Treasonous Bolsheviks

Why did so many of the Old Bolsheviks end up committing treason and trying to reinstate capitalism?

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Internal contradictions of the USSR economy.

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it was a joke, this is a stealth anti-Stalin thread
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That's exactly what Lenin did though.

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The old bolsheviks that mattered didn't commit treason

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They didn't deserve to get executed. But the idea that all the old bolsheviks except Stalin were saints is ridiculous.

economically speaking, spared workers the brunt of the great depression, and had a hand in the USSR becoming an industrial powerhouse but socially and politically wise he was an absolute buffoon, allowing reactionary policies to make a comeback, was a little to late to mend the damage done by the NKVD and the initial mismanagement of grain during the famines.

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Stalin was poisoned.

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there's no concrete evidence to support this theory

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there is, you just haven't bothered to look into it. this isn't doubted by anyone familiar with the facts.

why did stalin's autopsy not reveal it then?

sorry, but this is just a bunch of anecdotal evidence being manipulated. that first article even claims stalin's death prevented a second great purge. i'm not buying this.

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I forget where in Hoxha’s works he mentions it but he recalls that a top Soviet official confessed Stalin was assassinated. There’s a lot of evidence from multiple parties on this issue.

Alternative theory

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Tito could have been involved he certainly would have had the contacts because they had decent relations with the Soviets until 1949

Even if it is true, Tito and Yugoslavia are worth defending.

muke probably made this thread himself to screencap it.

Prety sure there is no actual historical record that this shit hapend. And that its prety much one of those internet stories that are fake.

best source on this? imo it does look suspicious

Because communism is fake.
It was only a couple of geniuses against the entire World all the time, like Lenin and Stalin were along some other loyal companions committed to the people and the country and not to some spooky fantasy.
Just look at how Stalin managed to win the war: he had to build a wall around himself and made sure that every order would have passed through his office, because he can't trust anyone. This show the lunacy in the communists' mind. They didn't care. Even in the face of extermination. All they wanted was to bring Joseph down, before, during and after the war. So sorry if I'm not sorry if some of them get shot. Let's face the reality: you fellow comrades are the victims of a longtime scam and this "old bolshevik" rhetoric is bullshit and plain aristocratic stupidity. They were autists period.
If you build a literal cult that worship Lenin and Stalin as gods you get an ideology more revolutionary than regular communism.

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Now here's a spook. Communism is not an identity, try again.

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killing every single revolutionary and replacing them with illiterate sycophants is actually existing socialism, made by stalin gang

Come on now, the sycophants were at least literate.

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It's not Stalin's fault if the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧true revolutionaries🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 murdered every single person associated with him to prevent a nice succession. But I guess they don't count, they weren't of the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧chosen breed🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧