Putin destroys Megyn Kelly

Propagandist Megyn Kelly did an interview with Putin:

Since NBC cuts out a lot of stuff, edited it, cut up sentences and all that, also better read the transcript: en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/57027

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Oh I just saw that NBC put out six parts. I'd expect them to be roughly the same.

Christ, Hillary was hiring trolls.
This shit is so stupid

should have posted the whole interview
They edited the fuck out of this thing

Also, favorite Putin quote so far

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Putin is worth 400 billion dollars.
Why would Marxists hero worship him?

Personally I would give him the gulag, and give his money back to the proletariat.

No one here is deluded enough to think Putin is a Marxist.

is it just me or does he look kind of like a claymation automaton there

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Where’s the proof tho?

There are some definite burns throughout the interview.

In this video he denies these claims, but anyway: I don't have to like his policies or ideology, I just enjoy him seeing annihilating this neocon piece of shit mouth piece. That's all.

enjoy seeing him*


but yeah, he does look kind of weird in this.

Plastic surgery.




Made by Holla Forums

Nobody says this you fucking tool

t. mad burger

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He's a neo-something mouthpiece himself. George W. Bush destroyed Trump more than once, but I'm not going to glorify his raggedy ass. Putin is probably in top 10 richest men.. They all lie including Putin. I don't trust him or Kelly.

Psssh… Nothin Personnel… Kid…

I didn't actually know that Putin doesn't speak english at all. That he needs it translated. Strange, I thought someone like him should at least be able to understand it.

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who in this thread do you see even saying he doesn't?

People do say it though, pretty often actually

Whatever though. Another cold war is fucking stupid.. so glorify away I guess. I personally like Russian people too much to keep beefing with him. Putin is still a kulak though.

Point taken.

I'm actually Russian and it pisses me off seeing Western leftists praise this corrupt borderline fascistic piece of shit just because he's anti-america so that makes him a paragon of socialism or something

Why can't you recognize both sides as faggots?

t. mad pussy riot

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t. leftoid mongrel praising police state that routienly locks up and tortures activists

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Russia is imperialist.

t. butt mad CIA stooge mad people don't uncritically swallow propaganda to start another cold war

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As an American taxpayer this is by far my favorite part. Can some make a gif out of this?

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he's fluid in German tho

fucking lel
Does this guy just go on U.S. media shows to verbally shitpost?

Is there any other reason to appear on US media?

Good lord the editing is terrible. It feels so jumbled.
Do Americans really have such an short attention span that to guarantee retention, drama, and revenue they have to compress an hour or so of talking into just a few minutes?
The basic message and the points get trough, true, but it's still disgusting.
Not knowing Russian, the jump-cuts forced me to weigh every damn statement with careful skepticism. Fucking annoying.

Thanks for the transcripts, though.

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Yes, and it's the only reason to like him. He had me lolling in a couple spots.

How could any Marxist not love the head hancho of Russians oligarchs?

Have you seen a picture of Putin with his shirt off? He is the perfect authoritarian for people with daddy issues.

Just look at those pecs.

No seriously though… Why would I as a Marxist consider his account more trustworthy then, let's say, an account by Al Jazeera? What makes Putin more trustworthy than random journalists? Especially, when said random journalists regularly report that there is subversion of Russian democracy which keeps right wing elements in power? I ask, if these same journalists exposed Wall Street corruption and an economic depression would you signal that you believed their report is accurate? I'm not advocating starting a cold war, but this man Putin is like the first modern politician I've seen get several threads filled with praise in here. Why would we praise a right winger authoritarian like Putin as a trustable hero, but dismiss Bernie or Corbyn as untrustworthy shills? This seems counterproductive to me… change my mind.

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CIA shills are out in force today trying to correct the record.

That shit is ironic at best user. Not to mention people likes how he pisses off bourgies at home.

Maybe he does understand it, but it's to his advantage to have everything go through a translator and communicate in his native language.

Ya know, Alunya being a cat and an anarchist she probably never bathes.

Yes, anyone who believes Putin is an oligarch and authoritarian is a CIA shill.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong. It all sounds like the very familiar Putin sticks it to the news media so he's awesome

True enough. Good enough answer for the questions.

I actually think it's good he's being liked here, and maybe even a little defended. But for completely different reasons, and I still get annoyed by Putin not being an object of ridicule by every last leftist. Still it's good for the world thatsome leftists have esteem for him. It's all very complicated.

Are you retarded?

Go watch a reality show sometime to get a taste of how horrible American tastes are. It's unbelievably how thoroughly sterile and manufactured media has become. And here it's of course being used to try to spin the interview.


but you are swallowing propaganda, dear amerimutt, kremlin propaganda

not shilling for russia is 'imperialism'? kys

Putin himself is less the point here than the fact that he's calling bullshit on America's dumb propaganda. Anyone with a shred of dignity and honesty could say this stuff. Having it come from Putin just adds insult because even someone like him is less dishonest than American media.


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Putin has gotten wise to what's going on with the media hysteria in the US since the last set of interviews. Now clearly aware that the media is pressuring trump and rebellious elements of the establishment on behalf of the military industrial complex. Interesting response, direct information dump to counter the propaganda. Went through a pretty garbage media outlet but given rt is tiny and actively censored its probably the best he could manage. Easing media pressure on Trump gives more chance that the warhawk elements won't prevail and russia gets some breathing room. Not a bad strategy but it will probably get spun and soundbitten into oblivion.

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As a Russian taxpayer this is the part I hate the most, because Russian oligarchs and statesmen own 'property' and their children live in the west, it is obvious that the missile is planed on being used on the Russian people and not the west.

'putin clone' is a very old Russian meme

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Pffft ahahah. Where the hell did they find this guy?

He's apparently this guy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_G._Stavridis
He's pretty much a military industrial complex toady.

Come on you cannot say something like that and still be taken seriously

Also, he was apparently almost Hillary's running mate.

there's software for recording your screen and saving it as gif or webm. search for gifcam, or webmcam.

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Implying if our tin cans could hit someone else's tin cans it would somehow make it a prudent investment.

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Everyone that is getting banned
Please come to >>>/leftpol/ with us, it's safe and sexy

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Yes, the modern Ameri-lard is an emotionally crippled and slow witted creature unaccustomed to protracted dialogue. Pretty much all modern American television is like this. All this is missing is an off-screen narrator telling you how to feel about everything from scene to scene.

I'm not joking. My favorite example of this, or how I show it to other people is, by watching an episode of the British version of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, then watching an episode of the American version. Both versions of that show are meant to be dramatic and kind of stupid in a particular way, but the differences are clear when you compare the two different editing styles side-by-side.

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Leftpol is boring

Already there. You can actually have leftist sectarian debates there. It's amazing. They don't censor you for not stroking the BOs ego or conforming to his pet ideology. You're actually free to criticize right authoritarians like Putin there.

Leftpol gets 10/10 for free leftist speech

Leftypol gets 0/10 for being highly censored and strangely pro right wing

Also screenshotting before and after censorship threads from Holla Forums where leftist sectarian debate has been quashed for not fitting BOs rigid pro censorship views. LuLz it's fucking hilarious how petty BO is.

Putin speaks English pretty well, but chooses to use a translator


fake news
All this shit is drummed up way to much just to justify another Cold War which will likely end in a stalemate again.

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Why the title of this 3d is not the title of a pron video?

Kelly is such a fucking idiot

All your pious whingeing over nothing makes me believe BO did nothing wrong, tbh.

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This is vid is satire but it's really not much different from what Ameican tv.

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Does he not speak well in that video? The Russian accent being evident doesn't imply he can't speak properly

He reads a script.

This is the correct answer.

Proles like Putin, the leftists hate him.
Leftists like alienating from proles, don't they?

Cheap bait.

sure, please sir continue to live in your fantasies

This is just lazy
Not even good bait.

Some hard BTFO bits

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