Unions in America

What the fuck happened to labor unions in America? How did they go from organizing bloodsoaked riots and massive uprisings to encouraging voters to compromise with their boss and vote democrat?

How did the bourgeoisie completely appropriate America's unions?

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Embourgeoisement thesis was right. By making the workers middle class, they lost class consciousness.

the suburban homeownership meme and also the small investment meme literally turned them into petite bourgs.


the supreme court is going to murder Americans unions this year after it decides 5-4 in Janus v AFSCME

What we already said, but also the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947.

*public sector unions, I should add

Were accelerationists ever wrong?

They were walking dead. The union movement in the USA was stronger when it was straight-up illegal.

so uh, how do you reverse it?

They started listening to Keynsian economists with their advice of restraint in wage demands, thus cucking themselves, and therefore lost their entire reason for existing when they didn't secure the membership's interests.

It was made illegal for socialists and communists to head trade unions. Then one of the conditions for lend lease aid to russia was for the SU to stop support for American communist orgs. Then McCarthyism, followed by the Korean War, which didn't do much to endear common Americans to the idea of "Communism." Increasingly through the cold war you have massive propaganda projects on the part of the US, coupled with their usual bullshit of overthrowing leftist governments like the 1954 Guatemalan coup d'etat, or Chile in 73, undermining communist help from abroad and prestige in the US. Then in the 70s offshoring starts to ramp up, naturally hitting the unionized industries the most and hardest due to their higher wages and increased labor protections. Corporations start buying out labor union leadership, while the government is busy systematically killing or imprisoning prominent leftist figures, leaders, and agitators, and in some cases violently putting down labor revolts (ex en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlan_County_War though that's from the 30s). From the 70s on you have Carter, then Reagan, then Bush, all of whom played prominent roles in dismantling organized labor, breaking up strikes, undermining worker protections, advancing shit like "Right to Work," culminating in the ultimate propaganda victory of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In short, that's what happened to organized labor in the US. Propaganda, sabotage, decay, and disassembly. Workers were turned against themselves, against their foreign fellow workers, and the mechanisms that had won them important concessions co-opted and turned into Yellow Unions in collaboration with corporate management, and basically corporate management themselves (the UAW for example).

And that brings us to today, where things are starting to turn around. "Socialism" isn't a dirty word any more for the generations that have grown up outside of the context of the Cold War. They're getting fucked, or their parents are getting fucked, or their older siblings are getting fucked, and when they hear that things were better or are better elsewhere, many start going down the rabbit hole and find their way to the labor movement, and then to Socialism. Things look bad now, but that's because young people are having to rediscover and teach themselves about a labor history and the ideology that powered it almost entirely on their own, and they have to overcome this vestigial anti-communist propaganda in order to do it, but they're doing it, thanks in part to efforts by people like Sanders and Corben, but also places like leftypol and the content they produce.


good post

This lifetyle is unsustainable anymore, don't expect our generation's debt to just vanish and everyone sudenly being able to afford a house and a car.
The decrease in living standards may open a possibilty to class consciousness. This and how china/russia/venezuela and the rest of the third world behave in the next few years.

brb kms

This, literally, discribes me.

it's the reality of our generation (in the first world).
We are the strong men in the hard times (if you belive that bullshit).

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I think they mean this:

Solid post. One could almost say that the American labor movement is going through a dark age. With a new generation of young proles who aren't red scared. We may see another mass organized labor movement.

raygun wanted the workers to own the means of production.

I think we're coming up to a Renaissance, actually


The man is fucking full of shit, he had co-opeartive workers killed on mass in many instances, this happened throughout Latin America at various periods under American influence, this is a token press event