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take your meds, Holla Forums



Japan is

ummmm, how about no?
Anime is:
Fucking stupid

Anime fans will be joining the rest of the virgins in the gulags

I forgot to add that anime fandom is a LITERAL infantile disorder.

You know, I bet you too have series which have been killed off by the production firm, despite the fact that that the production team itself had interest of continuing with new seasons.
Remember the sad feels? The profit motive was behind that pain.

No, it's not. If it were, then why are the Ainu, the rightful rulers of Japan, not in power? They were there before the Chinese ancestors of the modern-day Japanese came in.

Ainu mixed with chinks which made modern japanese

I remember a post on 4/lit/ or some other board about at least two ethnic groups in Japan. The women of each ethnic group look very different.

yea sure but those two groups dont look like totally diferent species like niggers *wink wink*

Ethnicity is a spook

Sounds like genocide to me user. Do you want to be like those mongrels?

Spook is a racial slur. Keep that word out your fucking mouth, virgin.

really joggin the noggins

1/10 insult

yea sure

kill urself senpai-famu

Whether or not it's an ethnostate has nothing to do with 'rightful clay' memes.
An ethnostate is populated by primarily by a single ethnic group, and the state exists to serve the interests of that ethnic group. Like Israel, for example.

Then you are truly 100% American.

Yea better to instal that communism BRO!!!


On the surface, both of these things apply to Japan, but it's hard to say if the first point is truly correct due to how their census works.


The male brain in action, tbh

If you implying here Japan birthrates then lemme say just this. Population rise and decrease. Japan will not go extincting just because they dont accept shitskins like western people belive that's just how it is.

If that were true, you wouldn't have groups like Uyoku dantai running around. No, you're retarded.

Yet we the leftists are supposed to be the totalitarians wew

Oh damn no fucking way! Someone please let the anuddah shoah fags know.

Glad you had your minute of mental gymnastic but what i implied with my post was if your force your retard ideology down to throat of japanese people then there will be no more anime or japan.

*blocks your path*


Brazilians and Filipinos are white
Chinese and Vietnamese have high Autism Level
Heh, you just proved OP's point




Try to keep up, sweaty

Don't call a black man sweaty that's racist.

Why is he so sweaty? Does he need jogging gear? Perhaps it is too hot?

You could make the argument that Brazilians are partly or mostly white. As for Filipinos I don't think they are white but I was told that many of them do have partial Spanish heritage because of Spanish priests getting creepy on a massive scale.



So what makes one white?

Brazil is like 30% white but Filipinos?

R1a R1b haplogroup



Check their haplogroups and cluster analysis, amateur.

wew lad, I never said Japan was an ethnostate
it has some features of one, but it doesn't check all the boxes as neatly as Israel does


And you haven't given a reason why yet

do you mean 30% of brazilians are white or brazlians are uniformly 30% white and 70% … what race?

i thought Holla Forums believes in genetics and science what gives sweetie?

Becasue communism doesnt work

I mean they are 30% white as a pure white and rest are mix of literal goblins with whites or something i dont know anymore they can be as well aliens.

Uh oh can the wittle baby not perform basic statistical analysis? I'd whip something up in R really quickly but I'm too busy having a fucking life.

I guess they do? You tell me IDK.

So is America and Europe but the numbers are replaced by immigrants.


So if we flood the U.S. with Filipinos and Brazilians white nationalists won't complain right?

Considering that some American white nationalists are definitely Brazilian and you can probably find some that are Filipino, at least a subgroup of WN would be fine with that.

How in the shit are Filipions even remotely white. Brazil is 30/70 like mix of monkeys and whites + random race

[citation needed]

if they are based and redpilled on the JQ (jewish question) and vote for trump and fight off the muslim hordes so that white nationalists can have gay sex in peace then they are good for the movement and they can stay


Why can't they join the gay sex? It's not actually race mixing when it's gay.



Source is go the fuck outside and talk to people. I got in an argument with an American white nationalist with Brazilian parents irl. He was golden brown, and defending Identity Europa. It's not hard to find nonwhite white nationalists in the US, especially if you include mixed race people who are mostly white, and especially if you focus mostly on younger reactionaries. This shit about American white nationalists not even being white isn't just a meme.

Get on out of here

There are plenty of hispanic white nats.

It's 2018.


Sorry that I don't pander to idpol and I stand in solidarity with ALL proletarian, INCLUDING postal workers

Theres some leftist anime

Leftist anime is the social democracy of cartoons


Woman is the absolute negation of man and everything that came before him. Womyn are the end of biological history. Deal with it.

Japan wasnt diverse to begin with, they werent that much aggressive COLONIALY. An ethnostate has laws forbiding any outside demographic coming in, japan doesnt (that i know of) and has no qualms of letting foreigners living there legally. Op, you live in a world built on the backs of exploited foreign laborers, that have settled here ages. You have no right to tell their descendants to leave.

good job comrade

who is that chick in the button choice meme?

Lauren southern

fuck that's her? Didn't recognize her, it's a long time ago that I saw one of her cringe vlogs

Watch me

In all seriousness the truth to the "japan is an ethnostate" line is already starting to crumble:
Like everything else in Japan, they get around resistance to something unpopular by doing it anyway but calling it something else
Japan doesn't like immigration? No problem, we'll keep immigration low but bring in all these "students"

like clockwork

And what pray tell enlightened media do par take in some bullshit bourgeois feminist show no doubt

Thanks, here is better picture of mein fuhrer.

Those students stay there for year then go home

Read Stirner dummy

I find myself Un-Ironically agreeing with the Am-Fem Shitposts especially the part about Anime having Pedophilic aspects which is objectivly true
And thus why i dislike it personally

Well they are, and Sub Sharan Africans are white, because European ansestors are all from Africa.

Unless they knock up a homely Japanese girl and get married
I'm quite surprised a nutsacc like you is willing to shill for a government importing foreign workers to replace native ones :^)

Meh it’s like incest porn, it’s just an allegory for a young innocent naive woman. It doesn’t make people want to touch kids anymore than incest porn does.

Why is that Jewish person dressed as a Nazi?

Wooowowo hold on there are you saying you dislike something in someone elses culture. ARE YOU A NAZI OR SOMETHING????????????

No problem my man japanese needs diversity.

I don't care if japan is diverse or homogeneous I want well-paid animators and artists


This has got to be premium bait.

and before you get back on your bullshit anything nutsaccs do gets in the way of freeing workers from their misery. fuck off you niwaka riajuu

Glad you think money will slove everything.

didn't you destroy europe cause da joos tried to take your money

Anfem flag is the best shitposting flag because people will believe literally anything you say when you put it on.

Yea and also tried to make Europe commounist.

I will take a note for the next time I want to harvest some laughs at stupid people.

Are you retarded your argument hinges on someone already following the premis that communism dosen't work and your argument is against communism.
Holy circular logic batman.

forgot to sage



Also japan already has a large enough population given the tiny island they have.





They one hundred percent do

Capitalism is no different from Bolshevism. Both sell out the volk.

why did you assholes let this thread get so large. come on guys.

Then why did Hitler purge the Asserists,empower large corporations,ban unions,keep surplus stealing,allow private ownership of the means of production,create the word prvistisation by mass selling of government goods to private hands.

Just because Jews cant run a businesses and the sate puts some restrictions on immigration and porn dosn't mean it's not Capitalism

Life was better for the average person under the Weimar Republic than they were under the 12 year blight. Nazi cucks can't even dispute this they just like the photos of Hitler marches and rhetoric against Jews

Hitler had no time to play nice. If they were in an easier position I don't think they would have needed to eliminate S-trasser, whose name is censored here for 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧some reason🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. Unions weren't banned, there was the German Labor Front, although obviously during the war launched by the bongs and frogs the union couldn't (and shouldn't) do much. As for private ownership, besides the time constraints, what is the alternative? The government owning everything? That could work for Monaco, but not for a country as large as Germany.

Yeah being a cheap whore is like a dream life. Also bread you have to cartwheel a million bills to buy tastes great. The Weimar republic was shit, the whole reason Hitler and not some random establishment politician got into power was that they were in deep shit.

Yeah, Britain and France made Germany invade Poland.

He did cause Hitlers capitalist friends and large companies didn't like the idea of people controlling society and economy instead of a few rich individuals. Hitler was basically racist Authoritarian Bernie, and Bernie is a fucking capitalist.
Strikes banned, have to go though the government which goes though corporations so if the government decides the boss is allowed to subject you to breathing in toxic gas then good luck getting anywhere.
Workers owning the means of production. Also nice goal shift, you go from Capitalism and Bolshevism are the same coin too yeah but what else could the Nazi's be.

You're now trying to play down how capitalist Germany was, when real anti-capitalists got purged, unions and trade union leaders were thrown in prison, large corporations were empowered and basically everything but train lines owned by the government were sold off to these rich businessmen who then played a large role in how society was run. The Nazi's were still very much capitalists.

It worked for the USSR, the largest country the planet as ever known, which defeated Germany and still would have defeated Germany even if the US and UK didn't participated in the war and even if Japan had also invaded it's eastern territories.


Hi Holla Forums

Three weeks later Hitler decreed a law bringing an end to collective bargaining and providing that henceforth "labour trustees", appointed by him, would "regulate labour contracts" and maintain "labour peace". Since the decisions of the trustees were to be legally binding, the law, in effect, outlawed strikes. Ley promised "to restore absolute leadership to the natural leader of a factory - that is, the employer… Only the employer can decide." (4)

USSR did not work, it was a regime of 80 years.

Nazi Germany did not work it was a regime of 12 years

and nazi germany was a regime of 12 years

maybe becasue germany was destroyed by everyone? It's not like people revolted becasue they had no food like in USSR..

mods pls ban

nazi germany was getting always deeper in its dept, the war was part of the plan to save germany, they were relying on it. so yeah losing the war is failing and part of germany's retardation.

If the war was Hitler's masterplan, why did he try to reach peace a dozen times and the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Allies🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 refused him always?

It worked for that time and provided military victory over Germany. Soviet state socialism saved Russia (and eastern europe) from German domination and turned into a superpower.

Because Hitler's war was against Czechoslovakia, Poland and the USSR, he wanted Germany to expand eastward. Hitler never wanted war with France, Britain and America and he wanted an Anglo-German alliance either with Britain (against America) or with America (against Britain).

Attacking poland and conducting mass invasion might have something to do with it, I reckon.


lmao so many spooks here

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