Zizek is fucked

Pic related is his face now. Vid related is his speech. Probably Bell's palsy.

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zearle.net/music_zearle/19 Your Not Good.mp3

holy shit

Poor lad. It's permanent, isn't it?

Diabetic, overweight, multiple heart surgeries.
He will turn seventy in a year.

Most people with Bell's palsy start to regain normal facial function within 3 weeks—even those who do not receive treatment.[36] In a 1982 study, when no treatment was available, of 1,011 patients, 85% showed first signs of recovery within 3 weeks after onset. For the other 15%, recovery occurred 3–6 months later.

After a follow-up of at least one year or until restoration, complete recovery had occurred in more than two-thirds (71%) of all patients. Recovery was judged moderate in 12% and poor in only 4% of patients.[37] Another study found that incomplete palsies disappear entirely, nearly always in the course of one month. The patients who regain movement within the first two weeks nearly always remit entirely. When remission does not occur until the third week or later, a significantly greater part of the patients develop sequelae.[38] A third study found a better prognosis for young patients, aged below 10 years old, while the patients over 61 years old presented a worse prognosis.[14]


If there's a God he must hate Zizek probably because he has no sense of humor.

God damn it…..
God is cruel

I hope by "he" you mean God

No I meant Zizek. Let's be honest here: Zizek isn't really funny.

He makes me laugh, thash de ownly reshon I've lishened to anything he hash had to shay

Refuah sheleima

Your curses seem to be working, you evil, evil person!

Never change leftypol.

Yeah of course a jew like you would try to recast their kabbalah magicks to be a positive thing. You're not fooling anyone.

You just don't get it tbh.


my gott the vegans were right

Strange. Now that he have this face paralysis his speech seem clearer. He is not even sniffing.

Zezik, no. :^[

Just more proof that his tics and sniffs are psychological in origin.

Made by VEGBOL gang!


him having that condition is actually deliberate to make a point as a response to the protracted re-organization of the left he even said it in the video

Apparently the onset was already apparent in January according to this post


anyways, Zizek should stop eating garbage (like hotdogs) and eat a Whole Food Plant-Based diet to cure him of his chronic ailments.

Whole Foods is bourgeois.


He's still the cheeky bastard he always was.


Honesty eating literal garbage would be healthier than hotdogs

Hot dogs are amazing tho

Full of all the good stuff.

Apply ideological violence against yourself, you fool!

I wonder what his epitaph will be.

I can't stomach them personally but in either case they're made of the very worst parts of the animal that many people would likely be disgusted at eating separately

That person who said he had a stroke wasn't lying apparently.


Why does bad shit keep happening to good people…

proof that he's insignificant

aside from meat under capitalism always being of worst quality for the average consumer, what does that mean?
just take the "best bits" and throw the rest away?
just because people are alienated from what's in their food doesn't mean it's necessarily bad just because they wouldn't like it if they were "concious" about it

it aint a stroke, its the facial nerves enlarging and getting sliced by the little hole they come out of



get well sniffman

Get well sniffman

Why doesn't this happen to people like trump

Take a look at Trumps diet he'll drop off in a few years

Because we lie in the belly of a hateful universe that sustains itself on our suffering.

is this guy on my team? can't remember

He injects a solution of liquefied money and the blood of third world children directly into his dick vein every morning.


Sounds like he's getting juiced, peterson watch the fuck out


zizek has his war face on

I got a few Zizek pdfs… think I'll finally read one now


Well, duh.

He looks like a gangster now

Slavonian life is the thug life


quality work

Get well soon, pal :/
Got introduced to this dude, over a year ago, thanks to a shitty very low budged comedic Visual Novel with lolGender Bending. Not even a joke, guys:

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Zizek vs Peterson wrestling match when?

too easy

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don't want to be the user who spergs at a joke, but that's corticosteroids, not the right kind to get swole.

It makes me so smug how now all these pundits have gone from "Corbyn will DESTROY labour" to "Labour is the only social democratic party still alive because of Corbyn."

In one of his latest lectures ( backdoorbroadcasting.net/2018/03/slavoj-zizek-like-a-thief-in-the-night/ ) Zizek approaches his disfigurement in a "fascist" manner,

It's sad and understandable, imo.

Need more cocaine.

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He now looks like a pissed off bulldog chewing on a wasp. Pretty cool tbh

But he is already eating from the trashcan all the time.

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"Expect comrades with different faces." ~Zearle

"Expect comrades with different faces" -Zearle

zearle.net/music_zearle/19 Your Not Good.mp3

look how low we have fallen

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too much cocaine

Trump's health is great and he appears strong, some people can eat shit and get away with it. He also has a rare gene that lets him function perfectly on only 4hours of sleep a night.

Anyone got a good look of what his face looks like now?

The absolute madman.

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Not trying to sound like le 10000IQ rickandmorty fan, but Zizek's humor derives mostly from his intelligence. He isn't funny because he tells jokes, he's funny because of how wittily he speaks.