Jeez, fascists are so young nowadays
What should we do with this one boys? 😀😀😀😀😀
Me and my cronies already made him have the mental breakdown that was shown in the linked vid. Want to send some AntiFa supersoldiers after him to show him what happens to fascists?

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sent ;)

Fuck off, creep.

Real subtle Holla Forums

holy fuck pol could you please try harder. if you're going to consistently post low effort bait at least consolidate it into a single thread so we can laugh at you easily

Guy's probably doing it so he can screencap it, and go "YOU SEE WHAT MONSTERS Holla Forums ARE?!?!??!"

it's justified

That kid is more redpilled on Stalin than most "leftists"

to those who claimed this was bait
how was is it?
I linked the kids channel, and I linked a vid that showed me and my friends forcing him into a breakdown
on the channel that reuploaded the vid (Adolfo Spicler, me) I posted videos of me and my friends literally attacking him for being fascist
now allow me to ask you this again, how am I a "Holla Forums spy" or whatever you speds think I am?

I know him personally. He changes his ideologies on the daily.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no

You calling yourself "Adolfo Spicler" is a pretty good indicator.

the name is literally a joke. a nickname made up by some of my rl friends because im hispanic. my username doesnt indicate anything you fucking autist. what does is actions, and im currently bullying a fascist until they delete their fascist shit. that isn't something a Holla Forums spy would do you sperg. get your ass out of the gutter.

not for me, with me :)

This kid's future is looking bright tbh

You're bullying a kid. I believed all sorts of dumbshit when I was a kid, too. At least wait until he's an adult before you attempt to psychologically abuse him.

no lol 😜
morals are a spook, remember?
no platform for fascists, remember?
I have no regrets or remorse for what I have done and plan to do

if you hypocritical pussies wont help me, then ill just find someone else that will, moralfags

I'm not a Stirnfag. Sometimes spooks are good.
He's what, 12? 13? He's too young and dumb to know what he is.

Toodles, psycho.

why is hurling abuse at a minor in your self-interest? how is this expressing the ego?
he has no power, he has no influence, he can't make any change. congrats, you btfo a literal child. maybe next time you could try with someone in any position of power lmao.