Womyn make 25% less then man

Is there truth to this statment?
What's the reason?
What's the solution?

also this board really went downhillsince I left. I restarted lurking with the italian election and holy shit there was an unironic radfem thread and "trvue socialism never existed because patriarchy" thread. /marx/ is a batter board problem is that the ip count is too low, /leftpol/ on the other hand had a cop apologism thread in the first page. BO really pulled a funny one didn't she? And just so you know as a ML, I don't agree

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it doesn't matter. "muh female billionaires" is reactionary and anti-left

No. That claim is unmarxist. Women are just as productive as men, and the wage a person receives per hour is determined by the market value of that wage, people are not asserted and given wages individually, because measuring individual labour is impossible under modern capitalist firms.

it's pure idpol crap which serves only as a third wave attempt to drag everything into the septic tank that is identity politics.

So I don't get it.
Where are these number from?
Why people who work with womens say that women are payed less?
In my work place we don't go ask around "how much you make?" to other people.
This whole pay gap is a meme?

So pay gap is justified?

Forgot pic related.
Is just a meme? Could you link me to some article that analize the matter?

The root of the problem is capitalism. If we eliminate wage labour then this "problem" (read, petty, baseless complaining) goes with it
nice strawman

They take the total income of all men and total income of all women and devide it by the total number of men and total number of women in the work force.
This then doesn't account for the CEO's who are typically male, nor the hours worked per week, nor the education of people, or the type of job they do, their position, their work time or overtime.

Its a rhetoric pushed to the front by people who have to gain from making the issue of "inequality" not about who owns factories or who does, or about the fact that we let the market set our wages, or that we have hierarchical corporations with wage inequalities, but make it all about having a penis or not having a penis. Its the same bullshit like making it about ethnicity, sexuality or something else like that. It doesnt address the root problem of the issue and focussed on an arbatrarily gerrymanderingly chosen group (you can subdivide people all day) and peddled by rich people who want to do pr and avoid tax, and rich people who do not suffer the consequences but do benefit from any results. The working class had always collaborated and fought the system, and its always the bourgoiesie that starts and promotes identitarian movements.

something like 90% of that is explained by obvious factors
when you control for industry and experience, women only make around 2% less than men

womens do not like dirty and heavy work in my factory
80% of every brigade are womans and man working 2 times harder
I work everyday with womens
every time I ask for help from a woman in my work
they just simply dont do anything , and leave the hardest part of operations for man.

No shit
That's the part I'm interested in. Where do femminist and liberal media get their statistics and how do I explain other people that it's wack.
Seriously, I know people who have women at the work place who say it's totally true.

Ok so such "problem" really exist.
But it's stupid to complain about it because it's like complaining about the cold while getting raped.
I already know about all this stuff you said, I just wanted to understand if the people I saw on the streets today with pink dresses took the numbers out of their asses or what.
Thank ya

they get their figures through a flawed method of adding up the total made by men and women. but not factoring in what the jobs are, hours worked, breaks taken and so on.

There is absolutely no truth to this statement.
The assumed wage gap has faulty, biased research that completely omits the principle of self selection. Some women just choose busy work that has a paycheck because the husband still works the more risky job for a higher paycheck. This is why you see offices full of women. Besides the fact that men take on more risky jobs they also work more hours and pressure their employers more often for a raise.

Men in the workplace just have a more "go get em" attitude than women.

Don't just ask me, a random dude on the internet, and believe it. While I am right and did my research, you should definitely do your own digging and look at studies of the pay gap and look at their methodology, so you can see why its wrong.

Such as?

I never worked in a factory so I wouldn't know, if it's true, you should educate them bitches.
I assume you work in america


Men after work get sweaty and dirty and when I look at women I not see a drop of sweat on their face or dirty work clothes.

They even jokes at men and ask them why they/we work so fast and hard we simply do not tell them truth.

Post some links tho. Half of this stuff you guys are saying is or anecdotal or un sourced

this tbh


you insisting there is a wage gap is the positive claim which bears the burden of proof.

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it is real
i can't be sure but women are given jobs that are paid less
communism everybody receiving according to their needs

M8 I literally trying to prove that is bullshit

Then why didn't you this in the first post,jesus christ.
There is no proof is enough of an argument for me

What part of this refutes the claim ITT that the wage gap is just a total average that doesn't take conditions into account? It's a big article.


Women do earn less, yes, but that's due to personal choice.

A reminder to all the idpol faggots lurking in this thread that the communist state will be socially stratified according to gender. This is both normal and ideal.

I named 2, career choice and experience
women often leave the workforce to have kids, so they less of them have long uninterrupted careers where they are continuing advancing through some corporate heiarchy and increasing their income

When will you buzzword-spouting Holla Forums renegades fucking realize that supporting gender-based social stratification is the very apex of idpol? Kill yourself, my dude.


So you infographic would seem to say that the majority of employees with 401k balances are women because only with the wage earners making more than 150k(4% of the population) a year do men have more than women.

It’s women’s personal choice to not froze her eggs so she can generate as much capital as man can.

Don’t worry about not enough kids being born, we can always import people from undeveloped countries.


It's simple biology. Communism is supposed to champion science, no? Well, it's basic science that women dont work as hard as men do for a variety of reasons.

Don't bother, this board still adheres to lysenkoism


y tho

So you can win life? You dont want to be one of those losers who doe right?

[citation needed]

yeah women don't really pick high salary jobs
see above
remove women from the workforce

Ah well, it was worth a shot. I'll give you Nazis one thing, at least you dont deny science for the sake of ideology.

Feel free to make an argument any time

Yeah, they're just literally feels > reals in almost all other aspects.

The fuck? Nazis literally believed physics was jewish magic.


Feel free to drop a citation any time

how does that even make sense? even considering conservative suppositions about gender roles, how would women being physically weaker actually imply they work less hard? if anything, it'd force them to work harder to compensate

but self selection has a lot to do with internalized gender roles, and there are also well proven concepts such as stereotype threats and unconscious biases. Hence we must use intensive social engineering to create a world in which all jobs will be proportionally distributed among the population

capitalism needs to maximize surplus extraction, that is why it must implant the ideal of corporate success into everyone, telling women that being truly liberated means going up the corporate ladder, when that's something nobody in their right mind should want to do. The success business Philistine mindset has traditionally been the preserve of men, with women looking satisfaction elsewhere, be it through family or through less profitable careers that are nonetheless more rewarding. Contemporary pop feminism is different from previous waves, as it focuses in this secular image of the wonder woman that's been stripped of everything meaningful except for a vague aura of 'empowerment'. Hillary Clinton and Theresa May can be YAS SLAY QWEENS and shut down mansplainers to the roar of clapbacks, while the great majority of women is caught in shitty jobs with little or no prospect of advancement, just like most men.