A great irony of soyphobia originating on the Alt-Right is that one of their other obsessions, milk...


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I thought it's a /fit/ meme tbh.

It was but then they started pushing the idea that only whites can digest milk as if it was some kind of super-power. Holla Forumseddit ruins everything as usual

Do they not remember Mr. T?

Fascists exist in this nebulous realm of bad faith and apparent flippancy to mask their actual beliefs. Even Sartre pointed this out.
The ok hand sign, the weird milk obsession, these things are obviously not fashy in and of themselves but were used as identifying symbols more or less unironically by the alt-right.
Lactose tolerance might seem like an absurd thing to take pride in. And you're right, but they did it anyway. They genuinely think it's an aspect of white identity.


It's okay to be white.

Fascism is a reactionary force which is trying to preserve the old system by means of violence. What will you do with the fascists? Argue with them? Try to convince them? But this will have no effect upon them at all.
t. Stalin

sorry to break the news to you but no it isn't

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This is Holla Forums (too controversial even for 4chan), not cuckchan. It's okay to feature sound in videos. Other than that, I get your point: it's rich hearing from alt-betas what a manly man is supposed to look and act like.

(.webm partially related: some of the men in that video remind me of this)

i downloaded the video right off youtube with a new add-on for palemoon, idk why it downloaded without sound.

You should look into youtube-dl: rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/ That enables you to download youtube videos through the command line, ❬❬❬and also werks on Window$❭❭❭. That's basically how I've been using youtube for 18 months now. Bonus points, look into ffmpeg: ffmpeg.org/

(pic related, it's the output of the head of the youtube-dl man page)

ah this is amazing, thank you so much my friend. i knew something like this existed but never got around to searching it up and finding it. cheers m8 appreciate it

Statistically speaking blacks have larger oral cavities than whites. Combined with the embarrassing white penis length average, I'm afraid if I'd suck your dick, I'd lose it.

the kikes on this board are one of the most integral parts assisting in mass migration to displace our people - be weary this is an enemy zone

So this is the power of right-wing memes…

No fucking way did they ever believe this. I can agree with anything else you say, but no fucking way. Have none of these faggots heard the great tales of the steppes? How the Finns drink fermented mare milk? How the Finns force their enemies to drink stallion milk?

Man, how did I miss that line in Capital Volume 1

Either elaborate troll or full retard

Imagine being such an autistic mongrel you can´t even understand satire.

Holla Forumsack scum are truly the most class cucked.


lmao pathetic

Everyone in this thread, up until me is in some way a Holla Forums tier bigot. This thread was a mistake, and threads that cause this much controversy should not be allowed. Reported.

This is most likely a troll but then again, you could probably convince Holla Forums that their own shadows are Jewish, so you never know


petition to make this the leftypol banner.

It's ok to be non-white.

I'm unironically autistic and even I understand that this is satire, you are lower than me. How does that make you feel, mongrel?