Why don't we just close the borders...

Why don't we just close the borders? All our problems would go away instantly: No immigrants shitting up our cities and undercutting our wages, no cheap disposable crap from China, no rapefugees, increased living standards as there are more resources for a stable population.

This is what the people want, and this is what people have been voting for all over Europe. None of that cultural marxist garbage, as soon as we close the borders things start sorting themselves out.

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Move to north Korea then brainlet.

Blame the causes not the symptoms. Refugees wouldn't even be fleeing their countries if it wasn't for imperialist wars for capitalist profits.
How you actually read Adorno and stop talking out your ass Holla Forums


Closing borders only hurts porky. Which is why it will never happen.

don't use buzzwords. It makes you look like a retard.

Also it will never happen, porky loves open borders.


Is this why hungary is doing so well? Their borders are pretty closed.

'closing borders' refers to stopping the movement of people, not goods.

Dunno if the Hungary statement is ironic in some way, but note how there are no problems with very different cultures and ethnicities in a state when there are almost no different cultures and ethnicities in a state.

Excepting the gypsies.

But that's a case in point.


I'd say they are doing excellently, actually.


This is what Holla Forums thinks we are

So are the people there really happy and have little problems? Is it a good country to live in? Is crime especially low?
No. Sure you don't have those specific "problems". But things did not start to sort themselves out. Because those things aren't the core issues. They just distract you from them.

The Hungary economy is in the shitter and the Hungarians are descendants of a mongol tribe that invaded and settled in the plains.

christ user. That made me gag a little.

>>>Holla Forums

Okay, but that's not really related to migration and to what the OP was talking about.

Anyhow, yeah, if you want to discuss trade competition you can either impose autarky or tariffs (but tariffs are usually pretty dumb trade-wise) or try to compete. Which you can do by making better shit, lowering wages, or lowering costs relatively by increasing productivity.

'solving part of the problems is irrelevant because there are still problems so fuck it let's just open the borders. Might as well stop with healthcare because even now there are obese people'. Who reasons this way?

Wow did you know that we are all m i g r a n t s hey did I ever tell you that you originally came from a f r i c a doesn't this change everything? Come on man, I'm not the pol shitbag you were responding to but this is some really weak argumentation

Oh shit disregard that I misunderstood your point XD

Nothing posted itt has made me think any differently?

Goddammit, I'm a complete retard lol. Looked at the op and saw that the green text is from there now.

Those things either aren't problems, though. Or not problems specific to immigrants/refugees; natives do it as well. I wouldn't call that "solving".

But I'm not going to further argue in a bait/pol shitposting thread about idpol.

Its hard to change your mind if you disregard anything than you dont already agree with,


There are good arguments for reducing low-skilled immigration from a labor perspective, but it wouldn't cause our problems to go away, because the Western countries are seeing the growth in their –domestic– labor forces slow down as the populations age. The Western "middle classes" were created during a historically anomalous period that saw women enter the workforce in mass numbers coinciding with revolutionary new technologies (electricity, the internal combustion engine, indoor plumbing that made cities livable, computers, etc.).

The low-growth, near-stagnant economies you're seeing in the West is the result of a systemic problem.

Don’t forget

It would literally collapse the economy you dipshit. Part of the reason why North Korea is so poor is because of its total economic isolation.

Oy vey, that's right, soyim, more refugees=better society; you don' have enough African migrants eating away at the federal budget and shooting up churches.

Welcome to /leftykike/

Don't forget:

Good goy, don't turn Europe anti-zionist by welcoming muslim migrants, support Israel by adopting our racist policies in your own countries and demonizing muslims.

Maaan you´re seriously misinformed. You say Gypsies aren´t allowed? There are entire cities of Gypsies in Hungary, especially as you get close to the Ukraine side. The real problem is corruption, Hungary´s government is super-corrupt, there´s a lot of money grabbing going on. Remember those protests in Hungary a few years ago because the government wanted to change some internet regulations? Around the same time a big scandal burst regarding the disappearance of an enormous sum of money. Coincidence? The recent net-neutrality craze in the US got me thinking back to that event. Did you know Orbán had a stadium built in his hometown with more seats than the population of the town itself?

Source: Lived in hungary

Best shabbos, don't let your culture get in the way of helping 12-year old migrants; they're the ones empregnating your wife—giving your wife the children your broken Cialis-eater can't.

man Holla Forums sure has high standards for an utopia

Looks like someone didn't get the memo.