The end

Is leftypol dying? I see just an overall lack of posts. And if not how do we expand and recreate communism for our modern World?

We're trying to move as many people as possible from this board to the one that isn't run in a stalinist fashion. While I still lurk I try not to post here too much, because it's the only way we can make Holla Forums lose importance in comparison to the board which is at this point objectively better.

What board is that? I like this one, but I had no idea there was a more active one


It's not as active as this one yet, but it won't take long

You mean /marx/?

In terms of content that's really the best one tbh, even if it's pain-stakingly slow

/leftpol/ has a serious pro-american, pro-western, pro-imperialism problem. I don't just mean their support of over a dozen US military bases in Syria. I mean they promote the mythology of a progressive first-world that can lead the backwards third-world into revolution. It's nonsense and it needs to stop before I will take that board seriously.
But, what can you expect from a board made entirely of banned Holla Forums users?

Real talk, I just don't understand why more people don't use it and then it wouldn't be so slow. Maybe that helps its quality since there isn't as much shitposting idk

So you're saying /leftpol/ers are Trots? I really haven't seen a lot of users voice this kind of opinion man. I actually prefer the userbase over there to the "burn all churches" shit and other underage-tier edge that frequently pops up on Holla Forums.

Actually I love it as it is. Ismail is personally responsible for most of its quality, dude seems to know the answer to literally any question.

nice strawman

this is the most liberal shit I've ever seen on Holla Forums, I'm revolted.

I've been reluctant to go over to /leftpol/ because I've always seen it as an op. Rogue leftypol mods sabotaging leftypol from their position and directing people over there? Seems suspicious as fuck.

If this board gets worse (or I just dgaf enough, which is as likely) I'll prolly go over there anyway, but I worry it won't be able to recapture classic leftypol. As leftypol adopted an amount of dogma, it's kind of implicit that the split created a dogma of its own opposed to the first dogma. The real best option is to have something like leftypol was - a general leftist hobby board with an organic community, lulz, and serious discussion. Stingy MLs are still an important part of that.

more like the bo openly saying he hates leftypol

Damn, that’s depressing

fuck off /leftpol/ the amount of nazi's and not real socialism retardation iv'e seen on you're board is insane. The word filters do fuck all and are basically a joke.

He's not wrong.

its destiny then
every place I start to like or group I join seems to just die.
Sad life for me

jesus christ the autism is off the charts

You can use both boards, that's the most sane thing.
Plus /leftpol/ was created out of necessity.

He should had handed off the board, we will be in better hands.

Opposite views are necessary to avoid a circlejerk

That's social life, a painful cycle of attachment and break up

But both things happened, user.

Yeah, I’ve never seen it this slow, even when it only had a few hundred users. Is almost everyone just lurking now or what?

the board split and some of us migrated to /leftpol/ due to draconian sectarian moderation
/leftpol/ has now eclipsed Holla Forums in both average post quality and posts per hour

Let us see what the luminaries of /leftpol/ are up to today.

In order we have: a troll thread, a thread about larping your own air defences, a thread whining about Holla Forums, a 6 word OP, an incel thread, a thread whining about antifa, a 7 word OP, a copypasta, a paranoia thread, lefttrash, a 7 word OP, Zizek v. Peterson, a personal blog, someone shilling their own board, someone whining about wikipedia, and a catgirl thread.

Truly the best and the brightest.

I was working for a bit and just started Uni recently, so I've been a bit busy. People are usually busy at the start of the year.

good leftists, continue to fracture while the right presents a unified front of stability to feed the lumpens on

Once upon a time you people toppled governments.

shut the fuck up, muke

What a great image to use as the OP for this thread.

One of the reasons why leftypol is dying is because this place is overrun by gators and Holla Forums shitposters. Completely garbage, zero effort troll threads are routinely getting hundreds of replies.

And you say this despite the fact that the right has been infighting and blaming eachother for all their failures since Charlottesville, and even before?


Holla Forums has more opinions than any of the left boards, seriously, you get banned for saying nigger on either boards.


you must be new here, nigger

look at quite literally any theory/country discussion thread you nigger. Holla Forums is the only board I regualrly see more than vocal opinion.

I'm not surprised.

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it's a disgrace

lol when the dow was falling your shitty board was 2pph


Holla Forums has a lot of problems and the community, namely the big influx of shitcock redditors we got from the catgirl incident, is a big part of it

if the board is shit, it's because the posters are shit

It was created out of asspain.

you don't get banned for saying "nigger," you get banned for your retard racist tirades.

What does it say about your split and board if you have to promote it through lies?

what the fuck do you think happened, all the fun/unorthodox ideologies got purged, the community got destroyed, so now we're pretending to be a serious board for 100% theory discussion. And on the other hand you have /leftpol/ which is full of all the people who got purged but there's no conflict and everyone's fucking stupid

Holla Forums is dying and BO killed it

Also this