Hey Canadian comrades, I'm considering potentually immigrating to Canada...

Hey Canadian comrades, I'm considering potentually immigrating to Canada. I've been looking at how climate change is going to impact Canada and the US, and I figure that it'll be better to be up there rather than down here. I've looked at your immigration page, and it looks like it wouldn't be too hard to get over there once I get trained in my trade and learn some French. Which provinces and cities are the comfiest in Canada?

fuck off we're full

KKKlanada is almost as bad as the United Snakes of America.

Yeah but your northern territories are gonna become the world's bread basket while the US becomes a desert wasteland.

Don't be a pussy. Do your best to make things better here before leaving. Your comrades need you OP.

I've also been thinking of moving to Canada. Mostly for economic and cultural reasons. SuccDems are better than nothing after all.

I'm curious how can Canada be as bad as The United Cucks of America

Don't get your hopes up we aren't ruled by socdems. We're ruled by neoliberals. The official socdem party became neoliberal some time ago. Really the only advantage we have over the US is our universal healthcare which probably isn't going to last much longer tbh.

legal weed sometime soon I guess? or did your absolute human shitstain of a PM lie about that too?

Oh we probably will get legal weed ya. That's about the one promise the libtards won't break.


we are ruled by a closeted homosexual snowboard instructor but at least our police dont randomly execute citizens for sport

If you want dominant Succdems you have to go to Europe. That probably entails learning a new language though.

If you are a white male,you are not welcome(I see you speak English,another black mark)

I wouldn't be doing this for a few years (plus, I don't even know if I'm actually gonna do it yet), so don't worry, I'll be pulling my weight in building worker's power while I'm here. Plus, if I did move up there, I wouldn't rule out coming back down to help out if things start to heat up in the States.

They will however, drag their feet on legalization like pros. I expect legalization will occur on the eve of the next election. I fucking loathe what this country's become and I don't really wanna live here any more.

What are your complaints comrade, and how was Canada before?

Just remember that if you pick us over Europe you get guns.

hey there Holla Forums

I'm no PC cuck, but I'm coming to believe that it's in our best interest to avoid using racial slurs and homophobic slurs, primarily to set ourselves apart from right-wing nationalists. It's only an anecdote, but my trust that someone just had a Holla Forums sense of humor ended up costing me a Discord server. This authoritarian right-wing nationalist pretended to be a leftist for a year on my server, and he occasionally made edgy jokes about Jews, blacks, gays, and so on. I chalked it all up to him just being a Holla Forums type, and even though we had a rule that discrimination against social minorities was prohibited, it was not forced very strictly because I didn't want the server to be too PC. We modded this guy and a year later he goes rogue, removes most of our channels, and gets his friends to brigade the server with spam. He revealed himself to be a white nationalist type during this incident. Do you think it's my fault for being fooled, or are there really some worrying similarities between us and the far right authoritarians?

Pic not related.

make me a mod and I'll have restored order within 10 minutes

Also yeah it's your fault.

No, I would also have assumed a guy in that Discord server who acted like that was probably just a Holla Forums type. Idk if banning slurs would really help against rightists infilitrating, but I can agree with the banning of people who express actual homophobic/racist etc ideas. It's not a matter of being a PC cuck, I just feel like those ideas are actually harmful to leftism and people who seriously adhere to them (even if they're actually leftist) should be excluded from leftist discussion and movements
Not necessarily between the far left and far right in general, it's more about Holla Forums and Holla Forums both being part of chan culture.

U fookin wot m8?

I'm not the same guy as and , should probably have taken off spurdo flag to avoid confusion