Steam profiles and communities

so i'm minding my own business playing some game when i hear a screaching voice yelling "nigger", "kek!" and other things you'd expect from an unsupervised retarded child
sure enough he has a nazi symbol on his game profile
i go check the players and find his steam
it's a huge gathering of other nazi profiles and tons of communities
right wing death squad and such, people just casually announcing a shooting, calling to "gas the kikes and niggers"
the usual

thing is, open one profile and get a seemingly endless stream of information leading to more and more profiles and communities that i could easily report

question is:
should i bother? is steam even taking notice and action? would anyone join?
also it's literally 15 yo kids for the most part.
i don't know if just having to re-do their profile and being warned not to post nasty things will do anything. it's not like their profile and all their games would get banned and deleted. right?
and you can't have a talk either.
or should i create a sock account and get into their circles to find out more about them? and then what?
don't really know what actions would be most reasonable to take

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payment fraud and then gift them something, they will get an account suspension

i mean that isn't a reasonable action at all and no one is suggesting you to take it but you know

i don't even know how that'd work, i usually don't use steam for anything but the games themself and only recently learned a little to navigate through it

Any effort to get these groups reprimanded is a wasted effort.

Valve doesn't give a shit what people use Steam for as long as it isn't outright illegal and damaging to their potential profits.

Matter of fact, most of Steam customer support is automated so getting any actual human interaction and answers is incredibly unlikely.

Disgusting as it is, a private company like Valve doesn't give two shits about what aut-rightists do with their platform so long as it doesn't endanger profits


just found this gem

"I've spent so much time on Reddit that going to Facebook is like playing Halo on easy. I can blaze through my newsfeed saying shit like "ur mum gay" and not one of those grunt bitches is powerful enough to refute me with a simple "no u." I am practically a god on Facebook. The only one there who could possibly challenge me is ­čů▒´ŞĆark Cuckerburg."

Can Nick Land just fuse with Earth's computer systems and kill us all already?

Ummm SWEETIES, we have free speech in this country? If you don't like it go move to North Korea or Cuba or some Apefrican shithole.


it only really exists in communism

Why do fascists talk like the gay?

Don't waste your time Op. It does seem like the aut-right are losing numbers on Steam anyway. From what I've observed. No one wants to be friends with a fashie anyway. Not even fashies like fashies.

Fashies don't get a warm welcome like gommies do. Pro-nazi games are still forbidden. While pro-commie ones are fine. Meaning kids will still play pro-commie games and thats like a gateway to theory and all that shit.

wtf are you even smoking? name one

Uh, red orchestra?
I don't play games so don't credit me on that.


Crisis in the Kremlin
Hearts of Iron (although thats pretty much pro-anything)

pretty much anything on the last Holla Forums vidya thread. I don't have that shit archived though otherwise I'd link ya.

it has a communist, great
but besides the usual phrases they make him spout there they purposefully distort the facts and make him look shit

What game was it out of curiosity? I play Rising Storm quite frequently and there's usually a couple Holla Forumsyps with meme names spouting shit like that. There's been a sizable Holla Forumstard/Wehraboo presence in the series since Red Orchestra.

ur mum gay

In my experence in dota(inb4 assfaggots) Holla Forumsyps tend to be pretty shit, does it carry over?

Tip: If you are doing recon on cliqued-up white supremacist gang types in your local community and are matching social media profiles to real names, cross reference with Steam profiles. You can sometimes find IRL info on those since they'll often use the same screen names while not expecting people to check it.

Red Orchestra going back to the first one is like catnip for Holla Forums types because it's that right combo of ultra-violent war porn they love that is realistic enough to attract them, but not so realistic that it goes full grognard like the hexagonal grid games.

Gotta play Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa for that Soviet deep battle.

You could simply document them and expose them as the reactionary Holla Forums children they are. In other words, take screen shots, recording ets and make a compilation of what these great "arien werriors" actually do.

I still play RO1, or at least the Darkest Hour mod, and you're fucking right. There's a new clan called 14th Wehrmacht and their clan tag is - what else - 14W. They try to project the air of a "legit" clan but for a clan with fucking 14W as their tag I really have trouble doubting that there's something going on there. Plus the SS clans, of which there are still about twelve billion, all seemingly populated by either boomers or 12 year old kekistanis with the mentality of boomers. There's not even the burger-obsessed (like, "let's remove the British and Canadians from almost every map on our server and replace them with Americans) 29th ID to balance it out any more; it's ironically-unironic nazis almost all the way down. Shame, because the gameplay is pretty fucking good.

This. They're insecure children so the biggest thing they fear is embarrassment.