bruh… look at this dude…

wait till you see the OH NO NO


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We should amplify the fact that he went to jail for scamming rich people and not price-gouging life-saving drugs

wonder what /our guy/ would've done had shkreli lived in his albania

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This isn't a victory ya dingus.

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This for fucks sake.

Sadly that is the true.
He should have been executed for raising the price for that medical treatment.
It just saddens me that even extending the life of some one is profitable.

While it’s certainly a sign of how fucked our society is I’m still happy he’s going to jail.

These kind of things are the best example that the capitalist state is no more than the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Not the perfect apparatus of consensus that the enlightened philosophers idealized, but a tool to wage class warfare.

I'll be having a moment of silence for the modern capitalism.

Can I get this in meme form? I want to third pill my friend.

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I'm usually quite pacifist but fuck it when the revolution comes we should just pardon this guy for defrauding his investors and then give him the good whack with the guillotine.

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This is a reaction I would expect from Reddit, cmon comrades. Notice he's getting arrested NOW after he fucked over investors. Plenty of porkies out there fucking over the people today and nobody gives a shit. He was a fall guy thrown to the wolves, a bit of entertainment and sense of justice for the masses to feel good and forget about the real men behind the curtains.

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Reading entire threads are for fags.

Oh deng my one space after the quote

You got me I'm a redditor

bet you did nazi that coming xD

I'm just glad other people agree

There is no law against being a dickhead


pray3n 2 hegel that there's a police officer white enough to leak the wu tang record

Should be executed for doing the things he did. The US is so corrupt it's fucking infuriating. Americans live in a bubble I swear.

I don't hate him and felt nothing when hearing it, until I got the reactions. Mark my words: 90 % of self-identified radicals who orgasm over the Shkreli verdict in public (twitter etc) are deep at heart populist liberals at best and will betray the hard-left within 5 years.

Look at them, celebrating their 2-minute hate. Holla Forums has been thoroughly infested by redditors for months now. They slung by for the Youtube scandal with Murdoch Murdoch, and stayed for the Chapo Bug House and e-celeb threads, with the mods refusing to do a massive purge once the infection began to take place.

Come home, red man.

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He sobbed during his prosecution so hard his lawyer couldn't take it lol

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I think it’s funny when porkys cannibalize and eat other porkys


Nothing says my client isn't a waste of time by immediately sobbing because you know you're fucked for seven years


my man looking a little red


Call my name and save me from the dark

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It's just funny because the man himself was funny, this is just a bad movie plot and the guy is hamming it up about how sorry he is in court sobbing his ass off

So of course people are going to laugh at him. You can't really blame people for laughing at a guy who was a smug asshole, regardless for a year, and then not laugh when he starts scream-sobbing court about how "nobody should forgive me for what I've done"

It's less about reddit and more about you being a joyless asshole. At the end of the day you're right, it doesn't matter, so who cares if people laugh

Are you all just fucking stupid or are you all just larping? He gave the medicine FOR FREE to individuals. The only people he screwed over were the insurance companies and (partially) his shareholders.

He isn't a saint for anything he did. He's just a porky, no more no less. Stop trying to paint him as tragic Romeo, it's far more pathetic than laughing at him.


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Hmm. Something just doesn't seem to make sense. I don't know what it could be…

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Your defense of anyone in the US medical industry is honestly the most puzzling

There's always autist here who get mad at you for not participating the spectacle. They never have arguments so they always resort to reddit accusations when they're actually the embodiment of reddit.

The part that doesn't fit is his initial claim to fame. Raising the price of a drug for parasitic infections by more than 5,000 percent—from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill, usually used for people with autoimmune disorders.

People died over that, so there's blood on his hands. Though in America, technically it's legal, and it's disgusting it took him this long to totally fuck up his life.

But it's disgusting you're defending him with this "abloo bloo free drugs" shit, because he also cost the lives of other human beings with his irreverent business practices in the fucked up US medical industry, and the lives that were lost because of whatever market strategy he was pulling, no matter how well intentioned, cost people lives.

"The best intentions" don't matter.

He should be in jail for fucking manslaughter

Just another friendly reminder that even when Porky does nice shit it’s paid for at someone else’s expense

This. I don't care what convicted him, he deserves it. It won't fix anything, but it can be out of spite for his industry and his previous actions. Like raising a life saving pharmacutical drug for auto immune disorder patients and infants over 5000% resulting in people's lives lost in the worst scenarios, and people losing much of their livelihood on the other

He signed these people's lives, in his own hands, for some stupid internet libertarian strategy.

Well I hope he remembers what brought him here and made him so histrionic in fame while he's crying in prison. Doesn't matter what he did right, he clearly did a lot wrong. It's fucked he didn't get arrested for that on the spot, but, he didn't. So even if he fucked up some other way that doesn't cost the prole, I'll still be glad he's in jail. At least one of them fucking is.

I'll never fucking understand the Martin Shkreli Defense Force that always shows up.

Yes, he's not going to jail for the right reasons, no that does not excuse his actions as one of the smuggest porcine pieces of shit I've seen at his age. The prosecution had a psychiatrist diagnose him with panic disorder, major depressive disorder, alcoholism, and an unrelated personality disorder

I can only assume it's Histrionic Personality Disorder.

The fact, doubly so, that he was a fucking porky in the medical industry, that had that much wrong with him, wanted to do schemes (again no matter how well intioned) that cost people's lives by raising a drug price by over 5000%, all this should make him have your scorn.

While he was joking on facebook and he was laughing people died on his watch previously because of not only what his job entails, but how ruthless he was in getting it done.

Fuck this guy, fuck people like him. I don't care if he goes to jail over fucking porky over, his tears and mucus shed on the stand are more then satisfying enough.

Fuck all porkies in the health insurance/medical industry in the US, no exceptions, never exceptions.

I'm glad he cheated them, and I'm glad he went to jail for it, because all these people need to get fucked

Meanwhile, reminder Martin's company he worked for, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International , is still massively benefiting from his actions of raising the drug over 5,000% and it actually has not resulted in it being less expensive, but he created a snowball effect that only made it more expensive

He didn't help anyone, he just helped line the pockets of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International before and well after going to prison

That life saving drug people used to be able to get for cheap? For all manner of autoimmune disorders? And for infants? That one that never dropped despite his dipshit proposal about "market competition"? The one that keeps raising after the fact of his actions?

Before Martin, it was easily affordable.

By the end of 2014, it cost $1,100 .

Now as of this day in 2018, it costs roughly $10,000

People are still dying over this

Fuck this guy, fuck his ideas, fuck his life, I don't care, for that alone I don't care what happens to him

I need a source on that statement, bucko.

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It's the logical conclusion of a drug being expensive you faggot.
Of course poor people will die from it.

People are not dying from not being able to spend $10,000 dollars for this drug they need to survive.

Fuck off lmao

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Nice Bill Maher tier narrative you got there

It's true. Fuck off you sniveling suck up, stop defending the US pharma industry.

His actions made a life saving drug skyrocket from like, $17ish dollars before hand, to now as of today


Yeah sure, people are going to be able to buy that. Fuck off, fuck you, fuck people like you. All of you suck ups and every one in the US phara industry deserve death by firing squad for the blood on their hands

Gulags are not enough for Martin and everyone in Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, profiting off death.

I would rather they all perish in some fucking building fire on the job.

Please send him and other rich assholes in the pharmaceutical industry in America your support during this trying time

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Not that guy and I'm definitely not a Shkreli shill, but wasn't that cost charged directly at insurance companies with him giving the drug for free to non-insured individuals? Its still exploitative "eat-out-of-hand" shit, but just clarifying.

The insurance companies usually refuse to pay for pharmaceuticals that high for as often as the required dosage, so, they would have to buy it themselves. And buying $10,000 medication you need regularly will kill you before your autoimmune disorder does

His plan didn't work and the prices have only raised. Originally they went from $750 when he was still playing at this, to $1,100 at the end of that year, when it looked increasingly unlikely this plan would work out.

Turned out it never did and the prices for this medication rose astronomically the years following. And insurance companies, beacons of health, usually say tough luck buddy you're gonna have to buy this yourself. We're not spending $10k for you regularly.

And so, people who need this anti-parasitic medication that boosts their immune system to fight them off like you and I can, are more likely to die from parasites.

This includes infants as well.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International is quite literally making a killing off of this.

Guess that's what happens when base your entire view of the economy on your time as an investment consultant.

No proof reactionaries.

*farts* stinky winky post! very bad!

Crying during court like a bitch getting snot everywhere, and drinking 8 drinks a day for the last three years as he testified in court is more than enough proof "I have a very guilty conscious"

Not just admitting "What I've done the past 7 years of my life has been inexcusable and I'm not looking for an apology"

Totally innocent man.


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I don't really care because he acts like a little shit but it is beyond obvious this was a scapegoat trial. Hedgefund managers and pharma companies do much much worse things than cuntbro ever did and they get rewarded for it.

Marx would be proud of your lack of analysis.

How generous of him. I'm sure you love the thought of living at the mercy of your master's charity.

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Why cant liberals and succdems understand that the state serves the long term interests of capitalism and not the individual firm?