Leftypol Stickers

What about making Holla Forums stickers? The alt-right has it's own sticker, why shouldn't we spread our message on the streets. Post tips on how to securely buy stickers (with your own design) and designs.

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has it's own stickers

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bc it's not 1992, no-one pays any mind to shit stuck on a lamppost anymore


just realistic my friend, tell me any stickers you remember seeing on your daily commute and i'll be more interested

I saw an "It's ok to be White" sticker on a campus dorm. I threw it in the trash. We must actively combat our opponents with stickers of our own.

what happens when someone puts your sticker in the bin?

Wouldnt it be cheaper to print out stuff on paper and putting stuff up under wide packaging tape?

Fuck off and die six times COINTELPRO.

FUGG I didn't think of that

thanks for proving once again that anarchists are children forever trapped in the 90s

Oh yeah and what are YOU doing to advance socialism as a hero of the proletariat?

Having face to face conversations with fellow workers and addressing their concerns directly.
Get over your social anxiety and make friends. It's infinitely more influential than drive-by advertising. If stickers and pamphlets were the road to power, then Chairman Bob's photograph would be hanging in every classroom right now.

wow… they must be the coolest kids in kindergarten….

We're not children you fucking idiot. The alt right marketing itself doesn't mean we should too.

tacky stickers are bad praxis. i'm not saying don't try and spread the word, i'm saying there are much better ways than something 90% of people won't even see

Where I live there are lefty stickers all over the fucking place. Anarcho-syndicalist stickers, anti-fascist stickers, ML stickers (by two different ML parties and their respective youth leagues), left party and young left stickers, pro-Rojava stickers, etc, etc, etc. If you only paid attention to the stickers you would think we were right on the edge of the revolution here, but these groups are made up of like 5-10 university students each and putting up stickers is pretty much all they do. Nobody actually cares about them.

I don't think stickers really make a difference.

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I still think it beats having neonazi stickers in your own fucking staircase until the guys sticking those got reprimanded by the cleaning lady perhaps, as they don't seem to be doing this any more.

exactly this. if op is dead set on artistic expression, actual artwork a la banksy to point out the contradictions in capitalism would be infintely better than some cheap stickers. forget about college campuses, theres no point. we have to go to actual daily grind workers bc college students already know how much they're getting boned by tuition fees etc

Because leftists cant be honest about what they really want or the American mainstream will run away. Clinton and Obummer ran as moderates, then tracked sharply left upon election. Congress turned right within two years and shut down much of the agenda. No one is buying your bullshit, except stupid kids with zero real world experience. Tell people that you want to destroy free enterprise and individual liberty, undermine the nuclear family and promote sodomy and fun to collapse the system so that you can rebuild it into a marxist paradise like Venezuela or South Africa. Fuck you leftypol


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embarassing, uninformed post.


Fuck off back to fox news, gramps.

This problem can be resolved by simply not putting advertisements on the stickers and only charging enough to pay for production and distribution.

meanwhile, at the caracas stock exchange

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The one thing more embarrassing than a kekistani is a boomer.