How can you advocate for communism when you know damn well what happend to Eastern Europe and Russia...

How can you advocate for communism when you know damn well what happend to Eastern Europe and Russia? Is it even possible to become so much beta?

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economic growth?


woah what an hot take

I live there, commies have done a pretty good job repairing what your buddies left in rubble.

Read a book

I live there too actually. Where are you from?

sucking metaphorical dick is chad as fuck actually, you're right

Poland, posting straight from a commieblock.

Then you should know how it all went down dont you? Why did Poland refuse communism? Im awaiting your answer.

Do not regurgitate what you think happened there.
Ask how and why things happened.
This is non-brainlet modus operandi 101.

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no thanks

Are you denying that the USSR achieved incredible economic growth, rapid industrialization, improved living standards, improved life expectancy, improved literacy rate, and went from being a shithole peasant society to the worlds's second most powerful country and the first country to explore space, under socialism?

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It went to shit near the end due to some bad economic decisions and USSR falling apart, not to mention that PZPR higher ups helped dismantle it themselves to save their own asses.

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Yawn… *cough* hlodomor *caugh*

kek thanks for your answer now go and advocate for communism more.

*cough* 80 milion people dead *cough*

comrades just stop replying to this piece of shit.
its always the same asshole. How do i know? Because of his trademark broken english. This guy as been shitposting on Holla Forums for a while now

Can you lefties be more cringeworthy than this?

hell yeah, and it should happen again.
arrest the kulaks.

It's already happening hope you love it

This is literally the level of discourse of all wandering Holla Forumstards rearing their ugly ass around here. Please consider killing yourself ASAP.

You will never be cool as rightwingers im sorry my boy. We have anime you have no food.


is it brainlet hour or something?

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this better be satire

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Unlike the holocaust, pic related actually happened.

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Are you talking about Africa? What the fuck is this

where the anchor @

woah dude you're so edgy, i don't think we can handle the heat you pack under that oversized trench coat

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Where's the argument?

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what did he mean by this?

are you talking about kulaks?
like wtf?

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I literally dont know what the fuck are you talking about. The poster you posted literally tells no country where this is happening.

in your mom's butt LOLE

Maybe check the sources on the image you massive brainlet.
ctrl+f "CIA"
0 results

Once you have sex, communism makes sense


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lmao, go fuck your self brave son of Evropa

Socialist Vietnam actually invaded Cambodia to stop the killings, while the US government watched and did nothing because they knew the Khmer Rouge would be a thorn in Vietnam's side.

"Feminist anarchist"
i tough that commies hated identity politics "they get the bullet too" but looks like another lies like they spout everyday

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Okay but what does it have to do with capitalism?

So this is the famed right-wing reading ability…?

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too many reruns of this episode

lmao you don't even need condoms to avoid stds if you aren't stupid. Enjoy dulling the nerves of your mutilated cock on your favorite fapsock


so much for the cognizant right

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a dirty sock is actually more clean than you, how does that feel?


I dont enlighten me

Can you pinpoint me which countries do you mean?

Pretty much every country in Africa right now, my dude.


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The only thing drier than a womyn's cunt when she sees you is your dick, how does that feel?

But Africa was shithole even far before capitalism

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syntax like this is too atrocious to deserve serious responses, learn to use commas and then hang yourself dipshit

Thanks for telling me truth. You are truly generous.

Outside of your NEET depression den in America that was subsquently effected by US actions during the Cold War.

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Did you just admit that you need to hang yourself

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okay i guess?

So was Europe, where the vast majority of people similarly were mudhut-dwelling peasants. Your point?

truly the bright mind of feminism, no wonder why neckbeards maga fedoras have more impact holy shit

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Maybe 5000 years ago but Africa was like this literally 1 second ago

fucking lmao

Wait until you learn there's a federal judge who was a Playboy model

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Oh it's just the Eastern side of Europe that's a shit hole I see.

Not the British Empire, which actually is not as bad as the USSR, actually (despite America and the British Empire together having bigger kill counts than the USSR ever did)

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typical tactical when there is nothing to say, even less surprise if is from a STDs ridden feminist

No she's right, you even admitted you needed to hang yourself.

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Um well, sweety, I hate to brake it to you BUUUUT Holla Forums is an anti-virgin space since all of the folks here have lost their virginity. I know it's a culture shock after being around so many reactionaries, but you're just gonna have to deal with it.

where? I'd like to see it.

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The condition of European peasants remained similar to that of African peasants well into the 19th century. And capitalism isn't "5000 years" old.

See pics related.

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What city is that?

I'd love to go there and get stuffed full of nonwhite dick tbh

more like pro disease even having the opportunity to avoid it entirely

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Nice hope it will go well. Really rooting for you.

Holla Forums is a pro-heart disease board. It is pozzed with men ready to die of heart attacks

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What are you even talking about you dumb nigger

maybe you lot did away with the latter there would be a bit fewer of the former?

You're going to die of a heart attack within the next twenty years

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Kigali, Gaborone and Nairobi, respectively.

Okay you said that capitalism kills milions of people yearly but you also claim capitalism build those cities. So which one is it? Both?

Ah… the ole liberal false dichotomy

Fanatics people tend to gloss over inconsistencies in their beliefs

But more specifically, people built those cities :)

So if people build those cities they can also build water filtering facilites, hospitals and farms.

You're so hoping that generation z picks up white nationalism because you know all of you are going to die of being unhealthy and American unexpectedly within 1 to 3 decades. It doesn't help most of you are neets who don't move out of the house. Even if you weren't, your board is just filled with people who consider their own personal health secondary to the health of everyone else, which is hilarious.

Holla Forums is more pozzed than anyone else. Pozzed with high blood pressure, diabetes, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and eventually cardiac arrest,

You preaching how much you're going to beat our ass? Last fucking year one of your own speakers in New York during the "Anti Sharia March" passed over and died of a fucking heart attack right then and there hahahahahaha, just from walking too far in the heat during the summer

All of you are absolutely fucked, but I'm sure the current US government will help you not die from the evil MS-13 conspiracy. That's what's REALLY jeopardizing your life

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They can in theory do those things. You can in theory get laid, but you still haven't.

I am dumber for having read your arguments, OP. Your understanding of the world is infantile at best. You have an unjustified, smug, know-it-all attitude that you prop up with half-assed, wikipedia-tier arguments. There are 2 possible solutions to this problem:
1. Do some honest research. Check your sources and check your sources' sources. Intentionally burst the bubble that is your worldview. Genuinely go looking for reasons your preconceived notions are wrong.

2. Kill yourself. It'll open up a spot in the gulag for someone who it is actually possible to re-educate.

Nice thanks for words of courage. I hope i will get laid and will stop being virgin.

Hope is just the necessary precondition for disappointment, especially when it comes to having sex.

The "I'm Going to Die of Heart Disease" Starter Pack

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Chill Hoochie, now your just shitting up and bumping the thread more then the anfem baiter was.

It's on sage/do not bump you retard

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I did and i found out it's the jews. Thank me later.

Holla Forums isn't a source, my very sweaty hog like friend

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It's not but when you kill whites it is.

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They indeed do but i would rather be in Jewish capitalism than in Jewish communism.

capitalism inherently supports some (albeit very little) development in the third world, this is undisputed. However, to to it's own internal contradictions, it is doomed to fall.
Lern2Dialectics negro

It's a good thing Nazi Germany killed more Europeans than anyone else by initiating World War II and falling in on itself. Great fucking job Professor Coronary

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Holodomor was the result of bad weather and kulaks


Just tried to protect Europe from communism.

holy shit where do you live

So both capitalism on communism are jewish controlled despite both being diametrically opposed to one another and the fact we almost went to nuclear war over it

Just exactly how does this happen Conner Coronary? Explain it to me, Harold Congestive Heart Failure

Well you're retarded and not one historian agrees with you.


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Jew dont care what ideology if they can control

It's literal fact

Historians dont need to agree when you had teachers and parents who told you this. Btw im from Eastern Europe.

"Haven't you commies realized Jews control everything, everywhere, all the time?" - OP, probably

This might be too :think: for me

Are you a high school drop out

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You're from America don't fucking lie hahahahaha

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That's right better being dead than commie

School wont teach you this

I can prove it

Protecting Europe means killing shitloads of Europeans to protect the profits of a very small few Europeans. So I guess all of mankind is whomever is a billionaire and no one else.

Then I guess they've already won. Doesn't this make them the real "Master Race"?

So you are a high school drop out

No you can't, you'll probably pass out from your obesity before you can make the next retarded argument

You're probably this retarded because you already suffered a stroke

ayyyyyyyyyyy la sudaca de europa…..

I believe him
slaves are literally the niggers of Europe

fard on my dick

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They are

Germans invaded countries to assume control not to kill everyone in it. Are you this retarded my man.


It's spelled Slavs and indeed we are niggers of Europe you gotta have that nigger strenght when rest of europe will literally turn into nigger countries

um actually slavs live in miserable concrete buildings instead of mudhuts so they're totally much better than niggers

give a source then.

Ever heard of propaganda?

Damn, I'll be honest. I was hoping you'd sperg at this revelation. Now, I'm bored.

never my man what is that?

Mein kampf

Yes, both. You would be capable of grasping that if your world view did not rely on interpreting the world as a Manichean battle between god and evil.

I was lying the only master race are Slavs.

lol the cringe is real

My teachers told me the Earth was 6000 years old and that a man walked on water. This has to be true because teachers are infallible.

I actually agree

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The difference between your teachers and mine is that my teachers which were literally 80 years old might lived throught this regime which ended 30 years ago.

Glad we have something in common.


I'm sorry, I can't hear any argument over your ass pain-induced shriekings.

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There are always casualities when you try to overtake country by force. For example Czechosloakia was without casualities they even welcomed Germans. t. Slav

Those poor peasants with their 80% illiteracy and medieval life expectancy, getting centrally heated apartments and toilets for the first time in their lives. Damn those evil communists!


do you realize how stupid that makes you sound or are you simply immune to irony

Have you tried not overtaking a country by force?

The majority of folks who lived through communism disagree with you though.

Kek dat propaganda. Im sure glad we had no food in stores and had to wait several hours in order to get cheap bread.


I don't

I don't think so.

Thousands of civilians were deliberately massacred — those weren't unfortunate "casualties". In fact, in Eastern Europe, many were exterminated just like Jews to make way for Aryan lebensraum.

Nice i guess the 700 000 gypsies which live now in my country were acidentally spared and they killed slavs instead.

Um, have you bothered to check just how many people in former Soviet states want the USSR back?

fucking imbeciles

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This doesn't have anything to do with what I just said. How can you justify the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent white civilians and then pretend to be a consistent defender of the white race?

You literally cant make this shit up

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The truth hurts.

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2 fucking seconds in google you dumbfucks

Most russians want communism back, this is a known fact.

Forgot pick

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…Literally nothing you posted said that she was a practicing jew. Are you a bit mentally retarded?

What i implyied by my post is that those slaughers were lie a fake.


I'm confused…. are you using this article as evidence the SU sucked?

(me) was saying that most people want the USSR back, not the other way around.

That's very juicy board

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Capitalism brought the worst years the russian people and ex-USSR countries ever experienced

It's really hard to debade lefties when most of their responses are ad hominems with mix of cringe.

Sorry replied to wrong comment

You don't have a whole lot of self-awareness, do you kiddo

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Wow, pot calling the kettle black right here. We have provided evidence, you just ignore it and dismiss it.

Your OP is an ad hominem lmao

All of those evidences were debunked in 0.1 second after posting.

Come now, you know better than that. Come join me in laughing at this braindead retard.

Which one


… Do you have any evidence to back that up? Was the Generalplan Ost somehow staged?

debunked =/= ignored

This is top notch trolling, i swear.

You don't know how proof works, do you?

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If Holla Forumsyps had self-awareness, they wouldn't be Holla Forumsyps/

I have to answer to lots of people since im the only Holla Forums there. Please dont post that quickly i cant debunk you retarded ideology fast enought

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Hot damn, you are terrible at this.

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Stop wasting time by responding to us then

Yeah becasue killing half of Europe is literally retarded and you belive in shitty propaganda


I can't wait to see you post that "JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY" headline.

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Protip: bantz ≠ debunking

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Okay im leaving this board since you are all little big retarded and i cant respond to you because every time i respond to you i lose a little bit of my Autism Level points. Please dont hurt yourself my boys communism will sure rise again!

*little bit

The Wehrmacht high command held a meeting in May 1941 and agreed that millions of people would have to starve in eastern Europe to sustain the war effort.


Nigga we both know you're going nowhere, you crave the tiny shred of validation that getting the other camp riled up gives you. Your pathetic ass is gonna be back here in 5 minutes.

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Nobody claimed that the Nazis had slaughtered half of Europe. They did murder hundreds of thousands, though — sometimes in a planned fashion.

And the source of your enlightened knowledge is…? :^)

Nice then i guess they didn't need to do anything since communism did it anyway. Lol

You are 100% right my man

(waits for the Holla Forumsyp to claim that this post constitutes a "debunking")

Also, looks like I was right.

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Well there you have it lads, he admitted it.

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sad tbh

There is nothing to debunk becasue it didn't happen.

Nice joke, but Nazis caused far more starvation and death than the Soviets ever did, 2/3 of total Soviet casualties were civilians. They also caused famines in Greece and Netherlands.

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Army gotta eat when you are occupied by furry commies.


Ah, so this is the right's fabled "debunking" ability.

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As i said i cant debunk literal pony conspiracies about equestria.

Holla Forums is addicted to bait. If we do one day succeed in wiping out all reactionaries, we will eventually die of withdrawal.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

He knows that he's not smart enough to engage in an honest debate, so he's puffing up his ego with trolling.

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Or more correctly we are stupid and unfunny cringelords who thinks commoonism is da best. Please fuck my boypussy big nazi chad.

So this is the right's fabled memeing ability

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you got me there i admit defeat

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simply EBIN my fellow redditor.

Attached: 1365019565_Thomas-Sankara.jpeg (699x453, 114.2K)

And yet it failed, the untermensch system proved to be superior

Attached: 145841099696.jpg (1144x800, 120.34K)

We have won all meme wars i have meme heart when i was shot by unknown meme shrapnel from enemy cringelord. Im veteran and hero


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Was electing a retard for a president part of your plan?

Attached: Was getting caught part of your plan _df90bccf5c65168663f246cdaa4e1e49.png (249x386, 101.12K)

fuckoff retard

if you aren't going to learn about the insane achievements of socialism and communism. and if you are going to pretend like the cold war didn't happen or feudal russia or starving capitalist india/africa/latin america is "good" because of the freedom of corporations to own the means of production privately then you should kill yourself.

also how could you advocate for capitalism when pic related

Attached: hurp durp communism killed 10 million people.jpg (1023x995, 320.56K)

Zerg rush is best strategy i agree


For shame, Ba'shar.

You're wasting your time, he's just a dumbass who came here to start a fight. Join me in laughing at him

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Thats literally best thing capitalism has ever done

Ah yes, the grand strategy of the "le ebin master race"


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Well congratulations, we have a dipshit for a president! Now what's the next step of his master plan?!

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This is Holla Forums-tier garbage. Let us not sink to their level.

As i said i cant debunk furry conspiracies fellow comrade.

They kicked nazi ass and industrialized most of the country?

May Allah destroy all of you.

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I dont even know anymore i lost too many smart boy points.

Well, then at least you have the courage to own up to your general lack of intelligence.

meanwhile, at Holla Forums…

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They never had another famine, excluding the one caused by WWII

What happens when he pulls the trigger?


next he's gonna find out about this flag here and thinks we got this board under our control

pol really does have autism

Have you read it? Specific low numbers are mixed with wild thrown out of the blue millions.

They watched too much hollywood propaganda and thought everyone gets rich in capitalism. Instead Poles got unemployment, mass inflation that destroyed savings, theft of national wealth and exploitation that destroyed birth rates and we go extinct now. Contratulations, capitalism saved us, time to die now.

Knowing what happened to eastern europe and russia is an excellent reason to support communism though. And I'm not even a tank.

Economics is not the cause de jour, its now classism.

Post-communist Europe is far more nationalist, traditionalists in ethnically native. Capitalist Europe is degenerate, multiracial and effeminate. As a Not Socialist (Nazi to dumb Amerimutts) I would rather live under communism than capitalism.

Tie your tubes my dude.

Become industrialized modern nations and the number 2 world superpower on the planet for over 50 years? How awful.

Muh not real socialism
Btw it wasn't real socialism, neither is Venuzuala, only Volkich Socialism is real socialism and the Volich Socialism of Not Socialist Germany is the only political system to have not failed economically, they only failed due to fighting an war against enemies 4 to 5 times their size and even then almost won if Pearl Harbour wasn't false flagged

if poland is so great why are all of you cunts flooding england looking for work? polish nationalists are seriously retarded

what a tragedy, i seriously hope no one tries to overthrow the bourgeoisie ever again

no man, we're living under jewish capitalism right now, not my perfect incorruptible white capitalist utopia that's totally never been tried before! also entire ideologies and economic systems can be co-opted and taken over by whole ethnic groups

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It makes me really sad to see the amount of responses on this obvious bait OP.
We should only seriously engage with people who aren't shitty, low level trolls.