We show them how many gun we are interested in and they'll be too scared to mess with us.