What did they mean by this?


If you can't tell that image was obviously made as a joke.

If it wasn't funny, i wouldn't have saved it.

okay lil guy, what do you want to talk about? any new breakthroughs in the nazbol movement?

Oh i'm not a Nazbol. Still, i would like to see a diversity of leftist ideas before there is a diversity of right-wing ideas on the board. If that means letting nazbols have active threads and anchoring more socdem threads, i'd be perfectly fine with it. I personally agree with a diversity of ideas, and i think banning far-leftists for nationalist sympathies discourages leftist discussion and encourages sectarianism.


They're farther left than Ancaps and Fascists, but they get banned before anyone else for some reason.

if anything socdems should be banned less, at least they are literate and are capable of having discussions

Nazbols and Fascists are indistinguishable from each other. National-Bolshevism is just a snowflake variant of Fascism with some workerist rehtoric thrown in for good measure.

According to memes, yes. The real ideology is different from meme portrayals. Even if they were just fascists with workerist rhetoric, they'd still be considered farther left than a plain fascist.

people only get banned for non-kosher geopolitics, and being excessively retarded

It is simply not good praxis to engage in discussion with nazbols as they don't really exist.

it's not good praxis to post pictures of cats and complain about tfw no gf, but that's still allowed

only time i've seen people banned is for kosher geopolitics

So you are saying, not a single person in pic related actually believes in nazbol?

Not necessarily true. At least cats and feels are real and therefore political.

So nobody in pic related actually identifies with the Asserist ideology, and they're just meming?


All I see is groups of very confused people. You can be a Nazi or you can be a Communist you can't be both.

Christcucks, OUT !

Socialism is an economic system. Communism is both an economic and political system. All communists are socialists, not all socialists are communists. Therefore, someone can be (truly) socialist and still not consider communism to be the end goal of socialism.

Did the Orthodox Church do what the Catholic Church did though? I know they managed to reach California at around the same time, and they have an Aleut martyr killed by the Spanish as a saint. But I don't think they were ever Catholic-tier imperialistic in their conversions.

what do you think the SOCIALISM in NATIONAL SOCALISM stands for??????????

Christianity does not belong in America in general. Christianity does not belong in Europe. Christianity does not belong in Asia, Africa, Australia. Christianity belongs in Israel. Any outgrowth from Israel is imperialism.

The Socialism in Hitlerite Not Socialism means nothing. However, the Socialism in Asserite Not Socialism means nothing less than true Socialism.


"The transformation of economic policy by the establishment of autarchy, a State monopoly of foreign trade, and a currency standard of our own subsumed under the comprehensive term of a planned economy, is today regarded as necessary by numerous groups In Germany and elsewhere In Europe. But this theoretical recognition of a planned economy will remain sterile so long as these groups still cling to the prevailing capitalist economic law which decrees that private property is sacred. With the utmost possible emphasis, therefore, the conservative revolutionist must at this point insist upon (as indispensable preliminary to a genuine and effective planned economy) the abrogation of the prevailing economic law of private property. One who takes his stand upon the maintenance of private property in land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production In general, is not only repudiating German socialism, but is also defending what will make a planned economy impossible no matter how ardently in theory he may desire It. This follows without more ado from the very nature of the owner's claim that he has the right 'to do what he likes with his own', the claim which forms the core of the legal notion of 'private property'. So long as the owner of land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production in general, can do what he pleases with 'his property'; so long as the peasant can cultivate the fields or not as he prefers, the owner of a coalmine have the coal mined or not as he likes best, the factory owner have his factory working or idle at his own sweet will just so long is a planned economy impossible. (To say nothing about the privilege of the owner to sell his property to a foreign individual, corporation, or State, which would be fatal to the organization of a German planned economy.) For these reasons therefore, as well as for the moral reasons that have already been specified, the abolition of private property in land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production, is the main demand of German socialism, and the presupposition to a planned national economy. The same demand is made by all Marxians, and to this extent they are socialists, though the carrying into effect and the fruitfulness of their demand have been hindered and will be hindered by their liberal alienism. I consider it expedient to dwell upon the identity of demand in this respect as between the international Marxians and the German socialists, this being a prelude to insisting, as regards constructive methods, upon the difference between Marxism and German Socialism." - Otto Asser, Germany Tomorrow, 1940.

National Bolshevism in real life is different then in the memes to be fair (Despite it still being a meme ideology)
IRL Russian NazBols Basically just call for a return to a Marxist-Leninist Style soviet economy but with the Soviet Nostalgia the CPRF attempts to use replaced with Russian Nationalism
They dont believe in Ethnic cleansing because of their belief that Russians are not ethnically pure and that the idea of Nazi style ethnic purity is a Myth


Nazbols aren’t nazis. In fact no self-respecting Slav is.

turd positionism is fucking idealist.

Don't associate us with unread Hitlerites.

Compared to who? Who on the left is actually realistic whilst being truly socialist? Leftcoms? Armchair communists? Anarchists?


Nazbols tend to be violently hostile to non-whites living in Europe. In that respect their rhetoric is indistinguishable from that of neo-Nazi gangs.



Well obviously much like Asserites NazBols are mostly just special Snowflake Neo-Nazis
Im just pointing out what the supposed "true" ideology is according to people like Liminov/Dugin etc

Conversion =/= Imperialism by nature. It's the way culture ebbs and flows. By the time Rome became Christian, the "Roman" faith was almost entirely composed of imports from the territories. The Catholics converted the Native Americans to aid the Spanish in their efforts, this is imperialist conversion.


Mods also don't allow anybody that doesn't follow BO and the shit mods (Hoochie) with their ignorant early 20th century views on "imperialism", so yeah. They keep ancaps and shit around because they're dumb and they want to convert them but they're afraid of us because we're going to convert ☭TANKIE☭s into something other than bootlicking LARPers


nazbols are faggots anyway. Good riddance.

Join QueerBol Gang.

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damn, the nazis let token minorities die for them in conflict? I guess that proves they didn't think northern europeans were the master race

Well the Nazis though that Slavs were the most inferior race. And Slavs are the Indigenous Europeans.