Apologies and goodbye, kthx

I've been an asshole, I admit it. I've shitposted negatively and pointlessly alienated (heh) a lot of people which otherwise would more open-mindedly read the walls of text I write on this board. I apologize for what little worth that is online. For those I needlessly insulted I'm sorry for still acting like an edgy teen.

As the few who know me here notice, I post less and less on this board over time. I do get banned on occasion, but it's far less to do with being banned than my being bored with this board more and more. I still read, but I haven't really read anything lately so I haven't posted much on my channel. The lack is mainly to do with my circle of friends and our inability to coordinate our times.

For those who care, I do have a discord where if anyone is interested. There may be some reading to accomplish if anyone is interested, but that discord is quite dead since I have fuck all to say without reason, and I have been aware for a while that most who don't hate me are still terrified to talk to me because they expect me to lay a dialectical beatdown or something. Though I have a reputation for being a very confrontational asshole here, I'm quite nice in direct discussion unless you are an asshole first. I >really< like to help others learn, and I am well aware that I did a hell of a job making the opposite seem the case with most of my posting here.

If you want to keep up with me I'm on twitter @aw_hegel, on facebook a /LeftEmpyrean, and my blog "The Emperyan Trail" and "Left of Wreckage" can both be used to contact me. Ask me questions—anything. Marx, Hegel, philosophy in general, ideas, etc. I don't mind questions, in fact I'm sad people generally don't ask anything. If you want to learn some Marx(ism) hit me up and I'll do my best to explain Marx as I comprehend him or help point you to some of the Marxists I most respect when it comes to theory. If you want to get to know me there is the discord and Mumble server I hang out in most often these days. If you want to get to know me just have an open mind and a willingness to discuss and learn things. It's not that I'm all serious bzns all the time, but memes and humor like that doesn't amuse me for long. If anyone wants personal one on one dialectics training I'll put in as much time and effort as you do in order to teach you the ways of theory and my patience is quite large for anyone who genuinely wants to learn.

Anyway, I'm leaving this board alone from now on. If anyone needs me to answer something just send me a message. Don't post here as some have done before (strangely it's all been Mao related) with "Anal Water plz halp." If you're really lazy just make a post asking Chaya and she'll probably ask me.

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I forgive you

didn't read lul

enjoyed your explanation of Hegelian the dialectic in your blog

I'm not going to be disingenuous and pretend I always agreed or liked you all the time A.W., but your one the few posters who made an actual effort to explain his views and engage in theory discussion, albiet harsh sometimes. I apologize for actually not mentioning you here (You haven't posted in a while and wasn't sure if you were banned or not) , but as you can see in the thread we've lost a lot of good posters due to either bans or frustration with the state of the board. You honestly seem geniune in your apology and it seems you went through some real self-reflection while you were gone and I understand where your coming from. While I still diagree with you theory wise in many ways, I would like to ask you to stay if you can or make an effort to post on /leftpol/ given the state of this board right now. While I personally think /leftpol/ is currently a mess and disagree with a large amount of its users, I really think it can be made into something more if real theory anons post there and make it like Holla Forums used to be. If your actually done permenantly I understand, and I wish you the better. See you around you Hegelian faggot and hopefully I'll see and discuss with you again on whatever board emerges in the future. With luck I didn't come off as patronizing and you'll consider what I said.

Ayy another trip fag bites the dust.


Fuck off AW

This article of yours actually pushed me to study Hegel directly rather than through various Marxist authors' understanding of him: leftofwreckage.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/theory-review-maos-on-contradiction/

I really get your point, boards like these tend to devolve into relentless shitposting since it's not really a good place for serious discussion. The only positive thing about imageboards is the whole anonymity thing but you being a tripfriend I suppose you don't really give a shit about that. Best of luck with everything.

I might add that the article really struck me as a surprise since my party relies a ton on Mao's understanding of dialectics for their line, even if we're not Maoists.

Fuck this whinny blogpost. Eat shit and die hegelcuck.

Egeiros don't you have something better to do with your time?

Only because shitposting isn't relentlessly persecuted as it should be.

Anonymity is also a big problem with this. It makes posters feel like they have no consequences so they can just say whatever they want.

I'm sorry, who the fuck is OP again?

Anal Wedding, a well known gay marriage activist.

So what exactly did he do wrong.

You posted the url to your personal Facebook page as opposed to a like-page, I have to wonder whether that was intentional or not
Good to know what AW actually stands for though, cheers mate

He married his own anus.


i dont know who you are or what is going on, but this is not a fucking forum!
stop this faggotry

Are your friends interested in teaching as well? You've always given an impression to me that you stopped caring about Marxism and the radical left (with an understanding of how little I've talked to you) but I do like talking with you and want to learn more with you as well. Maybe your indifference to theory is just you around others who already know a lot about politics, but spending the time in the mumble and going through books or discussion sounds like a worthwhile practice. I wish you the best for your departure from Holla Forums.

I don't think that's as much of a problem as the seemingly pervasive, idiotic idea that imageboards are only for making the lowest effort, shittiest posts possible.