Where do guns fall into the process of revolution and seizing control of the means of production...

Where do guns fall into the process of revolution and seizing control of the means of production? Obviously after the means are seized the seizure needs to be defended, and doesn't that mean that socialists should always be armed? Is the only viable option for socialism to maintain militancy despite what reformists say? Should the chain of command be vertical as it has tended towards historically or some horizontal experiment?

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An unarmed people are slaves, or subject to slavery at any given moment. This goes for the proles as well.

Every Communist must grasp the truth; "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." -Mao

Of course the new proletarian dictatorship needs to be defended. It will be defended by the armed workers state, so yes socialists should be armed, at least until we are in socialist society.


Clue's in the name: SEIZE the means. Force will in all likelihood be required.

I would be surprised, but considering your flag, all I can actually say is fuck off.

Porky aint gonna kill itself user

The revolution isn't happening in the west, my dude. That's why all the guns are in the hands of reactionaries.

Neither are those schoolchildren, which is the likelier scenario.

We get to keep them if the state is abolished, everyone must be armed to frustrate any attempts of corruption or power grabbing.
Any one wanting to "store"disarm the guns of other revolutionaries is the enemy.

Besides, what's an AR supposed to do against drones manned from miles away?

Spotted the liberal.
I couldn't care less if people get killed in a fucking school in the US fucking privileged 1st world kids should at least experience the fear and terror the US policies inflict upon the world.

Thanks for admitting your LARP fantasy is more important than the valid concerns of youth. At least you get to act tough on the internet.

Then whats your wonderful solution?

Better background checks, not selling assault weapons at Wal-Mart, for a couple of examples.

Come on user. You should know that if people want firearms they are still going to get them. Banning assault rifles from burgerland Walmarts or any store won't effect access to the global marketplace of firearms, and better background checks? How do you handle the thousands of people who already have enough assault rifles they could ever need? That would be a logistical nightmare.

You have to have a better solution than that. Give me something thats better than just killing off porky and ensuring a strict control of all firearms specifically for members of the worker's militia to defend the dictatorship of the proles.

Also. Peoples war. Porky can have as many drones as they want. They'll still lose without the support of the proles.

This is true. That and, it would likely be a prolonged struggle against a guerilla force which would be difficult to pin down.

drones can be used against entrenched enemies, but what if you don't know who or where your enemy is? it would be simple for rebels to blend in with civilians in order to hide.

Gun market isn't like you think, most of the time you have to know someone who knows someone to buy something on the black market.

At least that would stop whiteboys from shooting up their school if they can't just stroll into a store and buy them. The best option would just to ban possession of a firearm by white males between 14 and 38 or so but ehh, not gonna happen.

how about addressing WHY they shoot up schools in the first place.

Buy backs. I'm sure pending illegalization will convince most people to give up their toys. No one wants to go to prison for 25+ years for something they bought to bullshit with their friends.

Lol, what are they gonna do, strap guns to their mobility scooters? I repeat, revolution ain't happening in the first world.

Capitalism. But we can't do anything about that immediately.

Oh, and white supremacy, obviously.

and in order to dispose of capitalism, the proletariat must be armed and class concious.

maybe in a few cases, but not all of them.

Go look at the average gun owner in the US. You really want these guys armed?

And toxic masculinity as well, but people will reeeee here if you say that.

Spotted the liberal redditor
gun culture in America is reactionary as fuck though I'll give you that but all your "solutions" just advocate for a bigger surveillance state and bureaucracy

I'm sure those kids are just happy you feel like a man.

And that's why the the question of organization must be answered: someone has to do the training, an officer or a commissar. Although there might be a structure in place to try and regulate their powers what's to prevent one particularly charismatic leader from performing a coup on a central administration and seizing absolute control?
Will each Soviet have its own armed force? That might degenerate into all-out internal conflict.

Literal fox news-tier argument

Yes, and with the most effective arms and armor that you can get.

I wasnt even referring to the black market tbh. I was just referring to the global online marketplace for guns. Since you stated you'd go about making assault rifles illegal to sell in Walmarts.

Come on user. Lets be viable here.

Im still waiting for a better solution. So far, porky is still dying.

Jej, and neither will you, larping faggot.

I've always said that leftypol seemed divided on gun control (although more towards against). I do believe that the workers should be armed but not crazy people.

-2/10 fail b8


We need better mental health services for sure. I'd support mental health checks for people who want high caliber rifles maybe I'm being paranoid here BUT what would stop a government just saying having leftwing/anti-state leanings would prevent you having a gun, it just seems authoritarian to me but there needs to be some reasonable considerations around mental healthAlso you need to be 21 period would be the only gun control measures I support

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Why do rightards have to lie to make fun of the left? Nobody on the left feel for that FBI meme. No activist organization in my city didn't do anything that day, not even a social nor a meeting. Keep your eyes on May 1st tho, we coming buckoo.


But don't take my word for it; look it up on Twitter—see the engrained failures of your movement LOL

Screen-capped for when you kikes can call it a meme on May 2nd.

Stop the fucking Presses
Also Bay Area Antifa is a troll account set up by mostly likely a Holla Forumstard to show funny pictures of the block bloc doing retarded things. They even retweeted a Beverly hills Antifa tweet and they are a notorious for being a fake account.
You're not even trying.

Are even a proper anti-communist???


…which happen because the USA has the largest percentage of mentally ill citizens in the world, by far. About a quarter of them has some mental condition, most of them depression. For the Marxist left that is not a excuse to disarm the working class.

defeatism in it's purest form

Of course this should be the case - background checks are a decent, though not perfect solution due to the amount of bureaucracy required, and since you're effectively letting a bourgeois state decide who gets to own guns and who doesn't

Do ya cry every night knowing that your daddy dondon is a zionist?

this tbh, having every retard having access to guns does not help that much in a revolutions. What you need is organization, if you have that, you can get all the guns you need, and more importantly use them where it's useful, if you have guns without organizations, you're just a random retard that gonna get it's shit pushed in by the closest government force / fascist militia

also, battles are won with artillery, supply lines and air superiority, not with armerilard larping with their ar15. Knowing how to operate an am radio is a lot more useful to the cause than knowing how to shoot

what about opening your eyes and trying to do shit about the current situation, and not the one you dream of while jerking off to your gun ? in all situations where every retard can be armed, the ones with the most guns are always reactionary force that arent scared to play ss militia. They're the one with the useful friends in the army than can get you actual weapons above the infantry garbage.

Honestly, US is the biggest proof giving free access to guns is dumb. If one day some of them forgot all their propaganda and took their guns they still wouldn't be able to hurt the governmen given it's military power, and would prolly get rekt by fascists militias before the government require to dirty it's hands. in the present condition, allowing guns to everyone is just retarded.

it's not like it happened once either… you guys really feel it's not a problem that your kids go on rampage so often ?