Right-winger Martin Sellner and his gf arrested by the Brit government and put in Britbong jail for hate speech


AHAHAHAHAHA. Where was you when the aut-right was pretty much BTFO forever?

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Depends, are we talking about the actual aut-right or the alt-right as a whole? Because the latter is fine, it's rise to prominence predates Holla Forums entirely as it began with the Tea Party in 2009. That said, they roll with the punches. Someone going to jail for hate speech is irrelevant since those laws are so broad, Sargon was always a lolcow, and YT/twatter bans are irrelevant since both are busy banning everything that isn't preapproved commercial crap in the first place. And Spencer is a cuck.

The real damage happened months ago when Milo bitched out of his talk at UC Berkeley. When he did that, not only did he make the Berkeley College Republicans look utterly incompetent but he also completely destroyed any hope for a constructive debate about free speech on campus. This was a debate the school's administrator was interested in and was going to force, she was going to allow Milo to speak to prove a point. Being the coward he was he didn't go, leaving all the free speech supporters looking like idiots and giving the censorship crowd a massive victory.

That was where the aut-right, and the entire free speech movement, fell. Not here.

It don't matter, as long as none of these chuds are allowed to spread their ideas or have any sort of platform it's fine. Also, I forgot to mention another right-winger got his shit kicked in by ANTIFA yesterday, lol: youtube.com/watch?v=s3avvIXO7OY

Watch these videos, for all the liberal cowards that say that "MUH VIOLENCE DOESN'T SOLVES ANYTHING" it clearly does.

cool can we stop talking about them here constantly then????

They're building new platforms. Just like Alex Jones did thirty years ago, this is what the Internet allows. There's also AM radio, which is overlooked in recent years but still exists.

What exactly is being solved here? Holla Forums files a lawsuit against local retards and the local municipal government then turns around and makes the cost of licensed protests much more expensive. Berkeley itself already classified "antifa" as a gang, and UCB has cracked down on the amount of available free speech zones on campus. Colleges all around America are also going so far to vet speakers and limit who can give lectures, because they don't want to pay for the police if someone controversial shows up. All that is happening is a gradual closing down of the public space, which Holla Forums doesn't care about since Holla Forums can just use private property.

Seriously, what exactly are you trying to demonstrate here?

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lol, not anymore. Even the Dailystormer will run out of domains and hosters willing to give them a platform if enough pressure is put, then retreat to the containment tor where literally no one except muh deep web spergs can read them.

Wrong, the only ones getting denied the public space is fascists, as it should be.

Even if this is true (it isn't, look at how the pirate bay still manages to operate, and the rise of onion sites) then all that is doing is creating a situation where web registrars are openly acting as content gatekeepers, a problem because once they do that every government will disagree over what standards they enforce which immediately causes local censorship. This already happens in countries like Turkey, Russia, Korea and China. Who does this predominately affect? Groups governments don't like, by and large leftists are more often targeted because they threaten private property owners; either their Intellectual Property via piracy, their businesses through worker organization (see radioshacksucks.com) or their property themselves through coordination of mortar strikes (see the over a dozen US military bases in Syria).

Stomping this out requires total control over all computer chips and radios, a thing that is impossible because people can just build computers and radios themselves. Like Richard Stallman of the GNU Project.

UCB has moved multiple times to ban "antisemitic" Palestinian groups and clubs from campus because they deny Israel's "right" to exist. Senator Dianne Fienstien (one of CA's Senators, the #2 Dem Senator overall) has tried to force it at the Federal level only to be rebuked by her own party. Her husband, who is a UC Regent, has tried to impose similar restrictions from within the UC administration. There is only one group that might benefit from this and that's literal fascist supporters who like Israel.

By the way, Fienstien herself has also suggested that First Amendment protections against libel lawsuits should only apply to journalists who get a government-issued journalism license. This has taken on more significance as of late with all the proliferation of "fake news", "russian hacking" and the aut-right. In particular, the goal here is to repeal NYT v. Sullivan, a landmark 1964 Supreme Court case which made the civil rights movement possible.

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This is supposed to be Y-P-G.

Trying to figure out how any of this helps me. I don't think it does.

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Skip to about 14 min in OP's video to get the money shot where he admits antifa is winning.

what does ANTIFA winning even mean if most of them are just for idpol and neoliberal garbage.
I mean it's better than these autistic neo nazi morons, but supporting American imperialism isn't really good either.

Could somebody just for once back up the assertion that antifa are liberals with some actual evidence?

He's saying it starting at 14:30. youtube.com/watch?v=SFT9UHytoxI&t=870s

he says something like they're winning because they're willing to go farthest in physically acting to disturb events they oppose.

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In the case of the Berkeley antifa they've been doing it for years now under various different banners. The oldest I can remember was when they were working with the anti-WTO protesters in the early 90s, which they helped poison by bringing violence to events. There was OWS in 2011, which they ruined when they shut down the port (causing OWS to loose the support of the AFL-CIO). They were a part of BLM until several of them were arrested due to involvement with attacks on BART metro patrons, and they now operate under "antifa".

But more broadly just ask them why they do what they do. They're "against fascism", by beating up on Holla Forumstards whom society normally uses as a freak show. None of them are working within De Leon's campaign to unseat Fienstien, and none of them attend Palestinian events at UCB (though in fairness they'd be banned from them if they did, because the last thing those clubs want are violent supporters attacking Israeli students). And more importantly, all of the ones who are exposed as being "antifa" are blacklisted from joining any AFL-associated Union because they do not want to be associated with random violence.

It's not so much the thought as it is the character, these people just attack any random person that claims to be conservative or otherwise controversial. This is what led to random, totally innocent leftist pedestrians being attacked at UCB in 2016 a thing which has caused both the city of Berkeley and UCB to crack down on any sort of clothing which conceals the face.

All good and fine, but you do realize the same people would look a communist up if communism gained traction?


And you're believing him? Besides the fact that Spencer is a known liar, the group willing to go the farthest here isn't Holla Forums and isn't "antifa". It's the Alameda County Sheriffs Department and their friends, including the private police force Union Pacific hires; which is notable because back when protesters shut down their tracks in 2013, they cut off the cell towers and sent in thugs with beanbag shotguns to clear the tracks. It was done and there are no records because everyone there was arrested and their phones destroyed in an "accident" while being transported. Similar tactics are employed by BNSF up north where environmentalists protesting oil trains engage in the same tactics.

They have the guns, the tax money and the voters. Which is why all other groups must obey them or face destruction, OWS only got so far as it did because for a time they had the support of the Union which organized the police.

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comment section fun:

nah man, i just found him saying it funny and wanted to at least provide the context what he means by that. obviously he says it not because it's true, but because he has a certain goal in mind

If antifa is winning then why is he still breathing? In America you have people willing to kill dozens of innocent high school students yet there is no one willing to kill this fucker. What a joke of a nation!


fuck off fascist