Make 4chan anarchistic again!

In the old days of 4chan it has always had sympathy with left leaning politics and anarchy in general.
I can't stand my favorite website being put in the trash of the right wing.
I ask of you Holla Forums to help me destroy the right wing influence on 4chan.
We should start to subvert boards that already are to some degree leftist, like /lit/ and /int/.
Then we should move to /r9k/ and Holla Forums.
Don't push it too hard on them, just inplement it for a start. Make threads and comments that don't literaly say that you are an anarchist, only say left leaning opinions.

Actively reply to threads and spread our way of true freedom

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nice falseflag, Holla Forums

spread this

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the problem is the signifiers of radicalism have been fully coopted by global capitalism. The man is sticking it to the man, mainstream culture tries its darndest to present itself as progressive and inclusive of everyone and everything. Consumption is the only real political choice available to us. Everything is politicised or rather pseudo politicised, every movie and pop song is presented as a means of total social liberation. To be progressive means to display enthusiasm for the latest products of mass culture and to rebel means simply to invert the humanistic pretentions of hollywood, mass media and the entertainment industry. What is the real meaning of 'edgy'? in a way Trump is edgy as he straddles the borderline of acceptability, which makes sense, as sovereignty is a borderline concept and the sovereign was historically perceived as someone who is monstrous, who takes up inhumanity and the power of life and death so you don't have to. Why do people who grew up on imageboards feel this obsessive compulsion to be 'edgy'? tbh i'm paranoid about the system collapsing into fascism or totalitarianism, since the progressive veneer of the system is practically made out of cardboard, but im also paranoid of being assimilated into a nominally progressive but hollow capitalist monoculture.

4chan has more leftists than Holla Forums.

probably retarded enough to work honestly

/mu/ and /his/ are also fairly left but its split recently

And this

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English isn't my first language, pls no bulli

That's because it started when neo-con authortarianism was the majority and left-leaning politics was on the outside.
Years of failed promises from democrats when they were in control and a media sympathetic to their failings has caused the pendulum to start swinging away from progressives.
It's kind of hard to be taken seriously by the average low Autism Level person when the perception is that your team has home field advantage.

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And they accuse us of being backstabbers.

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I think the hole internet was anarchist, and now everyone's fascist. Is this dialectics?

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(small brain) destroy the right wing influence on 4chan
(ascended brain) destroy 4chan

hey Holla Forums what ya postin'?

because none of that shit is edgy compared to Hitler

if you want to out-edgy Holla Forums you gotta shill Pol Pot or fucking FULL POSADISM

/lit/ is already as leftist as you can get on that site, almost all the known tripfags and the guys that made most of the wiki posts and the guides on the wikis are marxists
same goes for the usual discord goers

I think /s4s/ has anarcho-syndacalist potential cause of its niceness and its retarded happiness. I ran into some comrades in that place, even if there's a little amout of nazis too

/mu/ is liberal at best

The anti-authoritarian old guard never really left, everywhere but Holla Forums I've posted anarchist-leaning stuff I mostly got sympathetic comments (although to be fair I don't really browse /sp/, Holla Forums, or Holla Forums) and even on Holla Forums I get a lot more angry (You)s posting with the hammer and sickle than with the red and black.


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it's really telling that arguably the only two boards that read (his and lit) are lefty.
that other user is right, mu is pretty lib tbh

does /sci/ have any particular political tilt?

4chan is a lost cause. Moot gave up on it, and he was right. At this point, even this is better. Most of the good people aren't going back to 4Chan, and a lot of the current people (even besides boomers and proper Holla Forumstards) grew up on shitty forced Holla Forums memes and unironically think that memes have to follow a certain formula. We're better off without the leftovers.

It still wouldn't be edgier than Hitler.
Nothing's edgier than Hitler - he's easily the most broadly repulsive major historical figure because his policies were shit and were directly responsible for destroying the country he was supposed to lead.

Pretty sure this is already used as an attack on Marx without any endorsement of anarchy.

Also, the Magen Dawid entry in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia doesn't even show a red five-pointed star, unless there's another version of it. Solomon's Seal is just used as a synonym for the pentagram there - which has pretty broad usage.

See pic-related, practically swimming in "Seals of Solomon."

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How exactly is /his/ left-wing?


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delet this

Well it is the origin of social contract theory

What are you talking about, /his/ is full of Wehraboos and deus lo vult stuff

Yeah, Red/Black is barely scoffed at, Hammer and Sickle will get you guaranteed (you)s, even when you basically say that water is wet.

I will delet nothing. Mods are asleep so we are in man's natural state of lawlessness and violence. You have no authority over me.

That shit is on /k/ too

more like kaiserboos, wehraboos are objectively pleb tier

/lit/ has a lot of jew baiters and fascists though

how do i know if im right wing or left wing???
im poor, brown and oppressed.
i just do what i got to do to make sure my family is fed.

/mu/ is intensely centrist and liberal, I've seen the human nature argument there too many times with people generally agreeing in the thread

i occasionally come back to Holla Forums these days
recently i noticed other commies getting more vocal and noticable present

Suck my cock, baboons. We are the real anarchists

why do you come here

Don't reply to my posts, subhuman

what are your thoughts on the Holla Forums, /leftpol/ split?
why have you chosen to remain here?

/leftpol/ is a good board I like it here though angering the Chapo trap cuck crowd gives me pleasure

then fuck off into the related thread you mongoloid

I was born in Israel.
I am of jewish - european ancestry.
I am an atheist, I hate Judaism and all other religions.

Anyway, I hate living here in Israel.
It's full of fucking arabs, africans, religious jews, russians, fillipines and lgbt.

I wish I was born in the USA instead.
I wouldn't have to live next to all of these fucking arabs, africans, religious jews, russians,asians and lgbt.

nice sob story, then why don't you go suck some uncle sam cock, faggot bootlicker?

I think you misunderstand nazism if you think they only took issue with religious jews.

/mu/ is definitely not right wing, but I wouldn't call it leftist, still one of the only good boards there

Other boards on the site seem to be fed up with Holla Forums's incessant conspiracy-like overanalysis of things and constant shitposting. They're turning left on their own.
However, trying to change Holla Forums's views on something is neigh impossible after stormfront happened.

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Boards I frequent tend to be full of Holla Forums tier shitposting

Yeah, “back in the day” the mainstream left wasn’t idpol obsessed, and attempting to push the LGBTQSVHJRX, White privilęge, Dear white men, black capitalism is empowering, and feminist idpol like they are today. Give it the fuck up already, leftism has been high-jacked by neo-liberal capitalists and after the alt-right dies, they’ll be looking at us as the new “regressives”.

r9k needs to reject wannabe chadism and ally with legbeards and hambeasts.
anyways, it doesnt matter what happens to 4chan. 4chan is a horrible board. it stopped being worth visiting a long time ago. if it and Holla Forums died tomorrow, the normalfags would go back to twitter and reddit, and everyone else would spread out to alt-imageboards. a couple would become focal points for that and a lot of shit posters would end up there. besides that, a lot of smaller ones would get an influx of OK posters and become more alive, albiet some would also have an influx or the Holla Forums that didnt go back to the_donald.

You realize /mu/ used to unironically recommend shit like Blood in the Dancefloor, and brokencyde back in 2012 right?

Might not be the best place to ask but what does leftypol think of Carlo Cafiero?

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4chan is ran by Pajeet and BLM tards.

Are you fucking…taking the piss mate…?

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Grade A response.

I see you have fucking nothing.

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1.) Most actual leftists oppose mass migration. Those things all benefit neoliberals.
2.) When it comes to economics even the neoliberal factions give conservatives/ the far-right a huge advantage over Marxists getting to implement anything

/Mu/ was always shit and it still is.
Unironically one of the worst boards before Holla Forums came back. I seriously think moot created Holla Forums to distract from the absolute atrocity he'd committed against music discussion.

They actually benefit literally no one, but that's beside's the point.

Sure, I'll take your word that "leftists" don't want mass immigration.

I'm fucking laughing, but I'll just let you have that point, because why the fuck not. Leftists hate immigration, there we go.

Sounds very legitimate.

Are you fucking retarded…?



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so close yet so far

Mass migration benefits neoliberal and capitalist elites who want cheap labor. Also your US imperialism and world domination is already in full effect. The neoliberals just want to paint a happy face on it and pretend they're not imperialists because they're not outwardly mean and racist like le Drumpf man!!!111 Also what specific "far right propaganda " do you like that will get you imprisoned? Obviously if you watch something that promotes murdering, raping and genociding people you will be imprisoned. No shit. They'll consider you a terrorist.

Literally more tough-on-terror police state shite in your silly Tory monarchy, but it's not right-wing bcuz they don't make exceptions for Breivik-types lol

Even Holla Forumstards can't be arsed to read Breitbart articles.

I go to /fit/ and have seen more and more commies being vocal too.

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Yeah yeah you guys are communists not liberals.

So you don't support what the liberal corporatists are doing, but somehow all the Not Socialists who also hate the Liberal Corporatists are your fucking enemy.

Why? Who knows why, maybe leftypol is nothing more then a retarded golem designed to attack pol, even though by and large our goals completely align.

Gee I dunno maybe that's what's going on here.

If you wanna take a fucking break from ATTACKING THE PROLITARIATE that is the Far Right, and start directing your energies towards the real enemies of the people (globalist neo-liberals and corporations) then be my guest, I might actually start having some fucking respect for you as genuine Socialist comrades in the struggle against corrupt plutocrats. But so long as you keep attacking Nationalist working class Whites, then how the fuck can you pretend you're anything other then the system's useful idiot accomplice in ethnically cleansing Europe?

And if you don't think we're on the same side, just look at how they treat Best Korea, and ask yourself how different that country is from what a lot of White Nationalists has in mind for an ethnostate.

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our goals do not align in the slightest, because fascism is a red herring that exists to distract the working class from the class struggle, a tool of national bourgeoisie that is jealous of stronger globalist bourgeoisie, nothing more. your idpol is no better than the idpol of the sjw liberals, and you are both the enemy of the proletariat

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Most here do criticize liberals. If you're asking why we don't support far right people like Trump it is because they are capitalists and support US Imperialism, drone strikes and puppet states like South Korea and Israel. Many of his supporters may be proletariat but they're still reactionary and support thos things.

Usually it's the far-right who attacks the far-left like in 1936 spain or 1941 USSR.

Retard there is no class in NS only race, through blood ties we eliminate class, and become only German/Japanese/Russian/etc. Rank is only afforded to those who display a higher and more noble character, and the socialist state eliminates economic inequality.

You're full of shit if you think we aren't on the same side, and you have no reason not to accept our help and vice versa.

Your imperialistic version of Socialism is unnecessary and divisive, and is an attack on us rather then an attack on class. Nationalism is not classism and you know it, you are pretending otherwise so you can justify attacking us.

It's bullshit mate. Cut it out.

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Gee, I dunno, but maybe it's our completely opposite ideologies and their expressed intent/historical precedent of torturing and executing us by the millions.

hmm, I guess yeah, that sounds good.

why are you posting pictures of a regime that was propped up by the bourgeoisie, literally invented privatization and upheld unfettered capitalism throughout most of its existence tho?

As with all nazis, you don't seem to understand your own ideology very well.

Spain went both ways, and Hitler was under some influences that caused him to attack the Soviets.

Besides, I think we all know Stalin was not a real Socialist in the fucking slightest, and the Germans had achieved a much higher state of Socialism then the Bolsheviks had in Russia.

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Nazi Germany was an imperialist state that ate up the territory of other nations and races like the Czechs, Russians, Poles and French and treated them as second class citizens in their own homeland. That alone is something that any leftist wouldn't support.

I do not know that, because in Soviet Russia the means of production belonged to the workers while in Nazi Germany they belonged to Krupps, and to an even bigger extent than they were in Weimar Republic

Ever heard of the rape of Berlin?

If you wanna fight over people who are already dead from a time that has past, then don't mind if I call you a fool.

Because none of that matters when poverty is eliminated, and the government strongarms those corporate entities into serving the state, and that state is a state built to serve the people. Corporations are not the problem. Corporations do not exist for the people are the problem. The state must see too it that they do, if they are to exist at all.

That said, I frankly do not care wether or not corporate entities exist or not. Only that if they do exist, they function so as to facilitate the prosperity of the people, and not some elite.

Wrong, you don't understand mine very well.

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Pick one.

That's why you're not welcome here, Holla Forums and the far-left are classist, not racialist.

Well yeah, the far-left try to defend themselves against the far-right if that's what you mean.

Bby I can change

The means of production belonged to fucking Stalin, and he acted like it.

I don't see the Soviets as having achieved what Marx and Lenin set out to build. I see them living in a kind of dark parody of that initial dream, always marred by the Cold War.

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thanks for proving my point that Nazi Germany was not socialist at all, and you would gladly accept capitalist exploitation for as long as the fat porky talks a big deal about muh nation.

next time we'll be more thorough. comrade Stalin was borderline traitorous in how merciful he was towards Germans

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So why are you obsessed with an ideology from the 30's-40's who was itself already obsessed with their ancestors?

which is why they spend all of their time bitching about brown people and women in video games and devote absolutely none of it to critiquing the "corporatists," which right there gives away the lie of where their sympathies fall

They don't. You just want new masters because you don't like the color or the nose or the gender of the current ones. We want to get rid of masters altogether. You can blab all day about corporatists or liberals or crony capitalists or whatever, but your devotion to your non existent "nation" and "race" betray you. The second a capitalist wraps themselves in whatever spookrag your country calls a flag, you'll fall in line like a good boy, not just willing, but eager to throw yourself under some tank treads. For the Fatherland.

There's nothing inherent to "the prolitariate" that means communists have to aid, love, or even like them. The proletariat is an abstraction made up of innumerable individuals, and many of those individuals support enemies of the proletariat. Just because you punch a clock for a living doesn't mean you aren't going to get punched for being a reactionary class cuck.

If they're "nationalist whites" then they've already declared themselves to be our enemy. They're automatons that have given themselves over to be possessed by the nation and the race spooks. They cling to the idols the bourgeoisie built for them in chains they themselves have made, and their "nation" won't have a shadow of a second thought of throwing their lives away to preserve "itself."

They aren't proles, they're zombies animated by a spirit not of their own, to be turned towards ends which don't serve them, and which has no qualms about using them as cannon fodder. Your "concern" is a hollow grotesque, and it doesn't fool anyone.

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"Fighting over people who are already dead from a time that has past" is the beating heart of nationalism, you cretin.

oh and this is rich coming from a nazi when NSDAP members including Hitler LITERALLY owned private property and gained profits while Stalin only had a two-story wooden house to his name

I've said enough.

Know this, I personally would stand with Communists against the present world forces, if I knew that after we won, there could be mutual respect and peace for and between one another. The way I see it, the differences in our Socialisms are minimal, and come down to hair splitting, and age old feuds that offer neither of us anything in the present day.

In the past Fascism was often the aggressor, but so say that it must be that way into the future is to insist on a violent future, and that again serves neither of us.

Beleive me or disbelieve me as you will, I say it to you knowing that I speak the truth, and my intent is to urge a unity between those who I beleive are truely fighting the good fight against the real monsters and oppressors of this world.

If peace between us is impossible, then I regret it, and I hope at least that we can beat what I see as being the true enemy before we manage to beat eachother.

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Can you fuck off and never come back now?

If you truly believe this then why even align yourself with an ideology that was all about invading and exploiting other nations and crushing Socialism?

you are just too regrettably spooked to understand that fascism serves the enemy. the workers see that the system is rotten, and you tell them that da jews and spooks are at fault. and voila! instead of striking, walking out, sabotaging factories and so on the workers start watching conspiracy theory videos and beating up illegals. this makes porky very happy.

we could only be allies when you stop pussyfooting and blaming jews, migrants, stonemasons, globalists, any mystical bullshit you can come up with and say PRIVATE PROPERTY AND EXPLOITATION IN ALL ITS FORMS IS THE ENEMY.

until then you are a danger to the working class

No you wouldn't, because your whole ideology is cut from wholecloth spun by the bourgeoisie. It's their ideas animating your limbs and moving your fingertips. You'd no sooner turn against them than you'd pull out your own teeth. They've created so many little bogeymen to keep you busy. Other nations, other races, "corporatists," "plutocrats," "corruption," "degenerates." Where are you going to find the time to fight for "Socialism?"

What is that even supposed to mean? Who is "German?" "Russian?" Are Bohemians German? What about Alsatians, are those Franco-Hessian mongrels also German? Who is the most "German" then? How much "Germanness" is enough to be German? One drop? Two? Will those with, say, a German father and a Danish mother have to just pack up and find somewhere else to live?

Race is a fantasy and nation a delusion. You might as well talk about gnomes and fairies.

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Basically fascists believe they'd have a "classless" society on account of them and Richard Spencer both being white, but Richard Spencer also gets to keep his money and exploit then for profit.

but user, spencer would be race conscious and his businesses would work for the people. and if they don't, the nazi party composed exclusively of propertied spencers would shut him down. after all, today's capitalists are predatory because they have no connection to the blood and the soil. not because the way the system itself works is that you need to be a ruthless exploiter to become successful.


how can people day this with a straight face

lol, guess again, idiot. White people don't exploit other white people. Why would someone oppress their own blood? That's just ridiculous haha

/lit/ maybe but how the fuck is /int/ even slightly leftist

:^) it sounds ridiculous but it should be remembered that stalinist bureaucracy hired people based on their social lineage

epic writing style

How was 4chan ever anarchist when moot was always in charge, there were janitors/mods, and laws controlled the content there?

Do any of you idiots ever even read about what labels you put on things?

I'd love to make an anarchist website/image board but it's almost impossible.