Daily News Thread 3/11

China's Xi allowed to remain 'president for life' as term limits removed

China has approved the removal of term limits for its leader, in a move that effectively allows Xi Jinping to remain as president for life.

Dennis Rodman Offers Help as Trump Prepares for Kim Meeting

President Donald Trump has got the support of former NBA star and “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Dennis Rodman as he prepares for a high-stakes meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Obstacles to Preventing Another Shutdown Include Hudson Tunnel, Border Wall

House and Senate negotiators aim to introduce a $1.2 trillion spending bill by Wednesday to avoid potentially messy battles that forced partial government shutdowns in January and February, according to members and aides involved in the talks.

Canadians question Trudeau’s eco-leadership as thousands march against pipeline

Thousands of demonstrators marched through a Vancouver suburb as part of an indigenous-led protest against a pipeline expansion project approved by ‘eco-friendly’ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Manchester Piccadilly train station closed by protest

Crowds of people are holding banners which read "stop Turkey from helping ISIS terrorists".

Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal

To the surprise of no-one, Saudi Arabia and Britain signed a huge new arms deal on Friday. It comes despite repeated calls for the UK to halt arms sales in light of massive civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Steve Bannon told a French far-right party to wear the 'racist' label 'as a badge of honor'

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon re-energized France's struggling far-right National Front party Saturday by speaking at a party congress and telling Marine Le Pen's nationalist supporters: "History is on our side."

Russia 'test-fires hypersonic Kinzhal missile'

Russia says it has successfully test-launched a hypersonic missile, one of a range of nuclear-capable weapons announced by President Vladimir Putin earlier this month.

Trump Pardons Sailor Who Invoked ‘Clinton Defense’ in Trial

President Donald Trump pardoned a former Navy sailor who served a year in prison for taking sensitive pictures of the reactor inside a nuclear submarine, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Friday.

Warren Says Banking Bill Has `Nothing' for American People

Senator Elizabeth Warren said a bill giving banks relief from rules imposed after the 2008 financial crisis could be a forerunner to another round of taxpayer-funded bailouts and make it easier for banks to discriminate on home mortgages and charge discriminatory fees.

Kentucky Man Pleads Guilty to Attacking Senator Rand Paul

The man accused of tackling U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in the Kentucky lawmaker's yard has pleaded guilty to the attack that broke the senator's ribs.

John McDonnell urges Labour MPs to stop appearing on Russia Today

Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said he won't be making any more appearances on Kremlin-sponsored TV station Russia Today.

Fake news spreads significantly faster than the truth - but don't blame Russian bots

Fake news is 70% more likely to be shared on Twitter compared with real news stories, a study has revealed.

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‘No Sanctuary for Nazis’: Antifascists Flyer Neighborhood After Atomwaffen Members Exposed


Meet the Democrats’ ‘Dirty Dozen’ Working to Gut Financial Reforms

Yet again, the Democrats sell out voters to moneyed backers, this time ones in the banking industry.

West Virginia Strike Highlights Corporate Media’s Atrophied Labor Coverage


How fucking dumb and sensational is this? He still needs to get elected by the congress.

New retrogressive legislation is getting passed against alcholics and drug addicts.

Also, in seperate news intellectuals and artists are signing petitions against Jeff Sessions War on California and marijauna.


Oh hey another nothingburger.

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Lefty brits, how serious are they taking this poisoned spy shit over there?

Pretty seriouse in fairness. The conservatives have been very very reluctant to point the gfinger at Russia but Labour hasn't said a peep. The Tories said they won't jump to conclusions and won't poin the finger at Rusia until there is conclusive evidence.

Amber Rudd who is a Tory and in charge of the police investigation is making pretty good progress in fairness. They won't say a peep about the Russians and when questioned on it she refused to answer.

Adjusting to new keyboard, sorry for typo's.

6 years ago i could have writen this sentence as a joke, oh the insanity.

Anti China rhetoric. It just means that there is no limit to his terms anymore but many Countries have that. He still needs to be elected

this 100%

Someone built a time machine and went back to the age of the Dinosaurs and stepped on a butterfly and fucked everything up that's the only thing that can explain this situation.

There is no possible way Dennis Rodman is coaching President Donald Trump on North Korea. That sentence is a madlibs sentence.


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"Both Theresa May and Mohammed bin Salman have said the relationship between the allies is vital. May said in the Commons on Wednesday intelligence sharing between the two has “saved hundreds of lives.” "


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But it's Dennis Rodman

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No, it really isn't lol.

The scary part about this is that Trump did it solely because he was on Fox News.

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Most intelligent right-wingers know history isn’t on their side. Cory Robin points out that from the perspective of the right-wing the Left has been in the drivers seat since the beginning of modernity starting around the time of the English revolution.

Hell, according to some reactionary thinkers like Nietzsche the real turning point was in the first century AD when Jesus Christ came a long and started preaching his “slave morality” designed to bring the masters low.

How the fuck can anyone justify this shit?

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Quick rundown on Dennis Rodman? Google returns some old basketball player. If it is that basketball player, does Trump think that comedy The Interview is based on reality and Kim really likes to play basketball and watch american trash tv?

apparently he's pretty close to kim and goes to see him sometimes.

please excuse that the interview has piers morgan in it, it's just the only interview i've seen (it was on in the morning) and i didn't want to trawl through other videos

Trump's obsession with this tunnel is truly bizarre.

He was one of Kim's favorite basketball players he watched when he was out of the DPRK to get a university education, let's him do whatever he wants apparently. Once trashed a room, never got in trouble. One of the few Americans who were ever actually close to Kim Jong Un

Did a lot of cocaine, did a lot of drugs, smoked a ton of dope, and drank more than his own body weight basically every day

The friendship between Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman is probably one of the weirdest connections of the modern political world, but Dennis Rodman is basically the US's information source into the DPRK

He's an infamous walking chemical dump of the 90's LA Lakers but he and Kim have had a weird friendship going on for a while now.

Twenty years ago Dennis Rodman was a tabloid sensation, as was Donald Trump, about how he was constantly high and how he constantly acted like an asshole

Ten years ago Dennis Rodman was washed up, so was Trump

5 to 4 years ago he was invited to DPRK, Trump was getting into politics on Fox News

Now Dennis Rodman is coaching President Donald Trump in the White House over his coming meeting with Kim Jong Un

If that does't make any sense, you're right, it doesn't make any sense

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Probably some friend of a friend's real estate project it's interrupting or fucking with and he's obviously bullshitting for him

top kek. Also, I had no idea Kim's love for basketball was true.

But thanks for rundown. But why does it not make sense? Who would be better to coach you about meeting Kim than his friend?

He's a big fan.

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Rodman was going through tabloids like a hot knife through butter throughout the 90's. He was infamous for doing so many drugs and showing up to so many games drunk and at any given time never being sober. Rodman was snorting lines, dunking hoops, and showing to the game drunk. And somehow this guy attracted Kim's attention. At the time he did, Rodman was dead washed up.

It's just bizarre how Kim Jong Un focused on him of all Basketball players. He also mostly played for the Bulls, I forgot to add that part.

It doesn't make sense because, he's Dennis Rodman. Why not Michael Jordan, Shaq, anyone, it's just hard to understand why you would chose the infamous druggie drama bitch from 90's basketball as the one guy who you see as almost a role model.

He also has a connection to Trump, for being on the Celebrity Apprentice when he was basically at his most washed up and dead inside

Now Dennis Rodman is coaching President Donald Trump as we speak in the White House. It's just, it feels like a news story from the Onion, it shouldn't be happening but the fates are asleep on the wheel, so it's happening

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The Dennis Rodman x Kim Jong Un thing is super cute

From what I've read from people who met with Kim, he seems to be quite a funny guy actually. Remember that he cracked ironic jokes with the South Korean delegation? They said that he is completely aware of the fact how he comes over to the west as a gung-ho militaristic dictator, and thinks it's funny and "not a big deal".

He also invited fucking Laibach to play in the DPRK on Fatherland Liberation Day. Laibach!!

There is no denial that Kim definitely is a bit of a hipster and has a sense of irony.

I think Kim would probably be fun to hang out with if you were able, I have to admit. He definitely spent some time in University having less of an edge then his father did.

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lol if you think he won't stay in power

US is just focusing on building up the anti-China narrative for a wave of sanctions later this year

It's probably because of NK's legal weed. I think Rodman was also promoting a weed crypto-currency called Potcoin.

Rodman is nonconformist and doesn't have much of a reputation to tank by going to NK, and he was on what is considered the greatest team of all time, the 72-10 Bulls that won a championship. Also he was a hell of a player grabbing rebounds. But yeah I think it was him instead of Jordan because why would Jordan take a huge risk of going to NK when he has businesses and brands to maintain like Nike. Shaq is on TV, same with Barkley, etc. Rodman is the right combination of famous, attached to GOAT team,weird, and not really up to much rn that makes him perfect as an impromptu ambassador.

Can we just mention how this is a huge cultural coup for the US that the grandson of a communist revolutionary loves the NBA and wants to see the weird man from TV?

There is nothing wrong with liking sports. I've never heard of North Korea supporting professional sports as a spectacle the way it's commodified in the USA. They regard sports in tradition of the olympic thought, as a bridge-building, friendly competition and to improve people's health.

Admittedly Rodman isn't a good example to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Cant make this shit up

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Marijuana is legal in the DPRK?

Well, that's actually true. I mean, Merkel has been chancellor for more than a decade now… which means she ruled Germany for a longer time than Lenin did the USSR. Helmut Kohl remained chancellor for a whole whopping 16 years well into his 80s.

Who are you fooling with this shit?

There's a rumour that it is. It would explain why Dennis Rodman went there if he thought it was.

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The Roo actually emailed a representative of the DPRK in the West and he basically confirmed that while it wasn’t commonly used it wasn’t actually illegal either.

The Soviets also used to grow Cannabis. Apparently Kursk is where they grew the good shit.

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Life time term limits are a bad idea.

Haven't the Albanians taken most of the European weed market since '91?

Capitalist political parties, and American political parties in particular, merely represent the interest of the bourgeois class, and the American bourgeoisie are anything but united at the moment. Considering that the party in power, the Republicans, don't even hide the fact that they're whores to bourgeois interests, not having the full backing of the bourgeoisie greatly hamstrings them.

True, it's like fostering corruption. Having a family that runs a country is basically like forcing royalty on people.

Do you reckon they hotbox the bunkers?

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Animated Communist Propaganda


How dare this tyrant pick for the people of [insert much weaker and poorer country here] Americans should be picking. DEMOCRACY!

Rex Tillerson fired from SoS