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Why do communists believe that reactionary proles are your potential allies? They are violent psychopaths who would love nothing more than a chance to unload their rifles into whatever group the state commands them to. They don’t read and they are proud of it. They call universities marxist brainwashing factories. What makes you think they will one day wake up and help you?

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Why there are so many threads that purposely questions board culture on the most controversial stuff?

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧They🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 have realize the board is weak right now and want to kill it off

I'm not so much interested in them helping me as giving them license to finally destroy themselves and rid our society of their genes.

Wtf are you talking about? I don’t know if it’s pol or ex-pol users that come here to say that right wingers are the ally of the left, but I am curious as to how actual leftists will undo the mindless culture of violence on the right and get them to think like us.

No one in their right mind thinks all the proles of the world will rise up, link hands, and carry out bloody warfare together.
Realistically, the revolutionary people in society will come from a predominantly proletarian background. These are the people who are likely to be poor and exploited, and will be most likely to want to revolt. However, there will be people from all walks of life that will support a revolution, even bourgeois people. Likewise, people form all sorts of backgrounds will resist revolution. So in short
We dont, but also stop acting like these people are the 99% or something. It makes you sound unhinged.
This is a realistic revolution. A dedicated group of Socialists create a revolutionary party. They take power. Life goes on the same for many, many people. Some people will resist the new government, and some will support it, with the former dwindling and the latter increasing.
People like Jordan will be firmly in the dwindling, and are of no consequence to serious revolutionary thought.

We're not interested in having NEET autistics for allies, actually.

I find it fascinating and utterly fucking pitiful that Holla Forums seems to think that we have to win *them* over. We don't care about you. You're lazy and embarrassing and too stupid to notice how irrelevant you've become . Fuck off.

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White Khmer rouge now

All cosmopolitans and intellectuals into the mass graves

That means you guys go as well

Historically, the successful revolutions had to deal with reactionary forces as well. It's nothing new and anyone who be lives that class conciousness will trump everyone's spooks is being naive. I don't know where you gathered this misconception though, I've never seen it argued on this board. In fact the rhetoric of "please try to appeal to nazis" has mostly been from nazis themselves. Aware that they need to achieve legitimacy as a political option.

You will have to win reactionaries over one way or another seeing as how they will fight and die for the rights of corporations


Reactionaries consist of more than just /polyps though

Lumpenprole will not be the ones fighting for anything. They're a different sort of problem. Reactionaries willing to commit violence will either be convinced by their own material conditions in the face of a revitalized workers movement or they won't and we'll have to kill eachother. Acting soft towards reactionaries and conceding ground for their bullshit has never worked and won't now.

Remove yourself from existance

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you're describing aut-rightists most of which are petit-bourg keyboard warriors, not proles

the modern proletariat isn't really very reactionary, just passive and alienated

that isn't to say that the revolution won't meet resistance, but you're overrating the counter-revolutionary potential of angry virgins on the internet, and I imagine for a purpose

If you're on this website, you have autism user.

The oathkeepers are a thing, but I imagine the actual military and police will be a far bigger deal.

many Holla Forumsacks are not committed nazis but atomised mentally ill people who have been sucked in by an identity politics driven dopamine rush machine.

I'm so glad that my "dopamine rush" rant seems to be turning into a meme. It's the perfect description of what they do.

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Lol gas yourself you kike

lurk moar faggot.

internet identity politics is like conditioning mice to give themselves electric shocks in exchange for food pellets. After a while, they stop getting food pellets, but continue to electrocute themselves out of habit.

Anyone have a screen of it?

Its called bullet therapy.

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Now why would you insult your friends like that?

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Lumpenproles get the bullet too.

Because ☭TANKIE☭s on this board also are violent psychopaths just looking for an excuse to kill people.

tankies have the lowest % of deaths per leftist ideology

Fuck the ira

Being lumpenproletarian doesn't really have anything to do with reactionary views or not. The lumpenproletariat is a class of people, who unlike workers, capitalists and peasants, don't have a direct connection to the production process. This includes criminals, thieves, prostitutes, vagabonds, beggars, homeless people who collect and recycle cans and bottles, etc.

that's not NAZBOL or POSADIST gangs though

This but unironically

we are far past the days of the industrial revolution though, very few people have an actual connection to the vital aspects of the production process. Most people in a postindustrial society are engaged in the reproduction of a social reality more than anything.

Quite a few posters here are ex-Holla Forumsyps if that means anything. In regards to conversion, you should base all your politics and praxis on necessity rather then how you feel about individuals and its important realize that you don't exactly have the luxury of turning away potential converts Unless those people end up turning away others as Orwell explains. If your talking about revolution its the same as it should always be, fight those who resist and leave those who capitulate. Tbh, your probably more likely currently to get a Holla Forumsyp to become an actual socialist then a liberal. Right wingers are blind, but liberals purposely blind themselves even when they know the truth

they can be reasoned with if you put aside intellectual / ideological elitism. that's how republicans win elections
whether you'd really want 4pol types on your side or not is another question entirely

Reactionaries aren't who you think they are. People who own lots of guns, are active in racist orgs, vote right-wing, etc. are generally doing a bit better financially. Even the "US soldiers are just poor kids who can't find decent employment" thing is kinda a myth. A lot of them are mean-spirited suburban jocks raised by their xboxes.

The real working class is too busy trying to survive to do any of this shit. No doubt there are some older people with racist and sexist views, but it's not the widespread contradiction it's made out to be. There isn't any widespread effort to reach out to bigoted people on the left, because there doesn't need to be. Most workers are decent, friendly people. Any claim otherwise smacks of Clitonite propaganda.

Military and police who hate the left because the radical left have blamed them for everything under the sun. The glorious revolution will end in a hail of gunfire.