Rand Paul 2024

We should all - for the sake of accelerationism - vote for Libertarians in the Republican party. If they believe what they're saying their policies will pave the way to revolution.

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gullible retard
is a sham.

2016 called, they want their meme ideology back.

Marx was literally an accelerationist.

How many times will I have to post this?

Also yeah accelerationism is pretty much stagnating.

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in the sense of acceleration of technological advancements. not Holla Forums's make everything as shitty as possible meme

Marx thought that international free trade would speed up the process of destabilising capitalism

Capitalism IS destabilization, its what it does, "all that is solid melts into air"

I'm not disputing that, I'm saying marx saw free trade as a means to accelerate this process in the same way some sought use the 2016 election to accelerate the destabilization of america

Fucking hang yourself. Accelerationism has nothing to do with "low quality of life"
If anything, we want to force them into continuing market antics that drop the RoP by introducing more and more technological innovations that boost productivity with no profit per unit advantage.
If anyone else here has played that little Unity game on capitalism, capitalism accelerates literally by the growth of technology, not by deprivation of the labor part of capital.

Hi Jehu

I agree but for slightly different reasons. I want the neoliberal state more or less dismantled and ineffectual. If the government can barely function because it has a case of full blown libertarian, all the better

How in the fuck are libertarians "accelerationist"? They want a reset back to like the 1700s, if, anything it's just going back to the start. Liberals are the accelerationist choice always have been, look how quickly they tanked the EU and stirred up vicious backlash in Europe.

Hypernormalization of accelerationism is not as effective as hypernormalization of socialism. Try running communists for office, groom them, push them left and get good at campaigning. Also normalize support of left wing revolutionaries. Don't budge when they are smeared to look lame.. Build a community of people who hold a heroic reverence of them. Focus on giving aimlessness a direction. This is an effective technique you can use whose effects are measureable, and outcomes significantly more predictable than accelerationism. Getting a mate in 3 in chess requires a certain amount of predictability.

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Succdems out. Fighting the system "from within" and becoming a part of the system never works to establish communism. You end up being forced to play the game of status quo when you have that power.

No you don't understand. I'm referring to voting for communists, supporting socialists. Not supporting neolibs/neocons.

Also referring to supporting revolutionaries as well.

Why not both?

It has so many benefits including normalizing moving to the overton window of political possibilities left.

Is Google our guy?

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Fuck the overton window, everyone's worried about shifting it and playing this game of optics, I want to smash it to bits so everyone can see the world for what it truly is.

Normalization is fine, but what you propose is at best a somewhat left leaning shift, at worst, a dead end when you lose true communists instead joining the "party that can compromise"

You will never win trying to play their own game and beat them, they've mastered it over thousands of years and they will always have the advantage.

Also, you forgot Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.

For somebody being so future-oriented, it's funny how these guys pick decades-old pop culture as aesthetics.

Nope they are a bunch of liberals.

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In and of themselves both revolution and democratic apparatus seem almost hopeless. They both have explicit challenges, and honestly I personally don't know that they would have any level of success in creating a Marxist communism.

Together, the odds of the work you put into them paying off increases dramatically.

The best part is no one has to convince a revolutionary that he has to be anything but that. You wouldn't ever need to believe this method is effective. The person whom believes this method is effective only needs to believe it, and work accordingly.

Similarly, no one who believes it would be effective should EVER consider spending energy stumping for a Macron. If the election were nearer, and the only two choices were Trump and a neoliberal favorite.. Then this only works by stumping for a hopeless 3rd party Socialist, and the continued encouragement of the revolutionary aspect of the left wing. Revolutionaries will revolutionary, and if they get close I'll certainly allocate more energy to them. Perhaps, a Corbyn type would be the bigger compromise I could stump for. My stumping would be to normalize communism though.. I might make the campaign look bad by shaping his persona into a Jeb Bush Communist revolutionary hero.

I agree. Vote for us, faggots.

but they be hypernormalizing leftist revolutionaries

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fuck no

We should all, for the sake of accelerationism, vote for Jesse Farrar 2024

Precisely the kind of people that are forced to play status quo as user said. Here in Chile our communist party, while still having tons of militants with actual revolutionary convictions, is completely functional to the institutional order.

They are liberals trying to shill with the left. Just so they can backstab us. So yeah… no.

Google isn't /ourcompany/™

They will be /ourcompany/ when we seize their assets during the revolution. We'll send the ex board members thank you cards for normalizing leftism and give them a low key job somewhere

TBH it would be easier to get communism from anarcho-capitalism than global super state capitalism, I mean, if there would any difference at all and not just basically the same thing but porky can do whatever he pleases and does, but maybe the sheer fact of people HAVING to arm themselves to fend off the roving cannibal gangs and HAVING to form community defence commities or they will die and HAVING to set up their own clinics and hospitals would make them realise that communism is dank, maybe

we already have a setting similar to that in the middle east and warlords are literally encouraged by the dominant powers to prevent socialist states from forming.

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postmodernism constantly reuses old material to create new meanings. Vaporwave is made of old stuff, but it's (was) indeed a new thing.
Your critique is silly, even if i'm not sure of the validity of accelerationist's theories.

Your either a moron or cointelpro.

Accelerationism doesn't work in the US anymore because it's a surveillance state. The federal government was designed over decades of Cold War research to be a well-oiled machine for maintaining the economic status quo. Neocons worship capitalists like gods rather than simply being subordinate to them, so a lot of Americans live in a reality bubble as a result.

accelerationism doesn't mean "just do a lot of capitalism and eventually the revolution will happen"