I dont know if i should study philosophy or study a major my parents want me to stay in because it has a high...

i dont know if i should study philosophy or study a major my parents want me to stay in because it has a high percentage of students who go to medical school (its a canadian thing, hard to explain)..what should i do..

I'm a few years into stuyding philosophy and don't regret it at all. Probably wouldn't even be interested in Marxism if I didn't follow a course on that.
Whatever you do, don't choose a study you have no real interest or enthusiasm for

Switch to philosophy only if you think you could make up for the lost time through studying harder. If you are unenthusiastic about your current major this shouldn't be a problem.

Also: be prepared for class-cuckery. Although there's a good chance of having 1 or 2 marxist/anarchist profs, most philo departments in the Anglo world are class cucked analytics.

canadian medical schools are retardedly difficult because the doctors run a cartel on who gets in due to the whole system being run by the government in concert with medical industry.

Go to school for a theory-heavy or highly-practical STEM degree and read philosophy on your own time. Marxism is a materialist philosophy, so learning a lot of math and scientific concepts will make you better at understanding Marxism.

don't get a shitty meme degree, what are you going to do with a philosophy diploma, flip burgers?

Learn something practical. Study law, economics, medicine or science. Or get a trade. I know like 3 trades and I've learned them in less time than it would've taken me to finish college and I am reading anything I want all the time.

In the US you don't study law undergrad; Philosophy is one of the best subjects to study undergrad if you want to go to law school, the same is true of history.

didn't know this, I guess it is viable then. Just don't get some shit like gender studies or something useless.

If you're interested in doing philosophy, do it. I did a major I hated for two years and finally admitted that I hated it and switched to philosophy and I love it. You can do a lot with philosophy. Law school is one option but businesses and big firms hire philosophy majors. That's what I want to do after I graduate just for a while and then maybe go back for graduate school. Anyway, the point is don't do something you hate in college. Do what you love.

That's right, prole. Don't educate yourself or pursue knowledge for its own sake. You're paying for your Goodboy Certification© so you can be Successful™ and get Good Job­® because you proved you're so super smart. Anything that doesn't help you get Good Job® is a waste of time.

You do realize that Marx wrote a dissertation on philosophy, titled The Differences Between Democritus' and And Epicurus' Philosophy of Nature, you complete STEM-mongrel?

Well, do you WANT to go to med school? I know it's cliche, but do what makes you happy. Ofc having money makes me happy. There's no reason you can't major in something that will get you into med while at the same time studying philosophy on the side. GL, OP!

t. med student into philosophy

STEMtards are completely brainwashed by the establishment into thinking that philosophy is bunk without realizing the ultimate irony of holding such a philosophical viewpoint, try not to come down on them too hard.

Go to medical school and become the next Che Guevara.

This. We have enough armchair leftcoms as it is.

I'm a current philosophy student and I regret choosing this major. All of my criticisms may not apply if your program is fantastic but in my case what I take issue with is the education itself. For the most part, our subject matter is limited to the Greeks, some of the early moderns (Descartes, Spinoza, Hume), and Analytics. Continentals are dealt with at arms length and Marxism is not even touched upon. My education with both of those schools is self-taught.
Courses mostly consist of lectures punctuated by a few writing assignments throughout the semester. The prompts are almost always simply summarizing the thoughts or works of famous philosophers. There's very little emphasis on generating original thought, actually "doing philosophy".
I remember taking a course on Existentialism and Phenomenology in my junior year, a course that hadn't been offered in nearly 20 years and was specifically tailored for higher level philosophy students. I skipped about 3 weeks of classes before our mid-term on Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and scored a 90 without any preparation. Which is not a boast, but an example of how I feel if your interest in philosophy is genuine you can learn just as well reading on your own. Since the way it's taught seems to be pretty anemic and the scoring criteria is not that demanding. Just a demonstration of knowing the subject matter is all that is asked.
I wouldn't recommend picking this major unless you plan on going into academia, you're on a law school track, or you just need a bachelor's degree for whatever reason and don't want to stress yourself. As far as the education and peer group goes however it has been very underwhelming. In my case of course, which is at an American university in the south.

Whatever you do, just don't for for the trades meme that's been going around for the last couple years.


I've heard philosophy major get jobs at human resources, I dunno why but if you want to work on HR beside philosophizing all day then go for it.

The trades meme is a lie sold to us by boomer sophists who have forgotten their own history with affordable higher education. In reality tradesmen do not make more than college graduates and the job market is not an open field for them either. The increasingly loud complaints of millennial students is just disrupting their narrative of their wealth resulting from their own capabilities and not the investment that our country used to make in young people combined with the more gentle pressures of their youth compared to now, where no one can afford anything.

If you're motivated by anything other than philosophy, do this. I'm currently learning a basic science (maths) to get a postgraduate degree in a "practical" discipline (comp sci), all while having a sort-of artisan trade as a hobby (book binding) and living a militant life of course.

Studying philosophy is a waste of time because you'll learn more and better just by reading the canon on your own.

I don't care what you do though. You'll get more chix if you do philosophy over stem.

That was an easy game of spot the amerimongrel


study what you think will be enriching and interesting
a degree will not lift you out of poverty or secure you an easy job on it's own



The reality is that the majority of these schools don't actually teach you practical philosophy, they only teach you how to memorize it. And even if the education regiment was structured in such a way that it would teach you instead of just forcing you to memorize without understanding, philosophy degrees are still fucking useless. I'm sure understanding Lacan will give you many practical skills in life, lmao. Try considering a reality for a moment, even the people who learn the more practical social sciences like history mostly end up flipping burgers.

I am literally a baker by my diploma but I also learned how to be an electrician and a car mechanic, you can all suck my dick. Guess what? The years I could've spent in some shitty philosophy college I've spent learning practical skills and reading whatever I want, from Marx, Engels Lenin and Stalin to more obscure national writers from my country.

I'm from the fucking flag you are posting you literal retard.

You all reek of dumb college students.

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"I'm not insecure about my education. I'm great at education! I'm the most educationated person there is!"

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getting a hobby degree before you get a legit one is a mistake

listen, economy doesnt work on happy thoughts and rainbows, there are no jobs waiting for you over the hill, this isnt post-scarcity world yet, pre-revolution mentality of "hobby over actual work" is extremely irresponsible and will lead you to poverty and horrible life in general

the fuck are you going to do in today's economy with philosophy? there are tons of retards out there already who picked a jobless unemployable HOBBY that doesnt even require any licence, not like you cant just philosophize on your own free time

the property is still private out there, there's not enough for everyone, and they are all merciless

a marketable skill is the only way to stay safe peacefully out there

the choice is obvious

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and you wonder why the working class doesn't trust you limp wristed academics.

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I don't even know where I was talking about great education, I'm talking about practical knowledge. From the things I have learned I can make bread, I can repair cars and electrical commodities. With this literal practical knowledge, you can find work a lot easier, with a trade you are basically always guaranteed earning. I can also work freelance or attempt to open up a shitty petty-bourg bakery where me and 2-3 other people would work, albeit it would take me a couple of years to acquire capital. I've learned to do these things in 4 years, about the length of a stay at a college. If I spent all of that time reading philosophy I couldn't do anything with that. You can memearrows about muh intellectual development as much as you like, but the fact is that you can't put Marx or any other philosopher on a piece of bread and eat him. I can also save up cash for college from my wage and study whatever I want, once I have acquired practical knowledge which can get me sustenance, and the bonus is you are not wasting your parents money on a useless degree. I am even considering this, considering I have an interest in history I plan to learn it at college within a few years after I've collected funds, but you can't put history in a bread.

this 100%, it is like you are getting mad over someone pointing out you need to work for a living and screeching about muh STEM.

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