Daily News Thread 3/9

Donald Trump 'will meet Kim Jong Un by May' after North Korean invitation

Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, South Korea's security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, has told reporters.

Trump tariffs: US President imposes levy on steel and aluminium

President Trump has signed controversial orders imposing heavy tariffs on steel and aluminium - but some countries will be spared.

Protests in Chile Against Trans-Pacific Deal

Activists in Chile protested the renewed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, which was signed by 11 countries in the capital of the South American country Thursday.

‘Hysteria in the United States over China in Africa’

Washington seems to be quite hysterical over Beijing’s growing influence in Africa

Brazil’s Presidential Election Heats Up With a Dozen Candidates Expected

Brazil’s largest right-wing party on Thursday launched a presidential candidate for the first time in nearly two decades, bringing the number of major parties contending in the October race to seven of an expected 12.

N. Korea’s Kim regaled South’s delegates with wine & self-deprecating jokes

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has revealed an unexpected side of his character to Southern negotiators in Pyongyang. Rolling out snacks and wine for them, he reportedly cracked jokes about himself.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank clashes

Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian man during clashes in the occupied West Bank on Friday, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Things have gotten so bad at the Veterans Affairs department that the secretary has posted an armed guard outside his office

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin has posted an armed guard outside his office as the department falls into a power struggle that is "killing the agency," The Washington Post reports.

Philippines to Declare 600 Alleged Communists 'Terrorists'?

Those targeted include a former U.N. special rapporteur, four Catholic priests, the Communist Party's founder, and several former lawmakers.

Are Americans in favour of armed teachers? Now we know the answer

A poll conducted by NBC/Survey Monkey shows 56% of all Americans were opposed to rules that would allow guns into the classroom. 44% said they were 'strongly' opposed to the plan while 12% said they were 'slightly' against. In contrast, 42% were in support.

School board sued over meeting where teacher removed, cuffed

Louisiana’s attorney general sued a local school board Thursday over a meeting disrupted by the video-recorded arrest of a teacher being roughly handcuffed on a hallway floor after she criticized the district superintendent’s pay raise.

Loaded gun falls out of Florida kindergartner's backpack in class

A loaded handgun fell out of a kindergartner's backpack in a Florida charter school classroom, but it didn't fire and it is unclear how it got there.

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Against a second referendum

Some on the ‘left’ insist on tailing John Major and Tony Blair and their call for a second referendum.

How Cuba Became a Biopharma Juggernaut

Cuba’s entirely state-owned biopharmaceutical industry has been remarkably successful, and can serve as a model for other nations.


What's going on with bland, shoddy architecture in the wake of urban repopulation?

Update: what’s new in the UCU strike?

We look at the latest developments in the University and College Union strike, which has successfully galvanised students to solidarity with staff fighting employers’ attacks on pensions.

Betsy DeVos Just Tried to Take Away the Ability of States to Crack Down on Abusive Student Debt Collectors

The Department of Education issued a new declaration into the federal register Friday morning that would curtail the ability of states to regulate student loan debt collectors.

Do liberals have no self-awareness?

Is this shit serious?
can you post the link?
Bloody hell…


Say goodbye to North Korea.
Kim just couldn't hold the pressure anymore, he is going to turn into Gorbachev 2.0 mark my words.

I don't get these conservatards.

You the real mvp news user

Nah. It's just a photo op for Kim and a chance to trick Trump into giving him aid. There's no way in hell he's giving up his nukes.

Will Kim export this kino to the United States?

Just give us one day, Florida. Just one day where a gun doesn't show up in a school.

is anyobdy potentionally /ourguy/?
catholic priest are gommiez now I guess. Pure retardation

what an absolute dude

It's probable that chinese sanctions made the DPRK situation unsustainable in the short term.

Good night sweet prince.


Why would Kim boy use south korea to send his message for him?

"I told President Trump that in our meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said he is committed to denuclearisation."

"Kim pledged that North Korea would refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. He understands that the routine joint military exercises between the Republic of Korea and the United States must continue and he expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible."

Sounds like propaganda

I still remember how the earliest shilling for Trump, before Holla Forums and Holla Forums became T_D colonies was "he's gonna kill TPP"

Wait, he actually pulled out, and they are just trying to do it without the US.
Not that it makes it much better.

You're forgetting the current south Korean government is crypto-socialist and wants the US out of Korea. Kim and Moon Jae In will play "good cop bad cop" with Trump. They have a common goal of getting the US out of Korea permanently.

What the fuck. I'm convinced we've been transported to some bizarro parallel universe where history itself is written by a team of Onion writers.

What if Kim manages to charm Trump into detente? Trump seems like a person who is very malleable. All you have to do is brown nose him for a bit and he will like you.

they aren't really. They're just liberals, I wouldn't even call them social democrats. They do stand for reunification, but to call them anti-US in any way is just insulting to North Korea

They just all but canceled this, probably going to claim the North Koreans won't hold up their "promises"

The absolute supreme lad.

It's actually a start strategic move to cool tensions in the home stretch. They are on the cusps of having a strategic nuclear force capable of wiping 50 American cities off the map. Now is the last chance for the US to strike before they reach that threshold, in the coming months/year. If the young general can charm the orange oaf long enough, the DPRK will become an impregnable country, and will never have to fear the US military again.

Looks like someone at the WH realized that Kim was pulling a fast one bumbling Trump.

We should also consider that in the future, with the risk of a confrontation between China and USA rising, the DPRK is more safe without nukes than with them.


The US isn't a signatory.The 11 other countries involved decided to go ahead anyway.

When you make Kim Jong-un appear like the reasonable and forthcoming party, you know you've fucked up. Also remember that the State Departement is a haunted house with almost no staff.

If the US want a North Korea without nukes, shouldn't they contribute to the global wish for nuclear disarmament by at least. See and for other cringe inducing cases of hypocrisy.

Killing the US participation in TPP is the only unequivocally good thing Trump has done.

Lol face it
Another communist Hellhole is about to get buried
And it seems all it took was getting a real man into the Whitehouse
Pretty embarrassing that one good conservative managed to do what 20 decades of Liberals socialists and RINOs couldn't


What if China get nixoned by the DPRK with Trump?

donlald DRUMP suncks my fucking dikck

When did socialists start fighting North Korea?

What if Kim manages to charm Trump into kissing him and sucking his cock?

That would be pretty funny.

If Yugoslavia was socialist, I'm happy if the DPRK is not.

shut up Trot.

Umm we had one in office the last eight years sweetie?

Imagine being this retarded


Which office?

Libertarians are a special type of stupid that never ceases to amaze me.

nobody argues with you because nobody takes you seriously

Universal Healthcare AKA state Enslavement of Docters
Gun Control
Open Borders policy meant to bring in more voters from Socialist South America
Keeping Detention camps he promised to close open (Guantanamo bay)
Invasion and Political Regime change of Foreign state (Libya Tunisia Syria Egypt Yemen)

All Socialist policies

lol what a brainlet.

That's a social democracy policy.

That can be adopted by any form of government regardless of their economic system.

Latin America is one of the most conservative places in the world.

So did trump and bush but they aren't socialists either.

Standard US foreign policy since the cold war…..

That's a nice ass.


How does it feel to know that a Alt-Left Terrorist just attempted to shoot up a nursing home for WW2 vets in California?
I guess it was all ok because those men that stormed the beaches at Normandy were all Ebil Natzees right?


Holla Forums needs to realize it does not matter if it is bait or not, this level of autism is not worth your time.
Please boys don't make embarassed

You can't make this shit up.
America, the most socialist country in the world. What's next, the military industrial complex is socialist?

Please tell me that this is someone that hates the free market capitalists LARPing as one to make them look bad.


not even remotely socialist
not only is that not socialist but its not even something Obama did
Obama increased deportations and increased border security
literally capitalism
literally capitalism
(you) should try harder next time

About as bad as you felt when you guys murdered that lady at Charlottesville because the town had decided through popular vote to move a statue to a museum.

Did Anita argue video games cause violence. I thought she was more along the lines of critique, describing them as a product of our culture, not a cause.

What happened at Charletsville was an awful accident caused by a violent Left-Winger

smh tbh fam

No its a "Thats Literally what happened Response"




Just look at Trump's behavior towards China to see what kind of a man he is. During the campaign, he was shitting on China constantly. As soon as Xi met with Trump and brown nosed him about his "beautiful victory over crooked Hillary", Trump began brown nosing Xi in return ("what a strong leader", "maybe we can do something like that here too?", etc).

All Kim has to do is fawn over Trump's victory over Clinton and Trump will start tweeting about how the "fake news media" is smearing his "friend Kim".


I can't help but read this shit in his voice.


I hope you guys don't do this.

All the goverments i listed were Right-Wing/Nationalist goverments including Gaddafis and Assads Which Are NATIONAL-Socialists

Proof an "alt-left terrorist" is responsible? According to police, the suspect used to live at the facility.

Why would leftists shoot WWII veterans anyway, brainlet? Why would leftists feel the need to defend Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany?

They're pretty much the most hated political ideologies in the world.

Ok fuck it ill stop with the B8 now
Thanks for the fun

Lmao. You're taking the definition of "brainlet" to a whole new level my dude.

What about Gaddafi's or Assad's governments would you consider "National-Socialists"?

Under the Nazis, huge portions of the economy were privatized. Under Assad and Gaddafi, huge portions of the economy were nationalized.

The Nazis believed in German imperialism, that Germans had a right to seize the lands and resources of other nations. Assad and Gaddafi are anti-imperialist, heroically resisting imperialist penetration into their countries.

The Nazis believed in the racial superiority of the "Aryan" race. Assad and Gaddafi don't believe in Arab racial superiority. They are anti-racist; Gaddafi, for example, supported Mandela and other black anti-colonial African leaders.

Are you ignoring Arabisation and the Discrimination against Kurds

I'm not, but it's fundamentally different from "National-Socialist" discrimination. Assad doesn't view Kurds as an infectious and dangerous race like the Nazis viewed Jews and others.


Looks like Trump's administration cockblocked the Trump-Kim meeting.


On one hand, they're saying the meeting won't happen until DPRK takes "concrete steps towards denuclearization." Yet they also say the Kim-Trump meeting is still planned for May. The Trump administration is contradicting itself. What to make of this shitshow?

Press Secretary Sanders:

Unnamed "White House official":

Has there ever been a more inconsistent US administration?

Best bait all week

Theres PDT (Soc-Dems)
And PT (Red-Soc-Dems with M-L Aesthetics)
Theres also the PCdoB (Brazilian communist party) that are M-L's who have one seat in Parliament and get one percent of the vote

Rui Costa Pimenta is the closest thing to /ourguy/, but Holla Forums in general would probably favor Guilherme Boulos as he had some coherent tactics and the leftier approach with an actual popular base from MTST(the biggest problem with him would be the party he is into PSOL, idpol to the core with a deep resentment against PT).

You forgot both PCB and PSTU, although I'm not sure if they even exist outside universities and, in PSTU case, fringe sectors of the union movement.
PSTU(United Socialist Workers Party) follows some argentinian Trot. PCB(Brazilian Communist Party) is a general ML, with some tank sections.
Oh, and there is PSOL, the third biggest left party after PT(1º) and PCdoB(2º, Communist Party of Brazil), a split from PT that is still struggling to from a strong base and identity existing as a multitude of internal factions ranging from uber-trots to mild socdems.

I saw this coming.
It's funny because the day before or maybe even the same day Trump announced he would meet Kim, Tillerson said something along the lines of "We're a long ways away from discussions with North Korea" then hours later…

White House: Never Mind the North Korea Meeting, Trump Was Just Babbling



Sadly, the turnout wasn't at all that large and in it didn't do shit to stop Bachelet's govt. from approving it. Chile is perhaps the most classcucked country in the South cone.

Trump is not establishment, the establishment constantly provides contradictory messages due to him messing them up.

This was not like Obama era where the president and establish are in it together.

He's establishment, he's just a wishy washy idiot who says whatever comes to his mind and thinks he can do no wrong. If only he had the habit of thinking for one moment, he'd be a fucking nobody.

At least when he's not drinking too many of the complimentary diet cokes.

No, he's the Establishment's latest trick: they pillory him and dumb rubes who are fed up with the system vote for him out of spite.

Not a Trump fan but it's hard to imagine Hillary agreeing to meet with Kim under any circumstances.

mad drumpfkin

He didn't even do those first three. There was no serious gun control, he deported more people than Bush, and Obamacare was not a system of universal healthcare, only a partway solution involving huge giveaways to the insurance and medical industries. Sadly, he didn't enslave the doctors, he enriched them.

The last two are on the money, because Obama is just as much an imperialist piece of shit as the rest of them.

There's a reason for that. Having the US president visit NK would give instant legitimacy to Kim's regime and acknowledge it as a world power.

This is why the smarter of Trump's cronies put up some vague/impossible demands. The US would need some serious efforts on North Korea's part to give them that prize.

White House scolds Cabinet officials after embarrassing ethics reports


We're now at the point where Cabinet officials have to be reminded to act like human beings.